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Insurance Co.

Claims Braxton's a

Hearty Liar

10/1/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You better fill out insurance forms correctly or you'll get dropped from your policy -- because that's exactly why Lloyd's of London say they left Toni Braxton high and dry.


Lloyd's is countersuing Toni -- who had concert cancellation insurance with the company -- after she sued Lloyd's for refusing to cut her a check when she canceled a show in 2006 due to heart problems.

In the lawsuit, Lloyd's says the reason they dropped Toni ... because she failed to disclose her full medical history on the insurance application. L of L claims she kept her "pericarditis condition" -- a heart ailment -- all to herself.

Lloyd's not only refuses to pay up, it wants Ms. Braxton to ante up damages.


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Whop der it is    

I like her.

1848 days ago


Everybody is suing everybody. This is the culture of suing.

1848 days ago

mrez golucky    

Yikes! Too bad!

1848 days ago


what if you don`t know your history?Or if your F`ed Up thats why we need public heath care.I remember when the VA gave free medical to all vets...they dropped all that closed like a million&1 VA hosps& let that group die.You have to be a muti-billionare to get good medical treatment NOW.The cops told me at age 10 I could`nt stay there I had NO birth cert,BAD cops hit teams& ID ripped along with a trillion OR two.BROKEN ARROW in left mid brain lobe who pays for that? OR 40 years of rightwing killroy~SS die off just like the WWII hero`s

1847 days ago


OH you mean HITLER yea he an`t dead he works for TMZ i hear.GET HIM HARVEY

1847 days ago

Ms. X    

Dang man, what a mess. I guess they got her on this one. If she was suppose to disclose all and she didn't, oh well. I saw her before near San Diego at this casino. She was very entertaining but was really cold to this dude dressed like a "Pimp Daddy" who wanted some attention from her at the stage. Love her "Libra" album. Check it out.

1847 days ago

Larry D. Crumbley    

Boo-Hoo. I guess all is not lost though. She can still find a way to make all that money back. She can give one concert, and lib-sync her way back into the bank. Never heard anything she did, and I never cared who she was, or is. So that just about does it for me on this post.

Thank you,
Larry D. Crumbley

1847 days ago


I can understand making her pay if they can prove that she willingly kept that information to herself. However, if they did not request a physical prior to the policy and she didn't know she had that condition then how can they sue her?

1847 days ago


These insurance companies are full of sh**! They will do anything to keep from paying on a claim. Braxton is in the same boat millions of Americans are in. Dealing with a bunch of greedy, immoral hounds who will do anything to keep a buck. They will charge ALL the money for a premium, but how dare you file a claim and use the service you paid for.

1847 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

SCY, you said it all. These insurance companies look for reasons not to pay.

I saw Ms. Braxton on Broadway in "Beauty and the Beast." She has a wonderful voice, presence, beauty and professionalism. She also has an autistic son, as do I. I wish this lady well in her career and with her family, and good luck in this latest battle.

Toni Braxton is a class act.

1847 days ago


insurance companies blow!! if you disclose every thing that's wrong w/ you, they won't carry you cause you are a liability. long term health care doesn't take people w/ dipilitating deseases. ISN"T THAT THE POINT OF HAVING IT?! the U.S. health care system sucks donkey ****. there may be a possibility that she lied but there may also be a possibility that she didn't know she had it. it sounds to me like people these days are using every reason to make a buck.

1847 days ago


larry crumbley? (post # 10) if you have no clue about who she is and you haven't heard her music then shut up and don't give your opinion. if you don't know what you are talking about, then you shouldn't even have a n opinion. keep them to yourself cause no one wants to hear it. have a blessed day.

1847 days ago


That will teach her to avoid putting all relevant conditions on her application aiming for a huge insurance payoff. However, the insurance company should give up the counter suit as it will do them more PR damage than they can recover in cash.
There is a better solution. Obama can take over these policies and turn the insurance industry socialist, and he can tax us all a BUNCH to pay the premium for these elitist losers. Then his tax cheats and communist buddies can decide who can get insurance and who will NOT.

1847 days ago


L of L is exclusive because of their integrity and this is well known. She was an idiot for thinking she could skirt them all to say "I'm insured by LLoyds" which carries a great deal of weight when venues call for insurance. Her health and her son's welfare should have been on her mind not the payday she could get behind it. She knew what she was doing.

1847 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Back to ME !! .. I was on the view and on larry king live and I'm important now.. I want Mo Money .. Mo Money.. Mo Money .. Ker Ching

1847 days ago
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