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David Letterman's Other Other Woman

10/5/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained photos of Holly Hester -- the woman who acknowledged she had a relationship with David Letterman in the early 1990s -- back when she worked as an intern for Dave.

David Letterman's Other Other Woman

The pics show Hester with segment producer Frank Gannon (top) and writer Joe Furey (bottom) and were taken in Dave's outer offices back when he was at NBC.

Hester said her relationship with Letterman lasted a year and that she was "madly in love with him."


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cares oops

1844 days ago

Mike Kochhertz    

10 more dead in Afghanistan!!

1844 days ago


26. Why does Letterman fall for the ugliest women on the planet? DAVE! You're rich. You're famous. You don't have to date monkey's asses.

Posted at 4:35AM on Oct 5th 2009 by Buckeye

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A...... maybe because he's pretty unattractive as well?? Agree with the poster who said he look's like the 'Mad' magazine character!! You NAILED it on that one. Cracked me UP!! I think he's funny as hell, don't get me wrong but if this were a story about Craig Ferguson "getting his freak on" then THAT would make much more sense. These women weren't interested in look's, they were interested in a 'man of power & influence' or just a 'Daddy'. YUCK!! I've never understood women like that. Can you STILL not see the 'ugly' when your between the sheets with him??... Eeee-Uuuu-WEeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! No amount of closing my eyes & fantasizing could get me beyond a certain amount of "UGLY"!!

1844 days ago


I think the suposed issue is HE was the boss and had relations with staff members, but I really don't care. I'm sure this happens all the time and if the women don't have a problem with it, ie sexual harrassement, then who cares. If these women would rather do the boss and trash their reputations instead of having a legitimate career then so be it. I think the women in question are just as responsible as Dave. It is a moral issue not a legal one.

1844 days ago


I have discussed this Dave Letterman thing with many of my co harts that watch his show. Are you aware that people watch his show to be entertained. Who Dave Letterman is sleeping with is not entertaining. I could care less if he had sex with every female staff member. Honestly people do not care who he is sleeping with. All they want is to be able to laugh and watch his show. Do you who he is sleeping with is his wife concern not the public. Finf something worth while to talk about.

1844 days ago


1844 days ago


54. 10 more dead in Afghanistan!!

Posted at 9:57AM on Oct 5th 2009 by Mike Kochhertz

He was also not ready for the flooding in Atlanta. It is his fault people died there.

1844 days ago

something smells    


1844 days ago


No wonder Letterman has such an affinity to Clinton.

1844 days ago


She looks alot like his wife Regina.

1844 days ago


Enough with the same silly comments over and over. Really insulting to read it's not a huge deal. It IS a huge deal. Sexual harassment's a huge deal. Letterman's a public figure and can't have it both ways, he put himself in the spotlight and this stuff is people's business. He was in a longterm relationship with a live-in girlfriend so stop saying he was single.

1844 days ago


One thing I notice with some comments is the emphasis on looks, being hot, or lack thereof. It's what's inside a person that counts, not the way they look on the outside. If I don't like a guy's personality, it doesn't matter how rich he is -- I would NEVER jump in the sack with him. DL has the audacity to sit on his pedestal and poke fun at everyone else when they mess up -- and then try to turn his own life into a joke also. When they get to the bottom of why and how this all came about, he may not be joking any more. If he threatened any of the women in any way, that's sexual harassment and hopefully, CBS will let him go.

1844 days ago


1990...........come on who cares!!!!! move on please...

1844 days ago


I just heard something interesting on the news. CBS has given a statement r/e the "fraternization policy" at the network. They said that, "CBS generally discourages fraternization, particularly between two individuals within the same department,we also understand that relationships are sometimes formed in "the work place". Though CBS may frown on this type of conduct, these matters are usually best handled on a case by case basis & are not considered to be grounds for immediate discipline or termination. Termination is a last resort & is only considered if the relationship directly interferes with either party's ability to perform their work duties or causes a disruption within the the work setting".

Well Hmmmmm...... yeah, they aren't going to fire their "cash cow"! Right now they are probably re-writting the company "policies & procedures" manual & gathered around the board room table saying "LOOK FOR A LOOPHOLE! LOOK FOR A LOOPHOLE!!" LOL!

1844 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

I love how some of you people are "stating" the "facts" about whom he was involved with and exactly when and what the status was at that time of his relationship with the woman who is now his wife. How the hell do you know?! Were you there? What a bunch of ignorant idiots. Try getting that detailed about YOUR OWN LIVES!

1844 days ago
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