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Letterman Says Someone's Extorting Him

10/2/2009 1:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

SECOND UPDATE: 11:58 PM ET TMZ has learned the identity of the alleged extortionist who was arrested today for attempted grand larceny in the first degree. He is 51-year-old Robert "Joe" Halderman who lives in Norwalk, CT. He is a producer for "48 Hours" and has been suspended pending results of the investigation.

David Letterman
says someone has demanded $2 million from him in return for not blowing the lid on Letterman's sexual liaisons in his office.

David Letterman Extortion
Letterman said on his show tonight he received a package 3 weeks ago from someone claiming to have info about sexual escapades between Letterman and some female employees on his staff.

The individual said Letterman would have to pay $2 million to keep the info secret.

Letterman went on to say he contacted the Special Prosecution Bureau of the Manhattan D.A.'s office. He said the D.A. investigated and cut a phony $2 million check to the alleged extortionist who was arrested today.

Letterman says he testified today before the grand jury. In his testimony, he says he acknowledged sexual relationships with members of his staff.

Letterman married his girlfriend of 23 years last March.


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David Letterman could have issued a stale press release, issued re-runs for a week until the news died down, and gone into hiding. This man faced this the right way - honestly with the law and the public. In the world we live in with crazy media and virtually no privacy, I have to give this guy a lot of credit.

If we screw up how many people know about it? We can keep it virtually quiet. Not so if you're a public figure - you're privacy is all but gone. His assistant should be strung up by her toes. I hope they bring charges against her.

1790 days ago


I don't understand why this story is considered a scandal. He was not married at the time as has been stated by his publicist. I assume that it was consenual or the women would have filed sexual harrassment. It is not that unusual for people at work to sometimes get involved in just 'affairs'. I don't have a strong opinion about Letterman pro or con. I just understand why this is big news. Can someone explain?

1790 days ago


Slime dirty ole man, not the least bit funny or intelligent. I don't watch anymore. What ever happened to comedy that didn't destroy people's lives like this moron does? Take him off the air!It is long overdue. To say the least he is repulsive.

1790 days ago

Dan Kessinger    

What are General Electric's sexual harassment policies? If they are like other corporation's then Letterman should be fired. If I had sex with others at work like he did, I would be terminated. So should he.

1790 days ago


Poor guy...I hope he and his family make it thru this OK and can move on.
How f'n scary to have the package IN HIS CAR. Thank goodness the freak didn't stick around to confront him.
Definitely took guts to bring it all up on his show the way he did..he could have copped out and had someone from his legal camp put out a "not talking about it, there's an investigation/possible trial" line of b.s.
He's always been so much classier than Leno..more of a "late night for smart people".
Plus he has said nice things about people in the medical field/nurses, especially after his cardiac surgery. He was even on the front cover of a nursing magazine at one point, I believe. Leno used to use National Nurses week to tell semi dirty nurses jokes every night---after the second year of seeing THAT, I stopped watching Leno totally.
Sending positive vibes to the Letterman family til this mess is over :> :>

1790 days ago

brian mccann    

wow everyone should know you don't have sex with the hired help. Maybe everyone but dave letterman and thomas jefferson!

1790 days ago

Jide Bammeke    

1. He who has not sinned let him throw the first stone
2. When you are in the glass house don't throw stones
3. We are all mortals

1790 days ago

betty wegman    

He is an adult, I assume the women were adults, did he make it a condition of their employment or threaten their jobs in any way? Cheated or didn't-that would be between he and his wife to deal with. So he made jokes about other peoples infidelity-now it is their turn to give it back. If any lawsuits come out of this he has the money to pay them, life goes on and it really doesn't matter much. I ultimately just worry about the condition of my own character and let God figure out what to do with everyone else.

1790 days ago


omg omg omg I cant believe the hate out there especially from many women only believe in sex during marriage and only if you are younger then 40....these women and their strident voices are trying to make our society more conservative....putting more and more moral constraints on natural male sexuality...Cant you other guys see it....its like when women first got the vote and before you knew it they used their new found political influence to try to make alcohol illegal...I dont want a society overly influenced by female behavior..they will stop all the fun!!!

1789 days ago
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