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Tito Chastises 'Lazy' Homeless Guy

9/30/2009 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A self-described "homeless" man hit up the wrong person for cash -- because last night Tito Ortiz handed out brutal honesty instead of $10 bills.

Tito Ortiz: Click to watch
When the guy asked the former UFC champ for some cash, Tito flatly denied him, saying "I worked my ass off for my s**t ... laziness don't get you anywhere in life."

HomelessThis has been Tito Ortiz's motivational moment of the day.

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GOOO! Tito!!! I see this all the time by the off ramps!! theres some lazy ass bum sitting on the shade begging for money and some poor dude selling roses in the 105 degree weather in the sun. I give the rose guy money for not being a lazy ass.

1846 days ago


Has anyone noticed that these so called "homeless" people always hang around the popular celebrity hang outs???? It's really sad now days because you can't tell who is telling the truth and who just wants beer money. I can't even pump gas without SOMEONE coming and asking me for something. I love to help those in need, but I can't because I don't know who I am handing my hard earned money to.

1846 days ago


You tell them, Tito! We all can't go around making easy money by laying in bed, opening our legs and dropping to our knees like some hooker or as a porn star like..say, your woman, Jenna Jameson.

1846 days ago


Tito couldn't be more right but it doesn't matter, Obama is going to give his money away to these lazy ass people anyway.

1846 days ago

Can't Stand Obama    

Good for Tito! I am tired of people asking me for money too. I work for my money and I refuse to hand my hard earned money over to someone who won't work.

And for those who are saying there are no jobs.. there are plenty of jobs at McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell.. they are always hiring. They can be crappy jobs and probably don't pay more than minimum wage but have to decide, want to work or not.

1846 days ago

voice of reason    

obama gonna take from him anyway

obama gonna take from everybody

he gonna take from da workers

and give it to da lazy bones

1846 days ago


UUMMMM just like your whore wife worked hard for her $$?? Spreading ur legs and fighting are real hard....try going to school...oh yeah you cant cuz your too lazy...

1846 days ago


In response to comment #1, I don't see how President Obama has anything to do with people begging for money in the streets. I've worked in Downtown Los Angeles for over 10 years and I've seen people begging in the street every day. One guy said he was hungry and I offered him my lunch. The he said "oh, I can't eat that" Another guy asked for $20 to "buy a quarter pounder at McDonald's" (seriously?!?!). One guy was smoking - he can afford cigarettes but not food? There's a guy who stands downstairs outside my building asking for money who is dressed impeccably and has brand new Nike tennis shoes on - he was gone for a while, went on vacation. (I can't afford a vacation and I WORK!)

My point is, agree with Mr. Ortiz to some extent. The economy is a mess and a lot of people are out of work. However, I only have so much to give. I personally give money to charitable organizations, but I won't give money to someone on the street like that.

There's my 2 cents. :-)

1846 days ago

the a-hole    

Sooooo.... Tito Ortiz begged a homeless guy for money, and then beat the homeless guy because he couldn't pay...

1846 days ago



1846 days ago


I think Tito was too nice. I would have said NO, don't you have any self dignity? I earned my money on my own..why can't you? I could have heard "Dog" waaaaay less though.

1846 days ago


Wow, a lot of self-righteous folks on here. The average age (young) is evident. I don't always like it when homeless people approach me either. But if I don't want to give, I simply say no and keep it moving. I don't grand stand for everyone around me and the cameras. What's the point of adding humiliation to the mix? The homeless dude was right. Tito ISN'T from the streets. Maybe Sesame Street, but not the streets. Otherwise, he wouldn't have even went there on dude.

I'm not even going to address the people making Obama jokes or racist comments. You aren't worth getting upset over. May God bless and heal your hateful hearts. Better black skin than a black heart. Peace!

1846 days ago

lost in lalaland    

Lynn, I seriously doubt you volunteer 30 hours a week or more. But, if you do, perhaps that time would be better spent LOOKING FOR A JOB!!!!!!!

1846 days ago


HAHAHA! #45, so if I'm not willing to give a guy money to spend on drugs and booze, I'm self righteous huh? You're a self righteous and delusional old fart. What does Barack Obama have to do with it? Oh maybe the fact that he's all for handing out hard working tax payers money with big a** nanny government and bailouts. Oh yeah, I forgot, it's not pc to criticize the black messiah... What a joke.

1846 days ago

John L.    

I love when people always assume that when someone is homeless it is because they are just "lazy." Just shows extreme ignorance.

I am sure that is the case in some instances, but I lost my job and place and was "homeless" for just three days. And that was the hardest three days of my life. Walking around, looking for a place to eat or drink was freaking incredibly hard and disheartening. No job or no situation I ever went through even compares to how hard that was.

I am successful in my life now but nothing I have ever worked "hard to get" was harder than being homeless.

1846 days ago
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