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Polanski's Lawyer -- Ready for a Fight

9/28/2009 7:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After 30 years on the run, Roman Polanski is finally behind bars -- but, according to his lawyer, he ain't staying there.

Roman Polanski: Click to watch
Polanski's attorney, Herve Temime, called into "GMA" this morning to say his client is in "very good shape" and believes it will be possible for him "to obtain his freedom."

The director was taken into custody by Swiss authorities trying to enter Switzerland on Saturday. He was captured on a 30-year-old warrant after he pled guilty in 1977 to having unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor.


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blow bubbles

1853 days ago


That is one ugly looking man.

1853 days ago

a lipstick Lesbian    

He was 44 years old.

She was 13.

1853 days ago


Nasty Pervert! I am sick and tired of celebs thinking they are above the law! Stick it to him!

1853 days ago

a lipstick Lesbian    

He should have went to jail when he had his chance.

You REALLY don't want to be a white guy in a California jail right now. A lot has changed in 30 years.

1853 days ago


If he is brought back to California and sentenced he can then ask that the sentence be delayed until his appeal is heard. The original case will probably be overturned and then California will have to decide to try him again or let him go. Out on bail (maybe) he will face a new trial and there is more than enough evidence to convict him including his original statements as to what he did. His new sentence will be as the law judges this offense now not then and he will undoubtedly be sent to prison for several years. Then comes the next round of appeals but this time, given his flight record he will be filing them from his cell.

1853 days ago


How is it that the media and everyone else treated micahel jackson like sh*t and not this guy? This guy fled the damn country and has been on the run ever since living a good life making movies and so on. They hounded michael jackson to death but..this guy hardly a word ever said about him.

1853 days ago

cranberry pie    

@ Esther (french girl)

Esther, I am European and you make no sense whatsoever. Sex is a NECESSARY part of life, yes. However, rape is not. Not in America, not in Europe. What strict moral code do the Americans apply, according to you? He drugged and raped 13 year old. He admitted he knew she was underage and drugged her. Imagine that girl being your sister, or daughter. It has nothing to do with hypocrisy from 'America'. Quite the contrary, a hypocrite would secretely justify that type of behaviour. Like you are , ironically, who is bagatalising this behaviour. So in this case you are 'throwing' the stone to the wrong person dear..

Maybe you watch to many French movies, about complex love stories and incest (á ma seour by Breillat ring a bell to you)? and your vision is blurred by the fact this famous director made France his home and your pattriotic eyes only see the honour of that. But we're not talking about his movie legacy now. This man was in the wrong. Why do you think he fled the country? Even if it's 31 years ago. What kind of message sends this to other rapists?

I am a proud European I applaud the Americans this time on their behalf and am ashamed of the European attitude about this act of violance.

You do the crime, you do the time. EASY!

1853 days ago


The victim is now 39 years old according to a newspaper article. Forty pages or so of transcript are online right now, which I've read, but I doubt the victim is thrilled about this, as she has children who must be in their 20's by now. Yes, she did get a monetary settlement some years ago, and she has forgiven him and wants people to move on. Roman was 43 at the time of the rape and she was 13. And according to the transcript, she did have sex two times before he raped her with someone else and had been drunk before, but he still raped her and he plead guilty to it and then fled the country to France. This rape went down in Jack Nicholson's house on Mulholland Drive. And there was a female there before the rape and who came back during the rape and knocked on the door and interrupted the rape, but then Roman went back to the rape and finished and left while that mysterious woman was still there, and I would like to know who that was. She must have known something sinister was going on. I mean, they all drank champagne together and then she left.

1853 days ago


Roman Polanski is a CONVICTED PEDOPHILE. it makes me sick to listen to all these celebrities worldwide, defend him and want him free. He is a convicted pedophile for God's sake. I wonder what they would say if it was a nobody who raped a 13 yr old celebrity? Hollywood & celebrities around the world would be screaming for the maximum allowable and certainly wouldnt have allowed this child rapist to remain at large for 30+ yrs. Hollywood makes me sick in their defense of guilty celebrities. 'He is a pedophile but he makes great movies so let's forgive him'? Get your heads out of your asses Hollywood!! Hang the sumbitch!!

1853 days ago


He should come back for his sentencing. He was/is a famous director. How could have had any woman he wanted. There was no need to drug and have sex with a child. Even Jack Nicholson and Angelica Huston testified against him. He did 45 days of psychiatric treatment, but still had his sentence to fulfill. If he would have faced this back in the 70's, he'd be well over it by now. He must be punished somehow though, as a warning to other pedophiles. Otherwise, defense attorneys will try to drag out future trials in hopes the victim will want to forgive and forget.

1853 days ago


Why hasn't anybody asked the woman why and how she was at an adult party? Where were her parents? Didn't anybody think that she cried rape because if her parents found out she snuck out to this party she would get in trouble. Isn't it odd that she is saying now that we should just let it go? If she was really "raped", I would think she would still want to see him go to jail. People need to think about this. Also, I just saw a repeat of her 2003 interview on Larry King, she is saying she was at his house letting him take topless pictures of her. First off, this supposedly happened at Jack Nicholson's house(her claim 30 years ago). Secondly, if she didn't feel comfortable around him(her claim now), why was she at his house for topless photos? Once again, where were this girls parents and why wasn't she at home where a 13 year old belongs?

1853 days ago


just sayin':
I agree but with a twist; my question to the victim who now claims she doesn't care anymore, and to leave him alone, etc.: would SHE be saying that if a "nobody" raped her? My assumption would be a big ol' HELL NO.

And actually, Anjelica Huston has fallen several notches in my eyes since I recently read her comments that: “The victim appeared to be one of those kind of little chicks between — could be any age up to 25. She did not look like a 13-year-old scared little thing.”

Finally, for those that say he led a tough life and the trauma over what happened to his wife contributed to this "episode": a) that makes no sense because the rape occurred almost a decade after his wife's death and b) just because you are a victim of crime does not entitle you to go out commit crimes yourself.

God, he's slimy.

1853 days ago
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