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Britney's Outfit Really Socks

10/2/2009 9:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wearing black kicks, a pair of Catholic schoolgirl yellow knee-high socks, orange Hooters shorts and a faded baby blue hoodie, Britney Spears weaved into a dance studio in L.A. on Thursday.


This is the most uncoordinated she's been since her dad placed her under the conservatorship.


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for now    

No matter how uncoordinated the clothes may be,
on Brit's beautiful body,they look great.

It was different a century ago but these days,
most Catholic schools do not require students to wear uniforms.

1816 days ago


She NEVER looks good. Her hair always looks terrible and her clothes are for a 15 year old. Why, then, does she even remotely think she can be sexy in a video when the whole world sees her on an everyday basis looking disgusting. She is over. Let the Britney fans have her. Most people have moved on.

1816 days ago


all the people hating on her really need to chill out. and so does TMZ. she's going to a f***ing dance studio to dance, sweat and get a good work out. she doesn't need to look pretty and have her hair done and make up on. the people who would do that are probably the same douche bags that wear chunky jewelry, heels and pounds of make up to the beach or pool. so everyone needs to shut the f**k up and get a f***ing life. you all suck at life.

1816 days ago


Trailer Trash never change

1816 days ago


She has nice legs.. There not just toothpicks!

1816 days ago


Once the Queen of the trailer park ALWAYS the Queen of the trailer park. They DONT make meds for that.

1816 days ago

Justice !    

Being jealous us an ugly thing and that's why most of the posters on here are talking trash about Brit. She hot and rich and you all know it ! LOL Too Funny! :-)

1816 days ago


Maybe she's colour blind.

1816 days ago


I'm gonna have to insist she take it off immediately.

1816 days ago


33. Being jealous us an ugly thing and that's why most of the posters on here are talking trash about Brit. She hot and rich and you all know it ! LOL Too Funny! :-)

Posted at 3:08PM on Oct 2nd 2009 by me

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You're an idiot for thinking/saying that, next you're going to tell everyone how smart jessica simpson is LMAO

1816 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Hey look at it this way at least she's not like that poser Victoria Beckham who's always fully made up and in poser mode 24/7

1816 days ago

David M.    

Isn't she the girl that represented the wholesome (virgin until marriage)type of girl that all parents wanted their kids to be? Then became the alcoholic promiscuous whore white trash doing all those bazaar things with her life and hair. So why is she still focused on since the image that made her famous has totally changed?

1816 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Still obviously unable to figure out how to work the handles on the shower to wash that fricking mop on top of her head! And she dresses like an insane hillbilly for a good reason; she is one!

1816 days ago

Justice !    

Hey Nik (37)

I can think/say what ever I want too... because it's true! , appears you're the idiot. I sure won't be telling anyone how smart you are ROFLMAO! :-)

1816 days ago


She's going to a dance studio! Dancers do not dress fancy--or color coordinated. She looks pretty typical of other dancers I've known. Actually, I like the look fun and colorful. But maybe we're supposed to all dress like everyone else....

1816 days ago
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