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Dave May Have Had His Very Own Intern

10/3/2009 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A woman who interned for David Letterman in the early 90's says she was one of Letterman's top 10 -- on the staff.

Holly Hester
tells TMZ the internship was her first job in TV. At the time she was a student at NYU. Hester says during a hiatus, Dave called her up and asked her to the movies. It began a series of secret dates, with no one on the staff having any idea. She says, "I was madly in love with him at the time. I would have married him. He was hilarious."

Hester says Dave ended it after a year -- she says he told her the age span was just too great.

We placed several calls to Dave's rep. So far, no comment.


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Higher truths    

I tuned in after hearing the little blurbs on tv. So they guy wasn't married and had a successful dating life up to 20 years ago.
BWHA HA HA....Man you people are desperate for gossipy news.
Get a life..the man did nothing wrong. Dating was consensual.
Oh and people in businesses, churches adn so forth never date.

173. Somehow an unmarried older guy scores with cute younger ladies, and that's immoral? Are you crazy?! Back where I'm from (the good ole US of A) that's something to be proud of. It's the result of being personable and successful. It's called closing the deal. It's a sign of manhood. Did you expect him to be with some old bag his own age? The people who are mad about this obviously aren't attractive or well liked because - God forbid - it means that youthful appearance means something in this day and age and women who take care of their appearance have a leg up in society. Gasp!

Posted at 2:16AM on Oct 5th 2009 by Doug

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1811 days ago

Old Lady    

Hi Mr Letterman, Grow up and quit trying to act like a teenage sex maniac!!!!!!!!!!! Where are your values? Or don't you have any? And, Girls.......Grow up also..Quit having sex with men old enough to be your Father!!!!!!! Shame on all of you!!!!

1811 days ago


it`s idiotic. the blackmail is the creepy thing ... not Dave`s dating habits ... he was single ... so what ... he married a former employee didn`t he ... how did the blackmailer get pics or video or whatever he has as proof ... that`s the creepy thing ... leave Dave alone ... no women are complaining are they ...

1811 days ago


Here's the deal, consensual sex between two adults is not crime, but guys you all missed the whole point. Here is this dirty old man who used his position as the boss to entice and bed his interns. Halo? anybody remember Clinton? Remember there are many women in is company that he banged. Thats a predator to me. Jeeez poor Dave? You must be kidding. This is one seriel womanisor who is a creep, he used his position to get his fill. He is no gentleman I can tell u you that. It's high time he is seen for what he truly is. He is no victim, the women he used, his wife and kid are. He is a true manipulator, he uses his show to portray himself as the victim and even mocked his accusor. His should have kept his World Wide Pants zipped up.

1811 days ago


It is amazing news!!!
there are many new facts in

1810 days ago


Post your comments/opinions about Letterman at

1810 days ago


I think David Letterman is a pig.

1810 days ago


I have always been amazed at how poorly he treated every woman he could/or wanted to get power over~now I understand why

1810 days ago


More bang for the buck is how I see it... Why kick Dave when he's down. He has to live with himself as everyone that screws around on their wife's has to. Yeah, he's an idiot...looking forward to see more of his stupid human "tricks" coming out of the closet. Power + money = broken vows. The they really care? I mean really... There's a trade off.

Peace out

1810 days ago

Chuck Harrison    

It seems that Dave is not the moral pillar that we all that that he was.

It is amazing how interesting that I found this to be. (Reading these comments.)
For the most part people know what is right and what is wrong, what is smart and what is not smart to do. We will likely never know the extent of any guilt or innocense in this. WE ALL KNOW THAT THIS WASN'T A SMART THING TO DO. Yet Dave is a smart guy. I guess that his humaness got the best of him. (That's no excuse...just fact.)

Personally I don't look to him for "moral guidance". As far as legal repercussions, I am fairly sure that he and his lawyers will control any damage from a legal standpoint.

Many people take shortcuts in their lives. This was certainly a shortcut in comparrison to what sex in a loving relationship can offer. Some bloggers have never taken a shortcut in relationships, some have. YET WE ALL HAVE AN OPINION ON WHAT HE DID.

WHO ARE WE? Some have set themselves up as his judge. WHO OF US HAS THE RIGHT TO JUDGE HIM? (Maybe the girls/women that he had sexual relationships do, maybe not.)If we have a conscience, THEN WE ALL DO THINGS THAT WE ARE ASHAMED OF. My problem with Dave's presentation of the stuation is that it was toooooooo "smartly crafted". He certainly finely scripted his response. He may or may have "learned his lesson". Regardless, for those of us/you who want "justice", he will most assuredly pay a price. Unfortunately, so will those involved in his life.

You have to ask yourself if you believe in a higher standard that we should all strive for or not. Then you have to ask yourself if their is an obligation for those who are famous, powerful, wealthy, etc. to be more moral than the rest of us. (Or at least present that effort.) After all don't they get breaks that we don't? Why should they get a "FREE PASS" on something like this when others wouldn't? (Please, a little introspection here.)

The questions that are being blogged around are part of the price that his memory & that his "heritage" will certainly pay. "The things that are done in darkness will find there way into the light." (Did anyone else's Grandma ever say that but mine?)

I guess I had better get my own life in order...Just in case....ANYONE ELSE?

1810 days ago


He does stupid jokes about Sarah Palin because she IS stupid! Did you forget that we just got finished with 8 years of stupid?

If she's all you've got, get used to those "evil" democrats.

1809 days ago


why is this news?????....the man had sex with grown women who consensually had relations with him....OH MY GAWD

1809 days ago


So the hell what? You ever seen Stephanie Birkitt? She's one hot piece of a$$. Holly Hester probably was, too. Probably still is. Good for you, Dave. I'd have banged her too. In fact, if I were you, it'd be a different woman every night. You're rich and famous; why not enjoy it?

1809 days ago


You would think that after he married and had a child he would clean up his act. Not so for Dave. Perhaps he may think tooo much of himself because he is a celebrity? It's O.K. if you get caught because you can worm your way out of any situation with a bit of charm and contrition.
I'm not a big bible thumpher but I would hope that we would lift ourselves above the self-centered attitude we achive with a little money and fame. I wish his wife and son well.
Meredith Rond
I wish his wife and son peace comfort if they feel any embarassment with their fathers actions.

1809 days ago


Oh and btw... to anyone who is complaining that sex between a boss and his subordinates can't be consensual, get this: even if it ever is established that there was some sort of power play or pressure involved in the affairs, THE SEX WAS STILL CONSENSUAL BECAUSE THE EMPLOYMENT WAS CONSENSUAL. No one has the "right" to work at the establishment of their choosing. Sexual harrassment means "bang me or you're fired". Implications don't count because they are unproveable. And anyways, aren't these interns we're talking about? Interns don't get paid, do they? Well, maybe not with money...

1809 days ago
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