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Gosselin Allegedy Clears Out Joint Bank Account

10/4/2009 3:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon GosselinJon Gosselin has allegedly withdrawn nearly all of the money out of a joint bank account he shares with Kate Gosselin -- leaving her with just $1,000, according to various reports.

The account set up for the kids was allegedly untouched.

Story developing ...


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Pam Mustard    

I am so tired of reading about this -- boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1812 days ago


Kate IS a stupid a%% bitch!! Go! Jon! Go! This story IS just that, a story, lie & some shi$ CONTROLLING Kate mustard up!!

1812 days ago

Nana you personally know Kate?

1812 days ago


I almost like him & want to think it's ok, because she was and has been a mean and nasty bee-atch!!!I just cannot like her no matter what he does The kids are number 1!! He can eat poo and get a job, but Kate has made a PR coup over all of this anyway!!!Whatever happens, I hope the kids have something from all of this, crappy lawyers and crappy parents who are out for their money. I'd get my own lawyer if I was the older girls.

1812 days ago

Barb in Ohio    

This guy is a total jerk! Get a life!

1812 days ago

Jonhy T    

Who cares.
Only stupid morons watch the dumb show anyways.

1812 days ago


To Whom It May Concern; Attention: Jon Gosselin is a selfish BIG FAT LOSER! Jon Gosselin is making not only his self look horrid but his family now has to suffer from his very negative actions. This creep is a real work of art. How about the little kids creepy Jon? Please Jon get a new life you did not want the best life take a hike soon get!

1812 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

88. Kate IS a stupid a%% bitch!! Go! Jon! Go! This story IS just that, a story, lie & some shi$ CONTROLLING Kate mustard up!!

Posted at 9:35PM on Oct 4th 2009 by Lizzie

Uhhhh...did you attend the same 5th grade as "Rainbow-Not-So-Bright?
Mustard up? Nah...I'm sure she "relishes" seeing this low rent wanker squirm until this morning when he finds out that moronic mouthpiece of a lawyer he hired got his degree in jurisprudence online.

and your spelling word for the day is....MUSTERED.

Brought to you by Ballpark hotdogs..because we cut the mustard.

1812 days ago

Just Common    

He was right in what he did. The only way to stop her from abusing the children further is to pull the plug on what she holds most dear, the money. She is a liar and needs to be stopped. The show needs to be brought down and so does she. By the way, he did not touch the money that was put aside for the children (and he could have but did not). He took the money from the marriage assets and Kate just got done saying on TV that she had done the exact same thing previously but was told to put it back.

1811 days ago


He just makes me sick. He keeps saying
'I love spending time with my kids " but look around,where are they ? I know Kate is a little bossy but apparently John is such a little wus that she had no choice . He is not man enough or mature enough to do the right thing.Now he has been seen with Joe Francis. This has been on TV for everyone to see.What kind of father with ipressionable little girls does this.Not to mention his boys.

1811 days ago

Nicole S.    

Jon is a selfish jerk and needs to think about what he has done and the impack this is having on his children, he should put the money back, finish up the season and then call it quits.

1811 days ago


TMZ you guys need to stop paying any kind of attention to Jon. If you guys see him you should just ignore him and not film him. He is loving the attention and thinks he is a celebrity because you are always following him and asking him questions. He doesn't deserves any camera time. He is a douch!!! He is an attention whore!!! You need to ignore his retarded looking face.

1811 days ago


I actually think this is funny. Just when you think it can't get anymore twisted.

I could care less what happens to Jon or Kate, what they are doing to their kids is horrible.
According to Kate the kids were upset because TLC has stopped filming for the time being, so they didn't get to go on their trip to NYC.
Aren't the kids in school now. How is it good for the kids to miss school.
Their manners are atrocious, rarely do you hear them say please or thank you. They've got this sense of entitlement that's only going to get worse as they get older.
This whole family is a mess, thank in part to TLC.

1811 days ago


#195 (tara) You are so right. Those kids have no manners at all. I thought l was the only one who noticed. After the initial hoopla over the puppies, the kids started abusing the dogs too. I guess mommy-dearest taught them well, i.e "use it, get bored with it, toss it out" We'll buy new stuff. Those kids are growing up to be selfish little brats. Look at Mady, she's been a brat since the show started. Like mother like daughter


1811 days ago


Wow! Kate made the accusation that Jon removed that money and Jon said that was not true. Why are there some here that automatically believe that Kate is telling the truth. I don't know what the truth is but I am not assuming he did it and then start bashing him like some here are doing. Even TMZ here is wrong in not stating that this is only an accusation from Kate, it has not been proven. Kate may be making it up, probably because Jon stopped the filming.

1811 days ago
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