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Jon Gosselin -- Contemptible?

10/4/2009 3:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin, Jon GosselinKate Gosselin is drawing the big gun -- we've learned she's hired legal pit bull Marty Singer to go after Jon Gosselin ... asking a judge to hold him in contempt of court for raiding their joint bank account to the tune of more than $200,000.

We've learned there is an existing court order prohibiting Jon or Kate from withdrawing any money from the account without the consent of both parties.

We've learned lawyers for Kate will go to Pennsylvania court tomorrow and argue that Jon has flagrantly violated that order, that he should be forced to return the money to the account and held in contempt.

Ironically, Jon suggested on "Larry King" he wanted to save the marriage -- at the same time he emptied the account.


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I hate Aries men, they are so immature and selfish and screw up the women in their lives! Sorry to all Aries men, but it's true!

1814 days ago


Full custody for Kate, lets look at something.

The family's net: $500,0000

Jon = $50,000

Kate = $50,000

Children = $400,0000

Let's say Jon spent his $50,000 and Kate spent her $50,000. That would leave $400,000.

Okay the report doesn't say that Jon took $300,000 or $400,000 from the account. It says over $200,000. So, since they didn't give the correct amount and they said that Jon left Kate $1,000. I'm going to use $200,000. That would mean that 199,0000 is unaccountable for. Can Kate explain where they money is?

1814 days ago

lisa mae magillacuddy    

jon needs some serious counseling.... and may be put Jesus in his heart and get right with God!!!! HA HA HA

1814 days ago

chicken head    

I HATE KATE!!!!!!!
WHAT A PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!
i pity the next man she ruins !

1814 days ago


If this is true, this man is a douche! I hope he gets reamed a new one when this matter is in court on Monday. WTF is with this loser?

1814 days ago

Jon's a grwon man...he did this to himself!    

I haven't read anywhere that Kate and Jon have separate accounts. So, where is all the money that they have earned over the years?

Posted at 4:49PM on Oct 4th 2009 by Arch

It's probably in the house, which they both refer to as the "kids' house. It is in Jon and Kate's name, according to reports, but there could be agreements in place...let's hope that Kate did not put an "or" in the contract...he'll be stealing the house next....

Kate is very good with money...Jon is the one to look out for. I just hope, for the kids sake, that Kate has been smart enough keep more than the $80,000 out of Jon's irresponsible hands. I fear she still trusts him too much. He's not the same guy she married and certainly not the same guy we watched up until he had his first "epithany". He has changed....for the worse, and his choice of friends makes that undeniable.

1814 days ago


I hope she realizes that she is just going to have to pay him in the end...he will hit her up for alimony, and say that she has ruined his chances of gaining willful employment by saying bad things about him....but she could always hire him as the babysitter with conditions, and pay him $10.00 an hour, put in the nanny cam, and watch him sneak the kids junk food!

1814 days ago

wishing they would just go the hell away!    

This is such a train wreck i can't help but stay transfixed.

1814 days ago


It's obvious...Jon thinks he can do what he wants..regardless of what a court order says. How much you want to bet he withdrew that money to pay for his lawyers. Jon at one time said he couldn't stand being in the spot light. Now..he does everything he can to be in it. EVERYONE knows the Ivy is the place to go if you want to be seen. Where did he go? The IVY for two hrs at that at! Kate doesn't on purpose go places to be seen. She trys as much as possiable to not be caught by the pap's.
As for the show...I hope she can continue with it. She needs the money to raise the kids, and keep a roof over there heads. Those children woudn't be so well behaved if they were messed up from doing the shows. Jon is a low life piace of dog poop who is only out for himself. He don't give a rats ass about the well being of them kids. If he did, he wouldn't be acting like a jackass. I can't wait until the kids get older and get online and ready everything he has done. Earlier wonder Kate treated him as a child...he acted like one. He disgusts me.

1814 days ago


#92 I'm with you!!

1814 days ago

Miss Mary    

I think Jon is a pouty faced, typical short guy. He wasn't getting any press, so he had to create it. I hope TLC slaps him with a lawsuit so fast it'll make his hair on his head grow back! LOL

1814 days ago


Is there not a Public Relations company out there that can take Jon on as a challenge?!!? imagine all the business you'd get if you were able to clean This mess up and then somehow have him coming out smelling like a rose.

1814 days ago


Hey Arch why does Kate have to explain where the money is? John probably spent it all on trips to the South of France, Vegas, and his new digs in NYC. He's the one with the explaining to do.

1814 days ago

Jon's a grwon man...he did this to himself!    

61. If both signatures were required for a withdrawal, the bank would not have let him take the cash. Sounds like the account was set up merely as a regular joint account.

Posted at 4:22PM on Oct 4th 2009 by sunny


Sorry, but if the judge ordered Jon and Kate to agree on withdrawals from this account, Jon is in contempt and has opened himself up to proscecution. It has nothing to do with what the bank allows. It is all about what the court has ordered and they have agreed to. Just as Jon could have had Kate arrested at the gate, Kate should have the same right to have Jon arrested for violating the court order. Let's put it this way. If there was a court order, Jon has really messed up this time. The court frowns on this kind of tomfoolery.

1814 days ago


Jon is such a tool. How is Kate supposed to keed and care for the kids if he left her 1,000? Yeah, he cares about the kids and really wants to work with Kate. . . NOT

1814 days ago
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