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Gosselin Allegedy Clears Out Joint Bank Account

10/4/2009 3:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon GosselinJon Gosselin has allegedly withdrawn nearly all of the money out of a joint bank account he shares with Kate Gosselin -- leaving her with just $1,000, according to various reports.

The account set up for the kids was allegedly untouched.

Story developing ...


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They will go away when you leave them alone & avoid the media. They feed off of your attention so your worst offense could be to ignore them.

1812 days ago


i agree with #23. well said! and sooooo true Kate is a FAME WHORE!

1812 days ago


Does anyone STILL wonder why Kate has to go to work? Looks like Jon would leave her with nothing if she didn't take care of business.

A beyatch she may well be but I still feel sorry for her. Jon has made this divorce process a complete public) nightmare.

1812 days ago


Despicable as it is, if it's a joint account he could have withdrawn all of it. There is no law against it. At the moment that they separated, they should have gone to the bank and equally split the money. He is a mongloid. But it's not considered theft.

1812 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

RE:#23....Wow...what are you, Kate's 21yr old liquor store cashier? Yeah, shes seen drinking Starbucks, Big Deal.

You must be a "Jon" admirer...what did he do...give you a ride on that big bike of know..the one HE HAD TO GIVE BACK...hahahahahahahahahaha. Did you 2 stop for a quick shag somewhere in the hills of Pa?
Buy a map....I guess not passing 5th grade stunted your geography skills.

And NOW....
RE:28...aka Rainbow-Not-So-Bright,

Wow...Are you always this stupid or is today a special occasion?

1812 days ago


If this story is true, I say GOOD FOR JON! Its the least he deserves after 10 years of having his nuts cut off by his shrew bitch wife.

1812 days ago


you got to be kidding. she has some money hiding somewhere. WHat if he needed money when it was his time. bills come due

1812 days ago


Oh my god! this guy's insane, can we all say, "Briney Spear Jr". This guy is obviously bipolar, and needs help immediately. This guy is all over the place, one minute he hates the media, and the next he's pimping himself for the media.

What exactely did Jon do to make himself famous, besides bedding his kids babysitters. This guy is digusting looking, and a mental case. His behavior has been erratic for the past 2 weeks. You hate to see a young man publicly melting down in front of you, and there is nothing anybody else can do to stop it. Where are his parents, they need to step up, and try to save their son. This guy is obviously bipolar, and needs medications to controll his erratic behavior.

TMZ enough with this guy, why don't you try contacting his family to get him some help. If no one steps in to help this guy, I predict he will either overdose on drugs, and may even try tocommit suicide within 1 year.

The signs are obvious: Bipolar Disorder
1- Acting exactely like Britney Spear
2- Erratic behavior
3- Compulsive Liar
4- Promiscuous
5- Mood swings
6- Obsesses about the media, constantly seeks out attention
7-Contracdict himself constantely, and thinks everybody is after him.

1812 days ago


If the story is true, all that can be said at this point is that he moved the money. I'll bet he was advised to do it by his attorney. I more wonder what Kate is doing or has done to motivate him (them) to take such an action. People under counsel and public scrutiny just don’t do something so blatantly stupid without good reason.

I guess we know now why the show must continue -- attorney fees. I bet TLC is picking up Kate's bill.

1812 days ago


He becomes a bigger douche as the days go by.

1812 days ago

Joe Jackson is illiterate    

Oh please! This story has holes! Well seems no one remembers how Kate treated Jon! Go Jon Go Take the money for your years of agony!

1812 days ago


C'mon guys don't be so hard on him. He obviously took out the money to get some more implants on his exceedingly balding noggin.

He's a doucebag if I've ever seen one, Kate should get herself a hot young boytoy to kick this morons A$$ and make it a big A$$ at that!

1812 days ago


Hey it costs A LOT to look THAT



1812 days ago


Crack dealers want cash up front so where else was Jon going to get the money??? Seriously!

1812 days ago


Ugly, fat, delusional, lazy, worthless thief. No wonder Kate was so harsh on him all those years.

1812 days ago
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