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Khloe's Wedding

'I Do' Need a Script

9/30/2009 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Forget bridesmaids ... Khloe Kardashian needed TV producers for her faux wedding. Listen to the walkie-talkie chatter behind the scenes, choreographing Khloe's every move.

Khloe Kardashian
Everything was planned ... even the moment when Khloe told Bruce Jenner she considered him her "real dad."

The production was staged right down to the number of steps Khloe would backpedal before taking the plunge -- about 10. E! Gads.


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I am hearing impaired (deaf) and can not listen to the audio. Could somebody please write it out for me, like a transcript? I would Really appreciate it!


1788 days ago

Just sayin'    


1788 days ago


Dude better have a TOOL the size of a Pringles can (length & width)! That Rump wont work with a tootsie roll size!

1788 days ago


this family is out of control. E and Seacrest should be disgusted with themselves. If the two couldnt agree on a prenup before walking down the isle than I dont think we should consider them married either. Hey guest you were duped. And whats up with her saying Bruce is hear real dad? Did they go and dance on her dad's grave after the fake ceremony too? Girls next door was more wholesome than this bunch.

1788 days ago


Isn't this a normal practice nowadays. I know some of my friends weddings were choreographed too to the last details. They are not celebreties at all. If you use some of the wedding planner agencies, they will do this for anyone.

1788 days ago


Be fair at least TMZ.... there wasn't anything on this tape that wouldn't be broadcast by a professional wedding planner. They too choreograph every single movement at a wedding - broadcasting it to other employees.... and there are no tv producers involved at all. You are also well aware that weddings take place in Hollywood all the time where the certificate is signed after the physical wedding due to prenuptial agreement complications. Why are you trying to imply these are all a result of the E reality show?

1788 days ago


That is one big chick she looks like she is packing down below.I didnt even know gay marriages were legal anyways.

1788 days ago


e had the wedding planned out more than a month ago for Kourt and Scott but they wouldnt do it - so fun loving Khloe took her place and roped new bf in the act

1788 days ago


Whats the point to a big fake wedding, to make absolutely positively sure that the entire US can't stand these two idiots or for that matter the entire loser family??

1788 days ago


I blame Seacrest and I blame Kris.

My dream scenario: I get this family and Seacrest in a room by telling them I have a fantastic new idea that will make everyone more famous than every and make a ton of money. That should certainly do the trick, no? Then I ask for a touchy feely Hollywood group hug. I mysteriously grow Mr. Stretcho arms that encompasses the group and I smash their collective heads together. The result is that their little brains explode and the world no longer has to deal with these stupid, vapid, famewhore "people".
How's that for scripted reality????!!!!

1788 days ago

Triple Play    

Please stop posting stories about this Fat Useless Piece of Crap. when the dust settles they wont get a prenup they wont be married and the TV network that gave them the $1 Mil will be screwed, It was all a publicity stunt..
Even a Dumd A$$ basketball player wouldn't marry that Ho bag

1788 days ago


People, if you are outraged, speak with your wallets.
Don't watch this stupid "reality show," don't buy anything from the sponsors of this stupid show. Write or e-mail the sponsors and tell them this show is crap and they'd be best not to associate themselves with it.
And stop watching American Idol so Seacrest doesn't have as much disposable income.

1788 days ago


You mean reality TV isn't real! What a surprise!!!

1788 days ago

Linda Mott    

Shame on them and Ryan Secrest for making a side show of their wedding. They certainly don't need the money.

1788 days ago


Proud to say I never watched it and never will.

1788 days ago
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