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Chris Brown -- Community Service Can't Stop Me

9/29/2009 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whether you like it or not, that 180 days of hard labor isn't keeping Chris Brown from making new beats.

Chris Brown: Click to watch
Brown hit today to thank his fans for their support and promised (warned?) he's "still here, trying to make as much music as possible ... while doing the community service at the same time."

What a multitasker!


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Anna Smith    

From major Hip Hop artist to Minor League Baseball player- the next up and comings are putting the brakes on their careers because of the marks they leave! August 27, 2009-(L.A. California). This Spring’ the law wasn’t just knocking on Chris Brown’s door but some kept secrets lie in other celebrities and even with our pro athletes like J.J. Newman from the NY Mets, who has more then a few skeletons lurking! One remarkable note might be to look into the similarities between ‘these’ abusers. J.J. Newman through high school was considered the odd one out-always sitting on the bench in the dating arena; he didn’t have a girl friend until much later on into his adulthood and career. Many thought he was gay, even after his claim to being a player in more sense then one, women who he was involved with him thought he had a gay streak and found his sexual habits odd. Besides his disgusting alcoholic routines and obscure behaviors, one thing that scares even those closest to him is his constant abuse of the female. His on/off personality has carried over to his career with unreliable professionalism that has made quite a nasty and lasting dent on the community and those who seek to create business relationships with him. He has created more enemies then friends then what he knows, says one of his closest friends. While the trial of Chris Brown was coming to an end and his sentence lined out, the overly Pre-Madonna egotistical J.J.- known by his famously wigger trademarks must have gotten excited by Chris Brown’s lead and followed suit. Assaulting his so called ex-girlfriend with whom he was hanging out with one night in NYC. Ending up the slammer in no time, he spent merely a few hours in-just in enough time to make it out for his nightly drinking binge, much like when Chris Brown got his sentence when that evening he was spotted out in a night club-partying! These diamonds in the rough are ending their careers before they even have begun; such is J.J. Newman a 3rd time draft with a serious knee injury, whose career has come to a screeching halt! The trial ended up with flaws. Iies and excuses but what really needs to be stated for this man who continues to over run women, betrays his friends, breaks business deals and beats up his girl friends? Should these celebrities get away with this just because a little early on fame and what money can buy will set them free? If we can identify these traits and individuals before they hit the lime light and retain an entourage and fans, that many look to and idolize-then perhaps we can set them free from our hopes and themselves free from feeding into their abusive/addictive personalities. Let’s stop them before they start…

1843 days ago


He should be locked up with OJ Simpson before he does anymore harm!

1842 days ago


People stop judging him as a person, he is just like any of us! and dont be hating on his music coz you dont like the guy, leave your opinion about his music and him as an artist. Rihanna forgave him, why shouldnt we? its not like it involved us or anything, so between them its all good now. And thousands of woman get beat by their man, so lets stop hating on him and try and stop it, he can only learn from his mistakes and grow.

1819 days ago


There are some very silly things being said on this site about what happened. I guess he should have cried and that would have made some people feel better about his apology. I personally believe he is sorry. I believe Rhianna is sorry she took nude pictures of herself. I believe alot of people who screw up when their young are sorry. When are we going to get over this? Oh yea, Tiger Woods is sorry and so is David Letterman and Bill Clinton and Michael Jordon and shall I go on? Good grief. Let's get the healthcare issue solved. That's more important.

1768 days ago


look people Chris Brown has already siad he was sorry. to the world and her ass. what else can he do. he paid the time the juge gave him. witch was wrong if it was someone other then Chris they would have gone to jail but thats besides the point. the courts gave hive a chance to change. why can the world YES he was wrong you never hit a woman but evey young person messes up. thats being a kid young or a humen if you think about it. he's a kid just starting out. dont end his career becuz of one big thing. give him a chance to redeem himself. Chris i still support you. YES you were wrong but eveyone deserave a second chance. and Rihanna sorry if you dont like this.

1807 days ago

richard ramirez    

this little girl " chrissy "
should be " serving " the
community in the big house;

1849 days ago


No one buys albums anymore, people will just get his music from itunes. He's so FIIIIIIINE!!!!!

1849 days ago


Why would I buy his new album, when I'd never buy any of his old albums?

1849 days ago


Regardless of the fact he is a woman beater, his "music" is crap.

1849 days ago


Never brought any of his albums before (can't stand the lisp) and I'm sure not going to buy one now..I'm not saying that because I'm a fan of Rihanna (I'm not)..I'm not going to buy anything chris brown because h sucks..

1849 days ago


No matter how much the media attempts to bad mouth Chris Brown there will always be that certain percentile of women that won't beleive he even did anything wrong and that if they were with him things would be different or wouldn't have even happened at all because they wouldn't have provoked him into behaving that way. All this secrecy of what really happened, while trying to protect stuck up rich girl, poor me pour me another, Ryanna, really casts a shadow on if he is the only "bad" person in that epic drama.

1849 days ago


Once a woman beater,always a woman beat,they never change.It's in their blood.

1849 days ago

just me    

did any of you hear the video? shows no longer available

1849 days ago


sure i will buy his album what he did has no influence about my love for his music...

yall Chris Brown supporter and fans out there add this page

1849 days ago

richard ramirez    

yo " chrissy "

big daddy bubba NEEDS
a brownie served to him
up in the big house !

1849 days ago
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