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Letterman Says Someone's Extorting Him

10/2/2009 1:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

SECOND UPDATE: 11:58 PM ET TMZ has learned the identity of the alleged extortionist who was arrested today for attempted grand larceny in the first degree. He is 51-year-old Robert "Joe" Halderman who lives in Norwalk, CT. He is a producer for "48 Hours" and has been suspended pending results of the investigation.

David Letterman
says someone has demanded $2 million from him in return for not blowing the lid on Letterman's sexual liaisons in his office.

David Letterman Extortion
Letterman said on his show tonight he received a package 3 weeks ago from someone claiming to have info about sexual escapades between Letterman and some female employees on his staff.

The individual said Letterman would have to pay $2 million to keep the info secret.

Letterman went on to say he contacted the Special Prosecution Bureau of the Manhattan D.A.'s office. He said the D.A. investigated and cut a phony $2 million check to the alleged extortionist who was arrested today.

Letterman says he testified today before the grand jury. In his testimony, he says he acknowledged sexual relationships with members of his staff.

Letterman married his girlfriend of 23 years last March.


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gene yuss    

woody harrleson thighs really fill out those pants

1817 days ago


If you do the crime, you must do he time!

1817 days ago


Hey, TMZ, the extorter who was arrested at least gave Letterman an option. You guys are lower.

1817 days ago


When you look at how dismissive/cruel he was about his marriage and wife in his monologues, this is not really surprising.

How sad.

1817 days ago


NewsBusters -- TMZ & Radar: CBS News Staffer Arrested for Extortion Attempt Against David Letterman

1817 days ago


what makes you think his wife DIDN'T know about the affairs????? they only go married recently. they have been together for 23 years and have a son together. she may know all about them!! well at the very least she knows about them now.

1817 days ago


before we're all quick to judge... no one knows what the relationship between he and his wife is. perhaps they had an understanding and the marriage had more to do with their son... remember when everyone crucified Russell Crowe for breaking up Meg Ryan and her hubby because non one knew they were separated for 2 years prior to that relationship.

1817 days ago


If somebody had an affair with him, this person is very brave. He is an old piece of crap. Blargh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1817 days ago


well sounds like dave now knows what it is to have the tables turned, to feal menaced. poor poor rich dave. there are a number of individuals myself included who have been targetted by letterman and other shows. we believe he is aware of what he is doing. what is happening is the media probaobly in colusion with the nsa/cia is targetting individuals for harrassment survielling them 24/7 and pointing commentary and jokes repeatedly and directly at said individuals quoting conversations and statements verbatum and with such fequency there is no doubt as to whats going on. this is a form of psychological torture desinged to make the victim sound insane if he complains about it. well there are a number of us complaing and we all have similar stories and this is just one aspect of our harrasment. im sure the reader is thinking this guy is crazy, and i admit that is how it sounds on the face of it. i decided that for this to be happening there must be a camera in my apartment, and what did i find when i looked but a camera hidden in my apartment. i left a vioce activated recorder in my apartment trying to play the same game that was being played with me and what do you suppose i captured on te recorder but my landlord discussing with his son if i had indeed found athe camera in my apartment. well i had and now i have my landlord admitting that there was one.
dave is a perpetrator of psychological torture against american citezens, and much of the media plays this game or are aware that it happens. and some officials have admitted that it happens but the media of course will not bite its own hand while feeding itself...if u see my meaning, ie it will never reveal what is really happening ...any of this sound familiar to anyone??

1817 days ago

not a looser    

Mr. Letterman lacks a moral compass. If we stop watching him he will go away. He is lost. America wake up and flee the garbage man. Pride goes before a fall. He can stand there and mock teen age girls- Perverse desires reap rewards. he is not a victim of extortion, only his actions. Good Riddance.

1817 days ago


elliot spitzer blows tax-money on $1000 prostitutes, roman polansky drugs and rapes a helpless 13 yr-old girl, and now this.. I thought they go to temple to learn to abuse and steal from the free world.. I guess they learn to be dirty disgusting pervs too. DISGUSTING

1817 days ago

not a looser    

Free the extortionist and put Letterman in Jail..he's the real pig.

1817 days ago

Dave the pig    

It just goes to show what a low life prIIIIck this man really is!

Let's see the pictures of the ugly women who were stupid enough to spread for this priiiiick.

I hope there is no pre-nup. Wife of a few months, take his azz to divorce court!! I will relish on this prIIIck loosing his money.

I hate him!!! What a disgusting animal - JMO.

1817 days ago


Jon, as to your post about David Letterman targeting you, medication can really help alleviate the problem of these delusions you are unfortunately experiencing. It may be hard to get help, but it is possible to be healthy and free of delusions and not be caught up in their deceptive trap. Good luck to you.

1817 days ago


What a dirty old pig. I've never thought he was funny...disgusting hypocrite. Why can't married men ever keep it in their pants? Why get married if you want to sleep around?? And why are there so many slutty women out there that have no respect for themselves and will sleep with gross old men for money? It's really sad how immoral this world is...I don't know how these people live with themselves.

1817 days ago
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