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DJ AM -- Cause of Death Accidental

9/29/2009 11:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

dj am cause of deathTMZ has learned the New York City Medical Examiner has determined the cause of death for Adam Goldstein -- DJ AM.

The M.E. says the cause of death is "acute intoxication" due to the combined effects of cocaine, oxycodone, hydrocodone (Vicodin), Ativan, Klonopin, Xanax, Benadryl and Levamisole (a drug used to cut cocaine with).

The manner of death is listed as "accident (substance abuse)."

Remembering DJ AM


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Atleast he takes some respect to the grave. Accidental my %$#! I am pretty sure he knew the risks. Sad part is that nobody was able to save him from his real life problems. I mean the airplane crash caused him a lot of trauma, mixed with personal stuff (performing...partying...girlfriend), it was a matter of time before everything took its toll. R.I.P. brother. Play On! You will be dearly missed.

1852 days ago


Posted at 12:14PM on Sep 29th 2009 by Courtney

Courtney, are you a Christian? If you are you should go pray for yourself because it's you people pity when they read your bitter, hateful spew. How sad it must be to be one of your loved ones. Please don't have children.

Posted at 12:19PM on Sep 29th 2009 by Michaela

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Michaela, are you a Christian?? If so, why do you spend your time on hateful, exploitative smutty celeb gossip pages??
I pity your kids who are probably wallowing in their own dirty diapers while you sit your fat butt in front of the computer on TMZ and stuff doritoes in your mouth

1852 days ago


Sad- I am a nurse. To answer your question, Benadryl's primary ingredient is Diphenhydramine, a common antihistamine that makes you drowsy. It is often used as a way to offset the 'itchies' one gets with opiates. In addition, diphenhydramine is considered a mild relaxant and hypotic when taken in larger than normal doses, and often it's considered an opiate potentiator. In other words, using Benadryl with opiate drugs increases the sedation and euphoria.

Unfortunately, as this case shows, it's very dangerous. Most doctors tell you to never mix opiates with Benadryl.

1852 days ago


OK enough with lamenting this self-indulgent LOSER who killed himself after being given a second chance at life... If it weren't for him screwing Nicole Ritchie nobody would even know who he was. Seriously - lets mourn those who die from illness, from poverty/starvation, innocents caught up in war torn areas - people who DON'T have a choice about it. At the end of the day this guy - who had the means $$$$ to get himself clean - made a decision to put those drugs into his body.

1852 days ago


This story really still saddens me. I hope his life and story will be used to save many many lives going forward. There's great lessons to be learned from his passing.


1852 days ago


Um, exactly how is this listed as accidental? That's quite a mix of legal and ILLEGAL drugs, so again, accidental? Not thinking so. Fine, maybe he didn't mean to kill himself but um... no, he brought it on himself so not quite accidental in my book.

1852 days ago


Ana the nurse! thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. I have been wanting to know that for 5 months. God bless you!

1852 days ago


PFED: They are not printing your comments because they are RACIST. You have a problem with Jews. "Jews can't be buried in a Jewish Cemetery if they commit suicide". WRONG. Only some Jews have certain conservative viewpoints with regard to burial. And you sir, are still a moron.

1852 days ago


He died from a broken heart. His world turned to black, tattooed everything. He is in a better place, rockin the Angeles. Much love dear one. RIP.

1851 days ago
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