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Britney Puts Up Her Dukes

10/1/2009 9:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wearing some sort of Ugg boot hybrid, Daisy Dukes, a Mrs. Roper muumuu crop top and her regulation '70s nana shades, Britney Spears -- and her bodyguards -- went for their daily trip to a Target in L.A. on Wednesday.

Discount chains are the new gas stations.


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Target should hire her for ads. She's been photographed several times shopping, why not? And you fake, shallow, judging nail-digging creatures, leave what she wears out of your vocabulary. Although you probably do not have the body to dress like that, and probably live in sweatpants and an oversized frumpy top, get over it. She has the body to dress any way she darn well pleases and can carry it off. Maybe she was just practicing and is giving her feet a rest, they're cute boots.

1847 days ago


This looks like it is from a Target security camera. If so, the employee should get fired. Target, do a roll back, find out who did this and fire them for profiting from their customers without proper payment to the celebrety.

1847 days ago

Justice !    

I think Britt looks GREAT ! Who cares where she shops or what she dresses in. I've seen a lot worse. As far as her body... looking better all the time ! Someone stated in an earlier post to cover her stomach up... why? Looks great to me..... DUH :-) I'd love to see what many of you dress like LOL It would be a riot! LMAO :-)

1847 days ago


Her outfit would be cute if she just wore a pair of cute leather sandals or flats. The boots she's wearing should be reserved for running around with her kids in the winter. Britney just doesn't have a good fashion sense. That doesn't make her trailer trash. I think she needs something to do when she's not working, however... it seems all she does is shop, and probably because it's one of the few reasons she has to leave the house. It's not like her management team will let her go to a club or party (and rightly so, with her history). But I'd be bored all the time if I were her.

1847 days ago

Tony B    

She was shopping at the Woodland Hills Target. There is no Target is Calabasas proper. I called and confirmed with an employee that she WAS there.

1847 days ago


Winter boots and shorts is the epitome of looking stupid.

1847 days ago


What could she possibly be buying at Target??? Shave gel or razors??

1847 days ago


i'm not such a fan of britney, but who cares what she dresses like. if that's what she wants to wear its her decision, plus i would love to see what all of you people dress like. and her body looks great, i could just imagine what your wives or girlfriends look like. and who cares if she shops at target, all of you probably shop there also, i know i do. all of you are just jealous that shes rich and your not.

1847 days ago


This is major joke she is a joke

1847 days ago


I actually like her casual day outfit. With all the costumes she has to wear on stage I say go for whatever makes you comfortable on your day off!

1847 days ago


Why does she wear those horrible boots around LA? Maybe next trip to Target she needs to make a shopping list...and include some more appropriate footwear. I have my comfort/go to shoes too, but they are slip on sandals.

1847 days ago


I'm not a Britney fan, but, damn people leave her alone already, she's a human being, doing her own thing, at her own time, she can look ratty if she chooses to............

1847 days ago






1847 days ago


gotta love that Daisy Duke look........yummy

1847 days ago


I actually have some of those type boots and they are soooo comfy! I wear mine all the time too. Don't knock em till you try em! Also, I think it is so silly when people say she makes them "ashamed to be from Louisiana". Well- I say if Brit is the worst thing about Louisiana then you guys should consider yourselves very lucky! I guess you don't have murderers, child molesters, etc.

1847 days ago
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