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Flash Dancer -- Take Two

10/1/2009 5:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ found another shot of that potentially panty-less pirouette-er from "So You Think You Can Dance" -- and now we agree with Nigel ... that there was just "a crease" in her flesh-colored unmentionables.

So You Think You Can Dance
Glad we got to the bottom of that.


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Of course this is planned. Still Nasty!!!

1845 days ago


I prefer not to see a sweaty butt crack or glimpse a funky crotch rot shot jumping all over the dance floor or flying up in mid-air. Her friends should tell her to try non-revealing panties that match her dress. Whatever happened to having pride and having class?

1845 days ago

becky nielsen    

On a close up, you cannot see the edge of the panty on her leg the way you can when she danced. Maybe she took them off when she went to coreography

1845 days ago


16. That's not even the same dancer!! This girl is barefooted, and the other girl has on dancing shoes. And WHY do women of color (sorry but that's what I've seen) feel it necessary to drop to the ground as if shot and roll around in Lawd-hep-me-Jesus psuedo-euphoria? On the Extreme Home Makeovers, every time a Black woman is greeted by the design team, they fall to the ground and start cavorting around like a dog with fleas. It is extremely undignified and actually, downright moronic, behavior.

Posted at 9:02PM on Oct 1st 2009 by USArmyWife

US Army Wife,

It's called real people reacting to real life. It's not a script. I've seen this show and not all black women cavorting on the ground like dogs with fleas. I see poor people who are thankful for a glorious miracle bestowed upon them. What's so undignified and moronic about being thankful for a decent home so your children can have a nice place to live? I see people of all races displaying unbelief and deep gratitude on this Extreme Makeover show. Of course I don't dissect and magnify people's reactions based on race and gender. It's a good thing your husband earns a decent living and you have time to formulate your racism to make complete sense to you. Since you strongly identify yourself by your husband's occupation and your status as his wife, why dont' you get busy empowering and educating yourself so you can one day help someone else? It might just make you a better person and view everything in a more positive light, instead of wasting your time formulating racist opinions. If you unexpectantly lost everything and someone helped you, just how would you react? Anyway, this blog is not about the Extreme Makeover show.

1845 days ago


Now let's all learn from this - NEVER wear flesh-colored panties! :)

1845 days ago

danger baby    



are those no pest
strips hanging there ?

Posted at 6:38PM on Oct 1st 2009 by david berkowitz

Read more:

1845 days ago


Mr. Levin-

What happened to the dancing shoes in the aired show? Were these shot on two different times?


1845 days ago


she is still a TRICK.. no. 1 she should not be rolling around on the ground spreading her legs like she is getting laid..tmi we dont need to see that, 2, what is she wearing flesh coloured panties for when she knows that it looks like she is doing a bloody britney spears without the pain.?i hope she doesnt get chosen as it will just encourage others to come out displaying their privates like yuk..

1845 days ago


U dumb whyte people are still a bunch of haters. You all JUST KNEW that you saw a black woman's vulva and y'all didn't see sh*t. As if you even know what a black woman looks like down there. Now that you know the truth, you're still trying to find some reason to hate on her......just because she's black.

I've seen MANY white hoes on that show falling down in the same manner, yet no one has commented about how undignified and moronic it is. And those who have a problem with her wearing flesh-colored spankies/shorts should have a problem with every dancer on Broadway....but somehow, you don't. Why is that? I guess you dummies don't realize that flesh-colored underclothes bring attention away from that area and make the legs appear longer.

You all are some dumb@ss people.....SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!! Try as hard as you can, but black people are here to stay and are in all various venues. All your hate is not going to make them go away. You can try to pretend they're disgusting, unwanted, hopes you can convince the rest of the world.......but sorry.....thou doth protest too much....I'm not buying it.

Whyte people want to keep whyte women as the standard of they must berate and degrade black women continually, for merely breathing, so they can stay ahead in the minds of people. You people seriously SUCK and need to check your motives and your heads.

1845 days ago


@Laffin - Why does this have to turn into a race rant? Go outside and get some fresh air.

1845 days ago


Thanks for posting my pic, TMZ! And, to the person who said "there's nothing 2-toned about this pic" um.. yes there is. Second, unless you think she has webbed ass-cheeks, its obvious she's wearing "dance pants" under her dress!

1845 days ago


Thanks #28 (Laffin at the Haters) your comment is on point, aside from the "Dumb White People" statement. There is so much ignorance in the world, that the majority of these individuals with there negative statements are obviously blind. They apparently DON'T WATCH the show, or have ever been to a dance concert. That would make them closed minded since they are NOT cultured enough to know that dancers use the floor. It's called "Floor Work". Dance has all different kinds of levels. A lot of these comments are so off, I don't even know why I bother to read them. Idiots will be idiots, no matter how much you try and convince them of the truth. Unfortuntely racism will continue to exist in this world as well. It's a shame, but true. The writers of this story dragged this poor girl through the mud and yet all they can say is "now we agree with Nigel ... that there was just "a crease" in her flesh-colored unmentionables." There isn't even a "Sorry We Were Wrong, and we apologize to the young lady". They simply find it amusing by ending with a corny ass pun. If only there were a way for her to SUE all these idiot ass bloggers for defamation. What a world we live in. The Media really needs to better!

1845 days ago


to #28, this is not because she is black, we all were horrified when britney showed her crotch! its just gossip! stuff for tmz and other sites....get over it

1845 days ago


hey laffin, it doesn't matter if she is black or white, she wants the world to see her kibbles and bits that's her business, don't turn this into a race thing. Its not about race, its about having some dignity and self respect, something that is sorely lacking with so many young starlets today, such as the far less talented paris 'herpes' hilton, linseed lolife and brittly speedhead

1845 days ago


When you all get you reserve the same VENOM for white people posted on this site that you do for black people? Ummm.....NO! That's okay. You reap what you sow. You can not spew hate and it not return to you, eventually. You people love to be racist, but don't want to be called one. How can you be so blind? Hilarious! STOP THE HATE, dumb dumbs!

1844 days ago
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