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Jon and Kate -- Overextended

10/5/2009 4:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We're told Jon & Kate Gosselin aren't living hand to mouth, but the $200,000 account that Jon raided was the only real source of living income.

Kate Gosselin, Jon Gosselin

There's a report out that the couple is saddled with a $720,000 mortgage on their $1.12 million house. There was talk that TLC bought the house for them outright but we've learned that is not true. TLC paid them a salary and that's it.

We're told Jon and Kate have established a trust fund for their kids and it's well into the 6 figures, but they have significant debt. They still haven't been able to sell their first house and they owe a mortgage on it.

The reality is ..."Jon & Kate Plus 8" is good for the 8 but Jon and Kate are kinda strapped.


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Leno Rules    

I have no feelings for these two goofs. Kate is crying that she can't feed her kids and needs $230,000 put back into the account. She only has her credit cards and $1000 in the bank. Tell families that live off of a lot less. Gee, what will she do for another week before her $27k check comes in? Doesn't mean that Jon is right, he's an ass for doing that to his family. I've seen enough of these two, and I've never watched the show. Go away!

1790 days ago


Nobody NEEDS a million dollar mansion. They need to sell the house and downsize back to something like they used to live in. They also need to get their old jobs back. She was a nurse and he was a computer tech. As far as John raiding the account, well if there were any doubts about him being a selfish prick this pretty much takes care of that.

1790 days ago


I think they thought they were making more money than they really were. bet they regret spending thousands on trips, clothes, eating out, etc....

Should be paying their bills before those kids dont have a roof over their heads anymore!

1790 days ago


Boo-Hoo-Hoo!!! give me a break. Kate just needs to quit whining and GO AWAY!!!! Can't make the mortgage?? Bull!!! Just go away.....please.

1790 days ago


Why don't the both give up!! Why do they have to keep releasing stuff like this, it's just making them both look like fools. Guess they both have to stop playing the roll, unless they’ll start taking their Kids College funds so they can continue the “lavish” lifestyle they think they deserve to live.

1790 days ago


She is a nurse and they make pretty good money. She needs to go back to a real job. In most divorces, the house is sold. Good thing they have their old one still to move back into. They are lvivng above their means.

1790 days ago


These people are losers. We are making them famous and why? Follow me around and pay me sounds like a good job!

1790 days ago


brand new houses, with full renos,all brand new furniture, brand new deingner clothes for kate and the kids all the time
organic everything, going out all the time!!

for petes sake something has to give

everything has to be top of the line for this control freak woman and its obvious they cant live like that

buy second hand or something jesus!!!

1790 days ago


A LOT of people cannot pay their mortages..they dont go crying to every talk show in the country. Maybe these two shouldnt have purchased that house that they did not need and they wouldnt be in this situation. I think the judge needs to put a gag order on the two of them for the rest of their divorce, because we dont need to hear anymore of it.

1790 days ago


Did you watch the Today show? Kate said she took out 100K and gave Jon 50K and she used the rest to put towards bills. When you have expenses like that you don't live like you are a rock star traveling around and partying.

They seem to be fine until Jon had his midlife crisis and ran around blowing all the money.

Also it seems more than obvious TLC was screwing them both. TLC made 180 million and Jon said they have made 1 million off the show.

1790 days ago


Just wondering, TMZ, what about Kate's book royalties? Is that segregated into another account? What about the appearance fees they both earn? It's been alleged they have anywhere from 3 to 11 bank accounts OTHER than this one.

1790 days ago


Suggestion for Nicole: don't have anymore kids

1790 days ago


Interesting commentary from #11 above. I tend to agree. It must take scads of cash to keep a family of this number moving each day. Yet I suppose even 8 people don't need a 1.2 million dollar hom. Looks like a lot of adjustments are on the way. And one final note. He loved her at one point. Why does he constantly trash her and now all of this is recorded for the children in later years.

1790 days ago


Sheesh... I am aghast at the number of comments on this topic that are obviously from persons who have no concept of the law, no concept of the term "liquid funds", no concept of "court ordered arbitration". Jon was ORDERED not to take any money from that fund. He ignored that order. Kate has NO INCOME because Jon has managed to shut down production on the show. Kate will not be receiving money from her book sales immediately - doesn't work that way, people. To suggest Kate support her kids with her credit cards is exactly the type of financial advise that causes so many Americans to file for bankruptcy. Genius... charge up cards you can't even make the minimum payments on. What are some of you people thinking? BTW, to the poster "Nicole"... stop complaining about the money your husband must send to support a child he had before you came along. You knew he had a child, you knew he needed to be responsible for that child, you chose to have another child with him. Your choice. Your mistake. You have nothing to complain about.

1790 days ago


I think Kate's really pretty. John is an ugly dog however and she's so much better without him.

1790 days ago
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