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Kate Gosselin -- Jon Only Cares About Jon

10/1/2009 4:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TLC isn't the only one calling Jon Gosselin "opportunistic" -- now his estranged wife is joining in on the fun.

Jon & Kate

Kate just released the following statement:

"It appears that Jon's priority is Jon and his interests ... I'm saddened and confused by Jon's public media statements. Jon has never expressed any concerns to me about our children being involved in the show and, in fact, is on the record as saying he believes the show benefits our children."

As TMZ previously reported, production has been suspended on "Kate Plus 8" while Jon and the network hash out a deal.


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Jon requested they pull the plug on the show the day(Tuesday) when TLC removed his name from show and reduced his camera time. Coincidence? I think not(he is acting like a spoiled child). He is on record saying the children were not exploited in response to his brother/sister in-laws claims recently. They say never bite the hand that feeds you so I hope he remembers he is under "exclusive" contract with TLC and cannot do any other shows without their permission. How he plans to support these 8 kids, his mistresses, NYC apartment, partying, etc remains to be seen...

1818 days ago


Kate is more the one who is interested in the money and not the kids or her marriage. I mean come on, if I even had a thought my marriage was in trouble, i sure would not got on a book signing tour or leave for long periods of time.
I can't stand Kate, she is to controlling and she throw temper tantrums when she doesn't get her way. She would drive me crazy if I totally knew her. And She would really know how I feel.

1818 days ago


I have never watched their show or knew anything about these people unntil they split. So I have no preconceived notion about their behavior except what has gone on recently. My opinion...Jon is an absolute juvenile jerk at best. Why did she stay maried to him this long?

1818 days ago


Thank God that the show has stopped filming. Even if it is only temporary. Can anyone, gag those two? Please, quit giving these losers media attention!

1818 days ago


This show and the parents need to go away. Shut off the cameras and get your lives in control. She is a witch and he has not grown up being under her thumb. Let it all go. Come on TLC. What are you thinking? Really. Do we all have to shout it more. Let them go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1818 days ago


Jon dillies with his willy and it's all Kate's fault? He never manned up to begin with. can't get a job, mumbles like the whining cheating jerk he is. He knew what Kate was like when he married her and when they had invitro.......twice! Now he wants alimony, but this is all hurting the kids he showed no concern for with his very public actions. Ever hear of Google jon boy? You can't honestly think that we buy this crock you are trying to sell. So go out and work and support these kids you fathered and stay off your tractor, four-wheeler, Harley and all the other toys this gig bought for YOU and only YOU.

1818 days ago


Oh, Kate, SHUT UP! And go bone your bodyguard again. You lying, self-serving, diva hypocrite. You are NOBODY.

1818 days ago


How interesting that everyone has an opinion about this but the truth of the matter is neither one of them would have been given or continue to be given an opportunity to exploit their children had none of us been so interested in watching, or buying the magazines or surfing the iternet with our incessant need to be voyers, yet we are certainly full of judgement now are we not?

1818 days ago


You know those kids aren't getting any of the money...Kate won't even give them water when they ask for it.

1818 days ago

pay atention    

Does he not get that he is making himself look worse by the day. He is acting like a baby that needs a time-out!

1818 days ago


The gravy train is coming to an end for this idiot. Didn't he tell Chris Caomo on ABC that the show was good for the kids and they had no intention of stopping it. Jon ,go be with your drug crazy girlfriend. Jon, guess you might have to give up your NY apartment.

1818 days ago


jude, I have no idea why you're claiming that the Gosselin kids' college expenses are going to be paid for by taxpayers of Pennsylvania. And if you're correct, why would this be better than the Gosselins paying the expenses themselves? You must not pay taxes yourself, otherwise you'd have a different viewpoint.

Thanks to the TV show, the Gosselins and their kids are well-off financially. This is a good thing.

1818 days ago


Jon screws himself over at every opportunity. The guy had everyone's sympathy until he went off on his own and started showing us all what an a-hole he is. No wonder Kate treated him like a little kid, that's what he acts like! And now look, he's not getting his way so he makes threats, just like a little kid.

Btw Jon, those Gucci shoes are hideous. They go really well with your hideous t-shirts.

1818 days ago


Mia, I'm not "Jude" even though my name is Judy, but it has been widely reported that the state of Pennsylvania is paying for the education of these 8 children.

1818 days ago


They are both after the all mighty dollar. Niether has the childrens best intrest at heart. Where are the child services at.

1818 days ago
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