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Courtney Love's Bank

Has Trust Issues

9/28/2009 3:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Courtney Love's Bank Has Trust IssuesCourtney Love is having trouble gaining access to her daughter's hefty trust fund -- and it's all because the bank claims she's not the only one trying to access the cash.

The First Republic Bank filed papers in federal court in San Francisco last week, claiming there's a dispute over who can access the funds in Frances Bean Cobain's trust -- Courtney or the Laird Norton Tyee Trustee Company.

The bank put a hold on all withdrawals from the trust -- worth over $1.2 million -- until the court can sort out who's really in charge.

Love's attorney, Keith Fink, calls the filling "childish and vindictive" -- telling us Courtney and the trustee agreed to move the $1.2 mil to a different bank ... but FRB doesn't want to lose such a large account, and just filed the papers to stall the transfer.


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The trust probably has her age set as 21 or maybe even 25 or 30 before she gets full control of it herself. At this rate, she will have nothing left. Usually there are multiple parties that have to give the ok for withdrawals, checks and balances, if you will, to prevent theft. And the withdrawals are usually only for the benefit of the child, such as education, housing, clothes, etc. I'm shocked at the remaining amount. What about the rights to his music? Who gets the royalties? Someone better step in quick for her benefit. This girl may end up writing a tell- all book to try and make money one day.

1820 days ago


Are you kidding me!!!? Who hasn't done their homework! Courtney and the Cobain Trust are worth , well come on people!!!! 1.5 million, this is a ridiculous piece of crap to obtain readers. PLEASE!!!!!

1820 days ago


sucks to see Frances been screwed by her mom
by the time she grow up theres be nothing more left for her in the trust :(

1820 days ago

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1820 days ago


FIRST !!!!!!!!!!

1821 days ago


why does she still get attention

1821 days ago


That's all there is in that trust? Appears someone has been dipping a little too much into the trust already. Does Courtney have her own money or is she completely dependent on this trust?

1821 days ago

Yolanda Nixon    

@First: Learn to spell...loser.

1821 days ago


Some Simple questions: When did daughter's trust fund become Love's personal piggy bank? And who is the trustee that is supposed to be looking out for the daughter's interests? And why does Love want to switch banks and trustees? Considering her history I don't think that should ever be allowed to happen and present trustee had better lock that trust fund up DAMN TIGHT.

1821 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

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1821 days ago


Uh oh mom must need drug money so she is going to spend all of her daughters inheritance instead of getting an effing life and a job so she can pay for her own crap.. what a loser.

1821 days ago


WOW i cant believe this CRACKHEAD SKANK IS TRYING TO STEAL HER DAUGHTERS TRUST.. Thats crazy what a trainwreck whore...

1821 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Back to us !!!! ... Mo Money for us .. Mo Money for us.. MUCH MO MONEY for us .. Ker Ching

1821 days ago

Cant Watch    

Isn't the trust's value private information? I would love to have a trust in my name worth 1.2 million...

1821 days ago


Oh wow, now way dude, major cool!


1821 days ago
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