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Police Report Against

Sean Penn

10/2/2009 9:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1002_sean_penn_ex-1Sean Penn went ballistic on a paparazzo this afternoon -- and we've learned the photog just filed a police report against the actor.

The cameraman -- Jordan Dawes (not a TMZ guy) -- is accusing Penn of battery after a confrontation near the Brentwood Country Mart in Los Angeles, where Sean had just eaten lunch.

Penn was seen kicking and hitting the photographer on a side-street multiple times before leaving.

Sean's rep had no comment.


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" After what they did to Princess Di, both before and immediately after her fatal crash, I smile whenever I hear of one of these lowlife losers getting injured. "

Wait, do you mean when they forced her to ride with a drunk driver or took off her seatbelt, because otherwise they had very little to do with her demise.

1790 days ago


The guy is a freaking midget - a lawn ornament - a gnome!

1790 days ago

Wasted Spice    

i got nuthin'

1790 days ago

Vortex Puddle    

What would a celebrity do if the papps paid no attention to them at all? They would FREAK-OUT!! I don't understand this whole "leave me alone" thing with celebs, when the publicity they seek is actually given to them through the papparazzi, and then they act so indignant about it. It makes me sick that they earn millions for their fame, and then act like they don't want the fame, when in fact, they would be nowhere without it. Sorry, Sean, you can't have it both ways. It's the price of being famous. Accept it gracefully, or go do something else for a living, and quit being a spoiled brat.

1790 days ago


Penn served jail time back in '87 when he was married to Madonna, for beating a photographer.

1790 days ago


Spicoli will never grow up

If having your photo snapped is the only occupational hazard you can complain about while also making millions, you are the SUPREMEST douche

He is a world-renowned asss-hole

Question: Who were the paps gonna sell the pics to? Who wants to ogle the troll that is Penn?

Brilliant actor, shiitty human being

1790 days ago

A Nagai    

Sean Penn is a hypocrite! This gay ass supports criminals and gay marriage on the ground of the First Amendment rights and he is violating the reporter's First Amendment rights in this case! He is so phony!

1790 days ago

Mary Worth    

I'd love to have a cup of tea with him. Spend some quality time. We'd laugh; maybe cry. We'd talk family and how we lost our beloved brothers. I'd even want to hear about his oscar moments as I sipped the tea.

I'd confess that I hated "Mystic River" but loved "Dead Man Walking".

I'd tell him how much I love America, and I know he loves it too. I would thank him for his constructive criticism of our beloved country. I'd venture that I do the same. We'd smile as we talk about all the great Americans, who from the beginning loved their country so much that when it was going down the wrong path, they spoke up, even sacrificing their lives for their ideals.

More tea, Sean? Then I'd remind him that people like us take a lot of flak from people who wear blinders as their brand of patriotism. False patriotism, I'd say.

Then after our tea, I'd leave and wish him well. I'd know that he'd also believe that we have only one life to live, and we'd better make it worthwhile by activism. We'd agree that most people give patriotism lip service; i.e. they talk the talk, but don't walk the walk.

1790 days ago


as a cab driver, I had Mr. Penn sitting directly behind me while his buddies asked a variety of rowdy questions and kidding around. He never said a word. I was afraid he would punch the back of my head, then almost was upset when he didn't. When I dropped his group off, a limosine pulled up and about 20 chicks, piled out, each more unable to prevent their skirts from revealing their panties. My next ride was a very modest olympic gold-medal snowboarder, Sean White. It was the night of the Seans and possibly the best night for this humble cab driver. Soon thereafter, I belive I saw Shawn of the Dead. After the Sean's spectacular, a little disappointing, but still a quality humorous spoof.
The point being, these people are highly regarded artistic/athletic types under a lot of pressure and observation. Its like wild animals, and you hope for the best. It's like if you come across a possum. Do you poke it with a stick to see if its playing possum, or do you leave it lying there? Side note: has anyone ever seen a possum "play possum?" From my experience, they tend to be snarling wild beasts that look like they are rabid even when they are not. Such are the famed. Why anyone would ever approach the notorious Sean Penn as a papparazzi is foolishness and someone obviously seeking a frivolous lawsuit. For shame!
Really, someone find a possum "playing possum" and then poke it with a stick.

1790 days ago

Linda Mott    

He has a Chavez kind of charm. He is soooooo violent.

1790 days ago


Mediocre idiots. "Commie Bastard?" LOL.
"Slow Night?" Looks like daytime to me. "tough on the paps?" The Paps are puke. The country is puke. It was sold out a long long time ago. With sites like the this and idiots like you, the result.

Wake up little girls. Wake up.

1790 days ago

J C    

Maybe He's one of those guys who's always angry because He's short.
And feels cheated by life.
That would also perfectly explain His politics.

1790 days ago

Eileen Gatti    

What a wierd, angry little man. Ugly too. Hey...what's in the bag? Maybe new sneakers to kick the PAPs with! Or better yet, maybe it's a bag of happy and greatful and he forgot to open it.

1790 days ago


He should've stuck that camera where the sun don't shine!

1790 days ago


After he crapped all over his wife, why would anyone think he would treat anyone else any better. What a spoiled brat. Hope those shoes get stuck up the wrong persons ass.

1790 days ago
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