Courtney Love's Bank Has Trust Issues

9/28/2009 3:01 PM PDT

Courtney Love's Bank Has Trust Issues

Courtney Love is having trouble gaining access to her daughter's hefty trust fund -- and it's all because the bank claims she's not the only one trying to access the cash.

The First Republic Bank filed papers in federal court in San Francisco last week, claiming there's a dispute over who can access the funds in Frances Bean Cobain's trust -- Courtney or the Laird Norton Tyee Trustee Company.

The bank put a hold on all withdrawals from the trust -- worth over $1.2 million -- until the court can sort out who's really in charge.

Love's attorney, Keith Fink, calls the filling "childish and vindictive" -- telling us Courtney and the trustee agreed to move the $1.2 mil to a different bank ... but FRB doesn't want to lose such a large account, and just filed the papers to stall the transfer.