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DJ AM -- Cause of Death Accidental

9/29/2009 11:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

dj am cause of deathTMZ has learned the New York City Medical Examiner has determined the cause of death for Adam Goldstein -- DJ AM.

The M.E. says the cause of death is "acute intoxication" due to the combined effects of cocaine, oxycodone, hydrocodone (Vicodin), Ativan, Klonopin, Xanax, Benadryl and Levamisole (a drug used to cut cocaine with).

The manner of death is listed as "accident (substance abuse)."

Remembering DJ AM


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Wow! Cocaine and a drug to help stop using cocaine? What's the point of doing that? kinda defeats the purpose of both.

1858 days ago


Accidental? It isn't like he tripped up and swallowed all the pills upon landing...taking all of that is no accident.

1858 days ago


substance abuse is no accident...

1858 days ago


He was a nobody when he was alive, now he's still a nobody.

1858 days ago


This is not sccidental. He knew what drugs did, let a lone mixing them. theyy need to stop sparing people families by saying 'accidentL' overdose.. It was an overdose or drugs. I hope the family is doing well because it is sad what happened but after they listed all those and nine undesolved pills with know he wasnt thinking let me get higher and im not going to die. He n=knew. And he didnt stop. thats more than a relapse its a suicide

1858 days ago


It's been recently observed that nobody who has a "pop name" in our society has a death wherein the cause is ruled a "suicide". R.I.P., DJ A.M.!

Wake-up, people, taking drugs (pharmaceutical, illicit, or both) let alone when multiplied and in large doses = SUICIDE. If one is, basically, a naturalist, i.e. dealing with physical, emotional, and psychological pain in wholistic ways, you begin to look around at the large percentage of Americans walking around with glazed eyes from the abuse of alcohol, marijuana and other illicit drugs, AND one pharmaceutical drug(s) after the other. It's time for all Americans to wake-up so we can reclaim our place of excellence as a collective society in the world.

1858 days ago


When you no longer see the beauty in life things like this happen. Although it is the easy way out, some people just aren't willing to keep trying. Who are ya'll to judge!?! Remember him for his dj skills, love for life and try to forget all the hype! God Bless the family in these tough times. pray for strength

1858 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Back to me !!! .. My brother is dead and we want mo money .. Mo Money .. MUCH MO MONEY !!!! Buy our t shirts, cd's, dvd's and of course tickets to mai family's movie .. Ker Ching

1858 days ago


By calling this an "accident" then they MUST be saying that Goldstein was TOO STUPID to know that taking all of these drugs would kill him.

He must have been a very very very stupid man.

1858 days ago


The family must have needed, or paid for that ruling for insurance purposes. Like the other posters said ... who takes all of that and expects to live. Only in Showbiz.

1858 days ago


HAHAHAHAAAAAA a walking Pharmacy... what a dumbazz.. his GOD will judge him.. goodluck

1858 days ago


DRUGS KILL ... eventually. It was NOT an accident, IT WAS A GAMBLE, he knew what he was putting in his system, but he gambled that it would be okay this time so he rolled the 'dice' and drugs won. Same with Michael Jackson ... the body has an amazing stamina when it comes to abuse, but when it's had enough it simply shuts down ... sad avoidable loss of 2 lives

1858 days ago


Prime Minister, you're a very sick man. Seek help immediately.

1858 days ago


Adios loser.

1858 days ago


I don't know how in the world that could be accidental. You don't accidentally take that many drugs!!! That's not right!!!

1858 days ago
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