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David Letterman's Other Other Woman

10/5/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained photos of Holly Hester -- the woman who acknowledged she had a relationship with David Letterman in the early 1990s -- back when she worked as an intern for Dave.

David Letterman's Other Other Woman

The pics show Hester with segment producer Frank Gannon (top) and writer Joe Furey (bottom) and were taken in Dave's outer offices back when he was at NBC.

Hester said her relationship with Letterman lasted a year and that she was "madly in love with him."


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boy, dave really like them "little house on the prairie" types don't he?

1809 days ago


It is a shame. Here is what remains after a great man's death...

1809 days ago


Where is the "T" in the "MZ" on this post? Or is MZ someone's initials? With TMZ's bad writing and editing staff, I think they just forgot the T. Or perhaps since David Letterman is not 'thirty' they dropped the "t" and just made the Mile Zone. LOL!

1809 days ago


Dave always seemed to have a thing for mousey plain janes. Even his wife who he's had a reltionship with for over 23 yrs ain't all that.
And his previous long term realtionship wasn't exactly eye candy.
Wonder how many other mousey young single gals he currently is bedding...I mean he currently has on his staff.

1809 days ago


Must be really tough to get interns in the sack when you employ them, can give them huge raises and can make or break their careers by putting them on TV. I guess the best way for women to get a head at Worldwide Pants is to get in Dave's pants. Yuck!

But I'm still wondering what are the real "creepy" things Dave has now admitted to doing. I think there's more to this story which will still surface. And I think CBS will have to brace for a huge lawsuit if any women who worked for Dave feel they were slighted if they didn't agree to sleep with him.

Dave made this all about how scared he was at being blackmailed and made himself the victim. Lol. But how about the women who wouldn't sleep with him? Were they scared they would lose their jobs? were they creeped out when he hit on them. How many women suffer in silence at jobs afraid of their bosses who come on to them.

I think Jay Leno had it right when he joked that Letterman should be featured on NBC's to Catch a Predator.

1809 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

At least DL didn't have little boys in his bedroom.

1809 days ago


he said he had relations with women he worked with... if he is their supervisor isnt that like not right? he should have stuck with susan on seinfeld.

1809 days ago


Why does Letterman fall for the ugliest women on the planet? DAVE! You're rich. You're famous. You don't have to date monkey's asses.

1809 days ago

Ms. X    

Weird how some men like their women really homely. Just an average girl. Kinda looks like Tanya Harding. But wait, she's gorgeous compared to his wife.

1809 days ago


OMG! Letterman had a girlfriend in the 1990's!!!! A single man dating a woman over 18!!! TMZ needs some real news. It must have been a very slow weekend!

1809 days ago


I remember thier child like skits her high school letter coat and all the lame bass jokes they blew.lady at home watching...should have taken his money again.He thought he was a stud muff but I think there is a short in the wireing.Johhny was great letterman always sucked.A lady gives him 23 years and a kid and he acts like a bump in the road.she should can him take his kid away and let him be the little child that never grew up that he wants to be.VD for the wife and kid?.

1809 days ago


HIM high sue him low FN the help is hard up BSZ but than again he can`t get the TNA even with all the cash the bset he can do is hold hands with the boyz dwn at the go around in circles track.GROW the FN up and pay off the ladys the FNed up sexual harrassments at work are a bummer.Limp noodle with one kid after 85 years gaydar SS crew memember CBS SONY viacom kill jacko VIA Godmother taylor

1809 days ago


Dave has sorely disappointed his viewers, especially female. He has gotten away with too much for too long. I happen to believe that there is more to come about this repulsive story. I feel sorry for those disappointed viewers and for his mother and his son.

1809 days ago


So what's the big deal? He asked if she wanted to date. She accepted and they had a good time, then he broke it off. There was no force...nothing.

Leave David alone. NO story here!

1809 days ago


Damn! You are all a bunch of tight asses. He didn't do anything wrong, wasn't married, these were all two way street relationships. It doesn't matter what she looked like.

1809 days ago
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