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Sharon Tate's Sis -- Polanski Didn't 'Rape'

9/30/2009 9:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debra Tate -- the sister of Roman Polanski's second wife Sharon Tate -- doesn't want the director hauled back to the U.S. to be prosecuted.

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Tate went on the "Today" show this morning, claiming Polanski wouldn't get a fair trial stateside for the rape of a then-13-year-old-girl back in 1977 -- because our "system is broken" -- and the matter would be better served in France ... whatever that means -- France can't prosecute him.

Tate added there's a difference between "rape and rape" -- and this was "a consensual matter."


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All this legal word twisting doesn't change the fact he gave her alcohol, drugged her (1/2 a Quaalude!), took nude pictures of her & then had sex with this 13 year old CHILD! No matter how "well adjusted" the woman is today, and you say what you will and color it anyway you want to, but he admitted to this 'sexual predator' act when he admitted & then pleads guilty, no matter how long ago it was, it was WRONG THEN & it's WRONG NOW! I vote for castration.

1847 days ago


If this woman is a victims advocate, she should look and the word advocate. I was stunned at her comments. Yes, I agree the legal system is broken when it comes the the rights of the victims, but to have that woman as a spokes person for it...heaven help us!!! What in the world is "not really rape rape"? When a 13 year old is supplied with drugs and alcohol then sexually violated by an adult, I believe that would be called "really child molester, molester".

1847 days ago


He didn't rape that 13 year old, like Manson didn't kill your sister. Debra Tate your a kook.

1847 days ago


I wonder if she would feel the same if she was raped.
Why give this pos the time of day.

1847 days ago


There shouldn't even be a trial. He ADMITTED he raped the child so send him straight to jail with all the other rapists. Sorry Mr P, but you did the crime so do the time. The law is the law.

1847 days ago


Why is she and Whoopi so stupid about rape? Younger than 18 = illegal. What is so hard to understand about that?

1847 days ago


Even though this matter happened a very long time ago and even though the other person involved holds no ill feelings toward him anymore, and even though it might have been consensual it still WAS against the law and he should face the consequences for his actions.
You break the law, run from your country to avoid the consequences and then 30 years later people decide (not the courts) that really your not such a bad guy and all charges are dropped (?) I hope not.

1847 days ago


She was ia child in 7th or 8th grade. She was drugged. She said no at every point. What is this business of "rape" vs "rape"?

Furthermore Polanski admitted to drugging and commiting statutory rape. He admitted to being a child rapist.

Its interesting to note that just recently in Poland, they recently passed legislation that all rapist of children under the age of 15 would be chemically castrated for the rest of their lives, since Poland has vocally expressed outrage over the arrest of Polanski.

Poland believes that the rape of a child warrants taking away the rapist's human rights for the rest of their lives but yet wants a self-professed child rapist to go un-punished. I don't get it.

1847 days ago


I wonder: What would Sharon Tate say, if she was alive??
Her younger sister is full of sh**. I say throw the book at him; he shouldn't get treated differently, cause he is a celeb. I read in another paper that Woody Allen is one of his supporters. Is it any wonder?? Since Woody went and married his ex lover's daughter...... the one that looked to him as a father figure...

1847 days ago


POST #23 ... AMEN! If all is forgiven after 30 years then every murderer, rapist, convicted person should go free after 30 years and we can all live "happily ever after". I say castration is the only sentence for this sexual predator!
BTW ... will his picture appear on the the Sexual Predator web site like every other convicted sex crime offender? I say probably NOT! Justice will not be blind in this case!

1847 days ago


Love makes you blind - love of Polanski's money.

He lured and drugged a 13 year.

I'm glad she's cool with it - but I would kill him if that were my daughter.

Most rapists have a hard luck story - doesn't change what they did.

1847 days ago


since when is drugging a 13 year old and sexually assaulting her in that condition considered consensual!

he isn't a rapist..........he's a PEDOPHILE RAPIST to most of America

any father of a 13 year old girl who had this happen to her today would almost be justified in giving the guy a beat-down

I have to say almost because violence is never the answer or the correct thing to do-buy hey-temporary insanity anyone

the US should fight to get this guy back for sentencing or they are sending a message that others could get away with this too-it would set a disgusting precedent should he escape punishment for the crime and the fleeing the country

he knew what he deserved and that is why he fled-so time to give him what he deserves-and sentence by today's standards-much harsher than 30 years ago

but sadly his lawyer may be successful in arguing that the sentence should reflect the laws at the time of the offense

has Hollywood gone soft on child rapists if they are part of their community

instead of people speaking out for him I want to hear some of Hollywood elite speak out for the law and all the child victims

1847 days ago


SHAME ON HER! I bet if she had a 13 year old daughter that a 44 year old man not only drugged, but ANALLY RAPED she'd consider it rape. It seems like this type of thinking is being plastered all over the leftist web ring. WTF? How can ANYONE excuse this man? Regardless of what happened to you or your family in the past, it does NOT give you free reign to rape young girls. This was a RAPE RAPE.

1847 days ago

Lenn K.    

This is the real Hollywood that everyone is afraid to see. Selfish, ego-maniacs that see only themselves and their peers as right. These people think the rest of us are not see the real point. Anal raping a 13 year old is as bad unless you anal rape one of their's. These people are not with mainstream Americas who would hang the butt-face.

1847 days ago


Our liberal friends in France think since the guy's an artist he can molest children. I wonder why That British singer Gary Gold or something didn't go to live there to molest children instead of thailand? I'm sorry, but 13 is a little to young. But I know in some middle eastern countries that is fine to marry 13 y/o's. Molesting children is fine, as long as they wear their burhka's.

1847 days ago
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