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Polanski's Lawyer -- Ready for a Fight

9/28/2009 7:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After 30 years on the run, Roman Polanski is finally behind bars -- but, according to his lawyer, he ain't staying there.

Roman Polanski: Click to watch
Polanski's attorney, Herve Temime, called into "GMA" this morning to say his client is in "very good shape" and believes it will be possible for him "to obtain his freedom."

The director was taken into custody by Swiss authorities trying to enter Switzerland on Saturday. He was captured on a 30-year-old warrant after he pled guilty in 1977 to having unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor.


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SWITZERLAND is my new hero!!!!! About time someone threw this rapists butt in prison! I hope he rots there!!!!!

1759 days ago

Dylan Saint-Saëns (    

You people need to relax. I wonder how many of you scorning Polanski have committed a crime. He's fine. His victim has forgiven him, his victim's parents have forgiven him. Let's let by-gones be by-gones and NOT waste brokeass California's money further, okay?

Ro, you rock, man!!!! :-D

1759 days ago


NLSN TLVSN - I HAVE NEVER RAPED A MINOR NOR WILL I EVER. The victim deserves justice. This wimp never served a day therefore should not be forgiven. Had he not fled the country and served his time poeple probably wouldnt hate him so much but he wimped out and fled!!!!!

1759 days ago


Everyone babbling about an unfair judge should understand this:
When you enter a guilty plea and your attorney and the prosecutor agree that you'll plead guilty in exchange for an agreed recommendation of X number of months or years. This is a sentencing recommendation on the part of the prosecutor, agreed to in exchange for a plea. It's only a recommendation. The judge then tells the defendant "While the prosecutor recommends X sentence, I may still sentence you to something else, within the state guidelines for your crime. Do you understand this?" Then the judge can sentence the person and the sentence they get may be more or less time than the recommendation by the prosecutor. The defendant can then withdraw his guilty plea if he's shocked by what the judge wants to sentence him to. In the Polanski case, the judge ordered a 45 day psych evaluation, which Polanski submitted to. The judge was so disturbed by the evaluation, that he ordered another 45 days - essentially giving Polanski the chance to go back to the shrink and not act like a pedophile. Polanski bolted the country to avoid 45 more days in the nut bin. So now, he needs to be brought back and sentenced on his original crime. The victim, who was an 8th grader at the time of the rape, gave some horrible details (see Smoking Gun's site) that would make all you naysayers cringe. As an adult with children now, she wants the case to GO AWAY so that she and her kids aren't forever hounded by the press. That doesn't mean Polanski shouldn't pay for his crime.

1759 days ago

bitch please    

Anyone who thinks this creep shouldn't do some jail time for his crimes needs to read the testimony the victim gave to the grand jury two weeks after the incident. It's crystal clear the girl was raped. She wasn't a 13 year old who wanted to have sex with Polansky and misled him into thinking she was older. He went after her, was well aware of her age, got her alone, gave her booze and drugs and then raped her. Oral, vaginal and anal. He is a sick pig, and the bottom line is he is also a coward who fled. If this was any other child rapist there would be no sympathy.
The testimony is on the smoking gun.

1759 days ago

Rather be an Athiest    

The poor 13 year old girl who is now in her 40's to 50's. She just wants this over and forgotten but we are going to make her a victim all over again. Sometimes the justice system becomes the rapist. My question is where were the parents when this happened? They were certainly remiss in their parenting.

1759 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

A bit of clarification: he won't be "found" innocent or guilty because he already plead guilty in 1978 to one charge of sexual intercourse with a 13-year old minor. Which he accomplished by giving her half a Quallude. This was a negotiated plea deal that was long and involved. The reason he skipped the country was because the judge at that time was waffling between jail and no jail. It's my understanding that initially it was "no jail" and Roman thought that was final. Then the judge decided there had to be some jail time, and Roman fled to France immediately. Hence the warrant for his arrest to finish out the plea ~ and probably serve some time. This is a generalized interpretation of what happened but there will be no trial.

I don't think this will be brushed under the rug if he gets back to the U.S. which I expect he will. It will bring up a lot of ugliness for Jack Nicholson (happened at his house, he wasn't home) and Angelica Huston (she was Jack's GF and was home and thought the teen was as old as 25).

1759 days ago


In the 60's and 70's the corrupt law figures allowed any and everyone in Hollywood (actually back to the 1930's) to get away with any crime..In LIke Flynn for example.Errol Flynn, raped a 14 yr old and got away with it! This was crime syndicate of Hollwood! Do not forget who was in charge in LA for many years Meyer Lansky to Micky Cohen,not the police or DA. Polanski slept wit Mia Farrow ,at the time she was Frank Sinatra's wife,no wonder Tate was killed! Lol.... Manson was the fall guy for that! Polanski is a part of the old crime world that has no diginity. Jack Nicholson only wished he was there that night.The entire morons of Hollywood for years were part of the rapist scene that thought it was okay to have sex with teens ( male or feamle) and there would be no punishment! Their "connections" or publist would take take of their dirty details of crimes committed against children or each other for that matter! It has always been a gutter of creep that use thier so called artistic talents to be above the rest of soceity. Jack knew what was going on in home ,he was a procduct of LSD brain washing of the 1950's. LOOK all of this up for any sort of truth!

1759 days ago



1759 days ago

Many people writing here are confused: Mr. Polanski will not be extradited to be tried for an old crime: HE WAS CONVICTED OF THIS CRIME UNDER DUE PROCESS OF LAW. He was only awaiting sentencing or appeals when he fled. The facts of the case clear at the time and there was no doubt for the Jury. That is why he pleaded guilty.

Oh, and by the way, it is not up to Ms. Geimer to decide if he should be prosecuted or not. If he is a convicted child rapist, he is (or was) a risk to all of societies underage children and not just Ms. Geimer. Under the law the victim has no right to determine if a convicted rapist should or should not serve time. The only control a victim has is to testify or not to testify. The Defendant is Proscecuted by the Public Prosecutor in the Name of the People of the specific jurisdiction (California in this case).

1759 days ago


What a pig!!!! i was sitting back enjoying my chrome soda and saw this crap on the news couldnt believe it!

1759 days ago


Another child molester that is all this old fart is awwwwww
him raping anything other than his momma is nasty...

1759 days ago


And you wonder why us Americans don't like the French--they think we should all forgive and forget.

Hey, this guy drugged and raped a 13 year old girl. I don't care if it happened 50 years ago, this guy needs to pay, and being famous is no excuse for turning the other cheek. If this guy tried the same thing on my daughter, he would find a missing appendage - au revoir et salut!

1759 days ago


Polanski was convicted and should serve out whatever sentence was given to him-simple as that!

1759 days ago

Mary Worth    

A few yrs ago, the woman victim forgave him. Seems there was a settlement. Then The Los Angeles Times ran a big article about how she forgave him, and the oscar voters shouldn't deny him an oscar (for "The Pianist") because she forgave him, etc!
This big article came out during the oscar voting period.

Polanski won the oscar, over Rob Marshall, who had won the Directors Guild Award for Best Director, for "Chicago".

Polanski should return for his sentencing. Being a celebrity, he'd be lionized by the media.
After his release he could do the talk show circuit. He could go on Jay Leno's show.

LENO: 'What were you thinking?"
POLANSKI: "Not the same thing as Hugh Grant; that's for sure!"

Then he'd go on other shows as his "I'm sorry" tour progresses to its inevitable climax; which is, noting the media and the public went on to the next story and forgot about him.

1759 days ago
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