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Woman in Letterman Case Lived with Suspect

10/2/2009 9:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the women at the center of the David Letterman alleged extortion case is Stephanie Birkitt, his former assistant -- according to the search warrant obtained by FOX 5 New York. And, the warrant says, Birkitt was the suspect's girlfriend and we've learned she was living with him until recently.

Stephanie Birkitt: Click to watch
According to the warrant, the suspect, "48 Hours" producer Robert "Joe" Halderman, sent Letterman a package which allegedly included treatments for a screenplay with supporting materials.

The warrant goes on to say the "supporting materials" included copies of parts of a diary and correspondence belonging to Birkitt.

Halderman allegedly sent more documents, including letters, emails and photos.

On September 23, Halderman allegedly told undercover cops he wouldn't make the diary public if Letterman anted up $2 million.

Letterman acknowledged on his show last night he had sexual relations with female members of his staff.

Birkett has been a regular on Letterman's show (see video).


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John Fitzgerald    

"he had sexual relations with female members of his staff."

That's "female members ON his staff." Grrr.....

If she lived with him until recently, does this mean she was living with him AND his current wife? Or was his wife living somewhere else? Or maybe she snuck in and out without his wife knowing it? What exactly is "recently" by your definition?

1815 days ago

Mmmmm...fried chicken!    

At least Dave didn't sneak away to another country to avoid all of this and was actually truthful about it. The real hypocrites are those who are bashing him and yet walk around thinking Palin is an honest, reputable human being. I forgot though...Republicans are allowed to cheat and lie about it, or be frauds like Palin is. I'm sure the same ones that are bashing Dave on here are the ones that go to church every week and preach forgiveness too, yet pick and choose who they forgive. Once again, you're the f'ing hypocrites!

1815 days ago


This plain jane was used to sleeping with ugly old men. You could say she has made a "career" out of it.

1815 days ago


Come on guys, all of these freaking hypocrites who's so quick to jump on the guy..if we were to fire everyone who has affairs, half of this country will be out of a job, and probably all the politicians. This guy is an entertainment figure, not a saint. What he does with his personal life is his business. I submit to you that most of these hypocrites who condemn this guy will yield to the same temptation given the opportunity.

1815 days ago


dave, you are so uuuuggggllllyyyy. you must have paid her big to be with you. I read that you passed a note to Terry Garr during a commercial break once that read "I hate myself". Well you must really hate yourself now. what a loser!!!!!

1815 days ago


He is an ugly man; he would have to pay women for sex, and finely married that ugly woman and still haven’t worn a ring. He comes off like he is so righteous. He treats the Late Night show like it is project Dave; see how many employees he can lay. He likes to joke about other people lives now the joke is on him. Comedians should keep theirs mouth closed.

1815 days ago


So why be so down on David? I dont think he is even married to his babys mama. This Stephani chic probably loved every second she was with him and got all phsyco when he broke it off with her. So she had her rebound boy try to mess up Letterman's life. Wow how typical of so many peeps today. Right on Dave, for saying what you have done and not being in shame for it.
Oh and Sarah Palin put herself out there to be critizied, she probably took it better than all the haters out there.

1815 days ago


Just imagine if Rush Limbaugh was being blackmailed for having sex with his employees.

He goes on his radio show and tells the details. Would he be applauded, or would women's rights groups be saying, "Fire Him...He used his power as a boss to make women have sex with him!"

But no...the audience claps for Letterman. No women's rights groups have come forward to demand advertisers pull their ads!

Double standard?

Scott Lara

1814 days ago


I'm still trying to get over the fact that some women are attracted to Dave enough to - you know - get naked and stuff.

I'm very curious as to who the other women were. TMZ, get on it.

1814 days ago
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