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Sharon Tate's Sis -- Polanski Didn't 'Rape'

9/30/2009 9:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debra Tate -- the sister of Roman Polanski's second wife Sharon Tate -- doesn't want the director hauled back to the U.S. to be prosecuted.

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Tate went on the "Today" show this morning, claiming Polanski wouldn't get a fair trial stateside for the rape of a then-13-year-old-girl back in 1977 -- because our "system is broken" -- and the matter would be better served in France ... whatever that means -- France can't prosecute him.

Tate added there's a difference between "rape and rape" -- and this was "a consensual matter."


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You are as dumb as NM. People don't go on trial when they plead guilty. Try thinking before you write.

1841 days ago


Tate and her mother pursued and still pursue justice, rightly so, on behalf of their sister and daughter. (I know Mrs Tate snr is passed). I have a 13 year old daughter. If Polanski or any evil slob like him were to ever do what he did, the world would not be a big enough place. I'm sorry he had such a terrible event occur in his life, but I'm more sorry he perpetrated a terrible act on a young girl... a child. Predators don't stop at one.

1837 days ago


I think Debra Tate has a heck of a lot of nerve to make these comments. Sex between a 13 yr old girl and 43 yr old man was consentual? You've got to be kidding, and legally a 13 yr old CANNOT consent. Also the apparent distinction between rape and RAPE in her mind is ridiculous. I'm sure Debra Tate would be deeply offended if someone asked her if Sharon was MURDERED, or only murdered. I don't know why people keep putting this woman on tv. Her poor sister was somebody 40 years ago; Debra Tate never was anybody, and she's ridiculously egocentric.

1830 days ago


Oh, this woman is crazy too, no man should touch a thirteen year old girl.
Its wrong in the US and I'm sure its even wrong in France.

1847 days ago

Clint Bradford    

According to the victim's grand jury testimony, she was afraid of Polanski, and repeatedly asked him to stop the vaginal and anal penetration. Tate's sister doesn't have a clue, and doesn't deserve media coverage.

1847 days ago


13 is too young to give constent, legally and ethically, so he should be charged with rape. Especially when he gave her drugs and alcohol. She couldn't form an opinion properly at 13 and under the influence.

1847 days ago


he won't go to a trial, he already pled guilty to rape, sodomy, and all the rest, he was just supposed to be given a sentance for pleeding guilty. so how unfair will the rape trial be, not at all. but the trial he may face for skipping out on his sentance, that is another story. i think if he was allowed one night in prison, with a new type of lover, to do to him, what he did to that 13 year old, would be sentance enough.

1847 days ago


o_O I say put him on trial. A crime committed, no matter when it was committed, is still a crime. Especially when it involves sleeping with a very young girl (using alcohol and drugs).

Heck, he'd probably get away with anyway. Maybe a bit of jail time in a private part of the prison, then some rehab stuff, heck they might even throw some community service his way...Chris Brown would be happy for a buddy.

1847 days ago


hey hollywood.this creep raped a 13 yr.old girl.he needs to go to jail.however you all don,t have any morals ,that has always been obvious!

1847 days ago


13 years way she could consent. He's a pig.

1847 days ago


Oh, so this sister knows better than the victim if it was a rape or not, does she?

This was both statutory rape and outright rape.

1847 days ago


Sorry lady rape is rape, she was 13!! Would you file charges if some man raped your 13 year old daughter even if she said ok? Yeah I thought so...

1847 days ago


This is ridiculous. A 13 year old, (THIRTEEN!!) can't give consent to sex. I don't care if she asked him for it, she was THIRTEEN and he was 40, it's sick!! AND, she was drugged up, so we know that, for all those cracked up people out there who think that a 13 year can give consent, she was not in a state of mind to be able to give consent. Come on now, this is just insane. Talented guy, difficult past, but he did what he did and he ran and lived comfortably in France. Maybe he had to avoid traveling to certain countries, but come on, boudin blanc and wine are much better than prison food. GIve me a break!

1847 days ago


That is what happens when you give a moron TV time and a microphone.

1847 days ago


This is wrong on so many levels. 13 is very young. He, a grown man, gave gave her drugs and alcohol. He had sex with her. People are prosecuted for this. It's a crime. I know the victim just wants this this to be over, as does Mr. Polanski and his family. It's not pretty. But, he needs to deal with the consequences he's been avoiding all these years.

1847 days ago
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