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Maya Angelou Taken to the Hospital

10/4/2009 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maya AngelouTMZ has learned Maya Angelou was taken to the hospital early Saturday evening.

She was scheduled to be honored at the BraveHeart Awards in Los Angeles.

UPDATE -- Reps for Maya Angelou tell us she was never scheduled to appear at the event last night -- so we have no idea why the organizers told us she was a no-show because she went to the hospital.

Our camera guy on scene was told that Angelou would not be there because she was taken to the hospital. But according to Angelou's people, she never agreed to be there at all and sent a taped acceptance speech in her place.

Angelou is alive and well in St. Louis today and heading off to New York City for the next 2-3 weeks.


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"You've Fallen and You Can't Get Up"

And we turned our back
On the turd
Eyes not meeting
Voices hurried
Other 'things to do'.

Pay no attention
Let it fade away
Whatever was there
in the first place.
Like, WTF?
Kick yourself
Cry in the corner
No mama here to run to
Hell, no mama would own up to
the adolescent arrogance

Fifteen minutes come and gone
Now w-rap it up
Take your place with the rest
Paper or plastic
Miss Kanye or Miss West?

by Mariah-Angie Loo

1809 days ago


The people that are on here saying they don't know who Maya is or saying mean things are the racist part of America today. You can't blame them. They didn't teach Maya's work in Trailor parks. Let them continue to be left in the dark. Some of them are still in denial that they have a black president. Obama becoming president only proved one thing. And that is Racism is still going on here in America. And until we can all learn to get along we will ALL suffer.

1809 days ago


TMZ you've done it again--reported WRONG info...get your stuff together!

1808 days ago


HEY HARVEY! Who is the idiot to report this wonderful lady was sick and passed away? I think they need to be identified on the air tonight!

COME ON TMZ! Get the facts straight! Do you realize how upset you have made this ladies family and friends?

1808 days ago


TO #95......WHAT? You make no sense, having a black president proves race ISN'T the issue any more! You have used up all your complaining rights, the black man has reached the highest office. Now why do YOU keep bringing race up? It's over, move on, get over it! Oh yea and mayas got runny poo cause she's got the flu, and there's nothing you can do! Bahaha!

1808 days ago


Heaven help us all--no possible way we can criticize a writer on the relative worth of their actual productions (and, imo, Angelou's is slight indeed, to be charitable about it)--no, we gots to be hatin on her cause she black and of course all the white folk are evil racists that don't want to see no black person do good. Get over this mindset already, it's making too many blacks who should and do know better sound like walking jokes when they begin spouting it. She's a hack poet/writer, she would be if she were lily-white (and god knows there are PLENTY) of white hacks out there as well), and if she is, indeed' 'required reading' in many schools that simply says, as another poster here noted, a great deal about the sorry state of American educators' ability to determine actual critical merit, and very little to do with Angelou's worth as a writer.

1462 days ago


i hope she gets better you are my favorite poet.
dont give up now.
let God help you i know you believe in him as much as i do.


1288 days ago
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