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All-American Superheroes Lose Olympic Bid

10/2/2009 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You know you're screwed when the supreme intergalactic powers of President Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey combined aren't enough for a successful bid to host the 2016 Olympics in Chicago.

Chicago was just eliminated from consideration for the 2016 Olympics -- in fact, it was eliminated in the first round of voting.

The winning city was Rio de Janeiro -- which, if you think about it, is awweeeesome!

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There is absolutely nothing special about Chicago, why have the Olympics there? I guess they're hoping in the year 2016 that there would be more than a handful of nice days the entire summer. What a crappy summer. Chicago is nothing but a dangerous city located on one of the worst polluted lakes in the world.

1791 days ago

Mindy Cassidy    

Oprah needs to stop her "Celebrity envy" and put some of that obscene money of hers into helping the kids of Chicago stop dying in the streets.

She has lost her edge as a TV journalist - seems like she is either playing "kissy face" with rap or pop artists or dropping Obama's name every chance she gets.

When she has a guest with a potentially interesting story - she will answer the question for them as she is asking it - watch her, you will see. Could explain why her ratings have sunken so low.

Because the only opinion that matters in Oprahland is Queen Oprah's. I can only imagine how big her "yes ma'am" payroll must be.

The least she could do is pay some back to save the next generation in Chicago....

Maybe they will all have to move to Africa before she will find them worthy of a future.

Shame on you Oprah - your decades old fans expected more !!!!!

Stop preaching "Pay It Forward" and put your money where your mouth is.

DONE...with this comment...and done with Oprah

1791 days ago


Thanks for the kudos too funny.

Just callin' as I see it! I can't help it! Don't talk smack about this great city. Tamra is right on! Clean, and FRIENDLY!!! I'd like to think we do a pretty good job of getting along here!!

I love my friends ad neighbors! All of them!

Like Kat says,

Black folks you need your white friends! Black folks you need your hispanic friends! And this lily white girl needs them all! I love you guys!!!!cultures,people make this city the best place to live, I suspect New york is very much like us!

Shot out to you too!

Keep kickin ace Tamara! I'm helping you!

1791 days ago

CHi-ToWn gUrL    

Yeah, it is sad that Chicago didnt win, but congrats to Rio de Janeiro. Maybe next time Chicago.

1791 days ago


Hey people, if your beef is with Obama, then stick to your topic. Don't drag Chicago into this just because you want to have an excuse for your bigoted spewage.

I wanted the Olympics to be here in Chicago but I'm happy that Rio got them. Good for them, 3rd try is a charm.

Also, thanks to President and Mrs. Obama for lobbying on our behalf. I didn't vote for him and I'm not a fan of his, but I do appreciate his effort.

And finally, to those who claim that Chicago is filthy, come here and see for yourself ... IF you have the guts to be forced to admit you were wrong.

1791 days ago


High five chi-town pride!!! We know Chicago, we know why we love living here, doesn't matter what the racist bigots think. :)

1791 days ago


I'd like to know how much it cost the U.S. taxpayers for the Prez and his wife to fly in separate jumbo jets over to Copenhagen. Seriously, I would really like to know.

1791 days ago


Who cares?? Get some real gossip TMZ!

1791 days ago


Perkoff, stop blowing garbage out your behind. You've never been to Chicago, have you? You're probably afraid! LOL Afraid to be in a big city! Afraid to be around so many people and tall buildings. :)
Come on, boy, get out of your parents' basement and see the world!

1791 days ago


I think the bashing of Chicago, the bid, and our president is uncalled for and disrespectful. Rio was chosen based on fairness and reasons known only to those whom had the privilege to do the voting. As a resident of Chicago I would have been happy if we had the opportunity to show the world what a beautiful city we have. Overall, I think having the Olympics in any U.S. city would be both a privilege and an honor. I think we tried our best and hopefully someday, we have the Olympics in our beautiful city.

1791 days ago


Well it looks like there are others that don't think too much of our President and Oprah. Michelle undoubtly is included in this failure. Our President needs to tend to the business of running this country and not spending the taxpayers money on trips like this. I guess we also paid for our First Lady trip.

1791 days ago


I find it odd that in the "armpit" and "filthy" (as some of you have claimed) city of Chicago that one bedroom condos of approx 700 sq ft would go for $225k and up. And that's in our current depressed market. Must be a horrible place for so many people to pay so much to live here. (snicker)

1791 days ago


BJean, I highly recommend that you extract your head from your ass. You'll find the air much fresher out here.

1791 days ago


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1791 days ago

Legal Eagle    

I prayed so hard that Chicago not get it and it go to Rio. Thank God.

Mayor Daley has been raping the citizens of Chicago---sold the Skyway (a major part of the interstate) to a private company and tolls TRIPLED. He sold the parking meters to a private entity and parking more than tripled, the meters now have to be paid 24 hours a day, and there are no pay holidays anymore for meters. Against a COURT INJUNCTION he had city demolition crews show up and demolish an airport overnight. After the crews began tearing up the runways, he called the media and laughed on television about what he had done (and no, he was never called to task in violating the court order).

So, the Olympics would have really hurt the low and middle class of Chicago because Daley would have found a way to extort more money out of visitors and taxpayers to pay for it. Chicago doesn't have the infrastructure. Have you been to Chicago lately? It can take 2 hours on a good day to drive 50 miles. Road construction is tied to cronyism and corruption, so they keep the roads tore up all the time--the only time they aren't banging a hammer is if it's actually snowing. Rush hour last 20 out of 24 hours (seriously).

Obama--I'm not impressed if you know where he comes from politically. And, Oprah doesn't even warrant a mention in this post--legend in her own mind.

1791 days ago
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