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Megan Fox


9/29/2009 12:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Megan Fox -- who once compared the director who helped launch her career to Hitler -- may be overrated, according to a non-TMZ photog.

Brian Austin Green had enough after the dude asked Megan, "What do you think about the ratings for 'Jennifer's Body'?"


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Amanda Seyfried is 10x hotter and 100x more talented. What Megan did in Jennifer's Body next to Amanda can't even be called 'acting' -- more like 'showing up and letting wardrobe slut you over.'

1819 days ago


Why does Brian Austin-GangGreene still think he's relevant?

1819 days ago


Interesting point "Whamo." I wonder if her comment about Michael Bay was in jest, though. Meaning he really pushes his cast to bust their arse to get the job done, not that she hated the man's methods on set.

Hope it was a joke cause I don't want anyone dissing The Bay!!

1819 days ago


I love you guys. Build someone up, just to tear them down. Leave Megan Fox alone. She's hot, she knows it, who cares? Why shouldn't she flaunt it. Isn't there another Kardashian wedding to cover?

1819 days ago


Who is Hilter?

1819 days ago


"20. I love you guys. Build someone up, just to tear them down. Leave Megan Fox alone. She's hot, she knows it, who cares? Why shouldn't she flaunt it. Isn't there another Kardashian wedding
to cover?

Posted at 3:58PM on Sep 29th 2009 by Upchuck21"

No one "built her up."

1819 days ago

Bill J    

Clearly people don't think she is overrated -

1819 days ago

Rap sucks    

Of course she's hot but it's not like she's the HOTTEST girl on earth. She's waaay too overrated. What women doesn't get annoyed when hearing that, Megan Fox is the hottest woman on earth. Seriously TMZ, you are so obsessed with her. Have you seen all the women on earth to call her the hottest of them all? not to mention that her thumb is a big turn off. Heck, porn stars blow her out the roof or just any other hot girl out there.

1819 days ago


Megan Fox is NOT overated.. People are just jealous of her! Shes gorgeous,funny,& talented! People need to stop hating on her & just leave her alone. SO SICK of everyone and their negativity. You know who is played out though? BRAD AND ANGELINA!

1819 days ago

Rap sucks    

YES YES YES YES! So overrated. Even Audrina Patridge smokes that bitch. I could get a girl like that (anytime) so stop saying she's the hottest. Yeah she was so talented is transformers. So many hotter actresses out there with actual talent, but that's why the overrated always get the spotlight.

1819 days ago


She's attractive. The Hollywood publicity machine is working overtime to promote this girl. As far as talent, not so sure. Minus the special effects and sex, who knows?

She's no Angelina Jolie by a long shot when it comes to talent.
To name a few, "Girl, Interupted", "The Changeling" and "Gia" proved Angelina is a talented actress who delivers and blows all others off the screen!!

1819 days ago


This bitch is wack!........... Next!

1819 days ago


she always wears that hat!

1819 days ago


this is just another case of a skank making it big because she shows off some skin.. so what look at freakin myspace or any other site on the internet to see the same type of trash.. she is like trash she needs to be taken out... ;)

1819 days ago


Viewer critic, it's very unfair to compare AJ's movies to Megan Fox. AJ has been in Hollywood for years, and MF is just beginning. When AJ fir started, she was also doing shi##ty movies. Remember Hackers, and I remember and some other stupid movies.
I have seen MF and I think she can really act. The problem is she hasn't found the right movies. I thought she did a great job with her character in Jennifer's Bosy. Too Bad the movie was stupid.

1819 days ago
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