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Cops: Suicide Note Found on Jenkins' Computer

10/5/2009 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Buena Park Police Department tells us they found what they consider to be a "suicide note" on Ryan Jenkins' computer -- the one found in the motel room where he hanged himself.

Cops say they found the page-and-a-half long letter titled "Last Will and Testament" -- which was written on August 20th -- three days before he was found dead at the Thunderbird Motel in Canada.

We're told Ryan never admits to murdering his wife, Jasmine Fiore, in the letter -- but he does apologize to family and friends for the pain he caused them.

Cops say in the letter, Jenkins blames Jasmine for the situation he was in -- professing both his love and disdain for her.


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Hmmm? Maybe his teeth should be pulled out and his fingers cut off for old times sake.

1844 days ago


This is pretty different from what TMZ posted and it has quotes from actual police who saw the note. It says he did not deny anything or admit to anything but if you read on he clearly denies that he was involved. His apology was for I think his killing himself. It was typed the day he checked into that hotel. Wonder if he died that same night. I thought he checked into the hotel on Friday though. I posted other things and keep hoping they will show up later.

1844 days ago


What doe it matter what he looks like
what does it matter what she looks like or who she slept with etc?
HE was a disgusting vile pig
a despicable horrendous animal
who cares what he looked like
he is one hell of an UGLY creature!

1844 days ago


who wants BPPD's synopsis of a note? who summarized this junk, the same Gunshoe who theorized Jenkins drug Jasmine into the hotel room via balcony, only to then put her body into a suitcase?
Post it in its entirety and let the public see that note to read and interpret for ourselves.

Christina, he checked in on Thursday - the same day he became a wanted fugitive.

1844 days ago


Thank you Dawn!!!

I completely agree with you about the note. Lets see it. I said that same thing earlier because I have googled information on it, still waiting for those posts to show because I can't find them anymore, anyways they give a little different perspective on each site. I wish he would have said yes or no I didn't do it, can't these people make anything easy.

1844 days ago


here's something interesting from NYDailyNews

"The letter was basically a description of his thoughts about Jasmine. Most were about how much he loved and cherished her, and some were about how frustrated she made him," Sgt. Kohanek said.

"There was acknowledgment of other relationships she had that angered him. There were some negative feelings about alleged infidelity."

Fiore's heartbroken mom Lisa Lepore lashed out at Jenkins for trying to blame her daughter.

"That's such a bunch of lies," Lepore told the Daily News. "He's been making excuses since the day he met her. He's the one who was fraudulent."

She said Fiore filed annulment papers June 2 to end the three-month marriage and that Jenkins used her car to bring women back to the couple's apartment when she wasn't home. He even hid her clothes so that it looked like a bachelor pad, Lepore said.

"It's so horrible what he did. (Jasmine's) life was cut short just as she was about to see so many of her goals come true," Lepore said. "I wish I could just go hide somewhere and never think of him again."

1844 days ago

jim goosh    

I Agree with Poster #2 and #9. She does look like a hammerhead shark with those eye twisted to the side of her head. And his ridiculous tweezed eyebrows are gross as well

1844 days ago


I wanna know how come my posts don't make it on the board about every second time I try to post something? :)

1844 days ago


iwannaknow, wait about an hour they'll show up. happens to me all the time

1844 days ago


I understand now why Ryan would have committed suicide. His father is quite well-known, and Ryan himself was trying for a 'public' life. Along comes this terrible tragedy, and he is immediately tried and proclaimed guilty in the press. I believe at heart he was a caring and compassionate person, who was pre-occupied with the image he portrayed. As has happened, the sensationalism of this case will live on for a long, long time. Can you imagine how it must have seemed to him to 'forever' be painted a murderer? Even if he was found innocent, the two events would be tied together in people's minds and his desire for any kind of career in TV or movies would be gone forever. It would always be - "Ryan Jenkins? Oh, yeah, wasn't he the guy who..."

I think he just wasn't strong enough to deal with that the rest of his life.

And I am convinced he is innocent. Until the BVPPD comes up with some irrefutable PHYSICAL evidence linking Ryan Jenkins to this, I don't buy their smoke and mirrors show.

1844 days ago


Dan Jenkins "anxious" to see what's on the note. what's the deal with RCMP did they not show this to him before BPPD got it?

1844 days ago


I wish that everyone who knew these two would quit each trying to paint the other side as evil or fraudlent, while trying to profess how great the person they knew was.

It sounds like this was a case of two people who were toxic for each other, and very immature in their relationships and how they handled themselves in a marriage, both financially and sexually. I believe from reports that both sides were stepping out on one another and because they clearly didn't know each other when they got married (2 days after meeting) they both sound very impulsive which speaks for itself. What happened was a complete tragedy, but portraying each of them as a saint waters down the facts of what led to this, and the tragedy of what happened to this woman who did not deserve to die.

Just tell it like it is and be real about it.

1844 days ago

My Opinion    

I totally agree with you Dawn #50...they were very toxic for one another...very relationships and respecting one another, on the edge as I call irresponsible....I believe they both owed people alot of money....both could have been gambling addicts also..besides their sex addictions..maybe drugs with Jasmine (cocaine) etc...

Why would someone own a gun....what were they into?? both Ryan and Jasmine?

1844 days ago


Reading through this new post and the crime examiner link, I really felt he truly loved her and immediately thought of the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Their initials even match...R & J.

1844 days ago
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