Donald Trump to Filmmaker 'You Are a Loser'

9/29/2009 8:39 PM PDT
If Donald Trump thinks something sucks, he'll let you know ... just ask the documentary filmmaker who Trump just called "a loser."

That filmmaker is Mike Tollin, who just made a movie about the brief history of the United States Football League. Trump owned a team in the USFL -- the New Jersey Generals -- until 1985 ... when the whole league tanked.

When Mike finished the film, he sent Trump a copy ... along with a letter that said "I'm guessing you won't love all of it, but I hope you appreciate that I've tried to be fair."

Trump sent the letter back to Tollin -- complete with the following a handwritten message on it:

"Mike ... A third rate documentary -- and extremely dishonest (as you know) -- Best Wishes, Donald Trump ...
P.S. You are a loser