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Gets Tiger

from Diet Pill Mogul

10/1/2009 1:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who owns Kim Kardashian's favorite diet pill gave Khloe more than just the secret to a slimmer waist as a wedding present ... he's also the guy who bought her that ridiculous $6,200 amber tiger.

Kim Kardashian

We've learned the deep-pocketed bearer of strange gifts was Vitaquest CEO Keith Frankel -- the guy who owns the diet pill called "QuickTrim." Frankel's connection to the Kardashians comes through Kim -- who uses his products to keep her famously huge backside under control.

Inviting him to the wedding was obviously a good idea -- because who else would have been crazy enough to buy such a tacky gift?


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john smifth    

Hey...... This is Primo Bush, not Reg Bush, or any other bush as a matter of fact! Kim, where r u trying to hide that fatty?? Ur already a blockstar on any street blvd or ave that features shopping or athlete's/ganstas/whatevers, so what's the rush to lose something? I try to look out for the fattys myself but there is certainly a lot a lot of them about. I appreciate the god's work that u do do, but learn how to party alittle. Ask her for a life supply of diet K for me, I'm fatty pop trying not to explode. One love to the trackstars of America- i lvoe to run

1846 days ago


We all know Kim's butt is the product of implants maintained by butt shots and Vegas is right, a $6,200 amber tiger would be considered a piece of junk. So you got the diet guy and the plastic butt and tit implant family. Yeah, so much honesty and integrity it's unbelievable.

1846 days ago


i like the amber tiger, either its not very big or its not amber though. amber is (i think) pretty expensive. but if it is tiny and has detail like that it is probably quite a wonderful piece. it seems to glow nicely like only amber does:)

1846 days ago


This woman's goods are all over the internet and she's smiling? Amazing. Reggie needs to dump this tramp and get someone with some class, which she (and obviously her whole family) clearly don't have an ounce of.

1846 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

BACK TO ME !!! Mo Money .. Mo Money .. MUCH MO MONEY !! .. Ker Ching

1846 days ago


Wonder what she'll get for her real wedding?

1846 days ago


No matter what you think of the Kardashians, you don't need diet pills or shakes to lose weight. I know what it's like to try and lose weight. I lost 47 pounds in 6 weeks using the Rapidthin diet at Good luck to all. Use what works for you.

1845 days ago


Well, I personally think the gift is a nice gesture. No matter the cost. As for the girls they are beautiful no matter what size they are. I don't think the marriage was a good idea. Only because, If you are going to commit the rest of your life to someone you should know them inside and out!

1845 days ago


Ok, thats it, Im off TMZ for a month.
Im so sick of seeing this waist of a space of a family called the Kardashians presented as interesting productive members of popular culture.
Goodbye TMZ til next month

1845 days ago


I do not consider this gift as tacky. Any piece of fine art, carved from a gemstone (especially Baltic amber) shaped like a cat is a fabulous gift. Whom ever considered this tacky in the TMZ story obviously doesn't know any better and they probably wear CZ's LOL

1845 days ago


Carmine Gotti , the grandson of mobster john gotti,is soon to release an album & thats not the only things he's releasing. Word is he's going to comeout of the closet. he has been a homosexual for years and has been exposed to HIV.

1845 days ago

susan kenyon    

The amber tiger is a lovely & original gift. I happen to have had the honor of working for Keith, his mom & dad for about five years(about 20 years ago) They are some of the finest hardworking people that I've ever met. While I worked for them I got engaged. Keith's mom Leah, gave me the most beautiful vase. It was hand made by one of her favorite artists (Kosta). Being a poor girl it was so exciting to have received something so unique & beautiful. To this day I cherish it. I remember this lovely family fondly & wish I were still a part of they lives. They treat their employees as family. Amber may be hardened tree sap, and diamonds are only rocks. If we are lucky someone will find one of these organic materials and with talent & vision turn it into beautiful and unique pieces. The Frankel family are generous good people that also have exquisite taste! Susan Kenyon Naya

1584 days ago
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