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Jon and Kate -- Overextended

10/5/2009 4:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We're told Jon & Kate Gosselin aren't living hand to mouth, but the $200,000 account that Jon raided was the only real source of living income.

Kate Gosselin, Jon Gosselin

There's a report out that the couple is saddled with a $720,000 mortgage on their $1.12 million house. There was talk that TLC bought the house for them outright but we've learned that is not true. TLC paid them a salary and that's it.

We're told Jon and Kate have established a trust fund for their kids and it's well into the 6 figures, but they have significant debt. They still haven't been able to sell their first house and they owe a mortgage on it.

The reality is ..."Jon & Kate Plus 8" is good for the 8 but Jon and Kate are kinda strapped.


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24. brand new houses, with full renos,all brand new furniture, brand new deingner clothes for kate and the kids all the time
organic everything, going out all the time!!

for petes sake something has to give

everything has to be top of the line for this control freak woman and its obvious they cant live like that

buy second hand or something jesus!!!

Posted at 3:27PM on Oct 5th 2009 by lila


Their clothes were free. Kate would get gift cards from the stores. It's obvious you know nothing about them so maybe you should shut your pie hole.

1842 days ago


That's what you get for living outside your means! What was wrong with a smaller 4-5 bedroom house and make the kids bunk up like millions of other families do? (I haven't seen but a couple episodes of this ridiculous show so perhaps they already do, my apologies); I just think both these people are idiots. Currently he is proving to be the bigger one if he truly swiped all that money, though.

1842 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

no thanks to an irresponsible dad who spends like a manic maniac. Jon is a loser. While he self destructs he takes his kids down with him! Jerk!

1842 days ago


Jon is just getting slimier and slimier. I guess he needed more money for stupid dorkie looking shirts. I can't stand looking at him and his moles. I don't know how anyone could be around him. What a creep.

1842 days ago


WHATEVER!!! This is plain boring. I am sick and tired of these two clowns. No wonder other countries make fun of us because of freaks like these two. And we keep feeding into it.

1842 days ago



We had our son when my husband was making $18 per hr and I was making $13 per hour.

We have been laid off. Victims of the economy.

We also have a box of condoms in our bedroom. We're responsible. But thanks for the advice. ;)

1842 days ago


If this is True then KATE really is thinking about the Kids. GOOD FOR KATE the judge should grant the DIVORCE to kate now so she doesnt have to be in the Media anymore and allow the Children to keep the show Kate plus 8 and FILM so she can continue to take care and Provide for her and the children! JON, needs to move out of the house and go back to work at his old job and be with his girlfriend Hailey and get VIstation of his 8 children and enjoy them on his day!!. HE should NOT get any more money let him keep the $200k and make him pay CHILD SUPPORT when he goes back to work.

1842 days ago



You make no sense. It is even worse that if they were given all their clothes, nose jobs, whatEVER for free that they are acting like they are so poor and hard up now! Where did all the money go??

1842 days ago


Kikki...go back to your couch and watch more Oprah. Kate brought ALL this on herself. She publicly humiliated and badmouthed Jon on national TV. That's probably OK with a man-hater like you, but its not. And Kate has a wake up call coming. One day soon those kids will be old enough to watch all those episodes and see for themselves how terribly their mother treated their father. Then let's see who comes out on top.

1842 days ago

bring it on    

Imagine, they have a trust fund for the children! WTG Kate, Jon stated you looked after the finances for years at least one of these parents IS putting the children first...Now Jon...stop acting like a 10 year old that had their ball taken away.

1842 days ago


Sell the TLC house, wait for the other to sell, get real jobs, take care of your kids.

The gravy train is said, and done.

Get back to the real world, Gosselins.

1842 days ago


You see where this is headed, right?! "I'm sorry kids but M&D have to get divorced because, you see, it's in YOUR best interest. Daddy loves you very much but he's taken all Mommy's grocery money & now Mommy can't pay her high-priced lawyer. Daddy took it to pay HIS(seedy, incompetent, bordering on criminal) high-priced lawyer. But don't worry, he did it because he LOVES you so much. We know that we're incredibly obnoxious parents & understand that things were fine until we put you on tv but now were kind of "stuck" with it & have to keep you on the show indefinitely because, well sweeties, you see we spent all the money we had put away in our "nest egg" ( money we could live on once people got tired of our BS & the show ended). We spent it because we thought we were just so darned cute that people would want to watch us, er I mean you kiddies that is, FOREVER & EVER! Mommy & Daddy bought some stuff for ourselves(just cause WE DESERVE IT!). Daddy spent his share of YOUR ALL'S money on some whore he found on 'Myspace' & bought her a big old diamond ring! I know he's been gone a lot & you haven't gotten to play with him but Daddy is a "hottie" now & in demand. You'll just have to take a backseat until he can find you a new, younger Mommy but it will be fun because she can play in your playhouse with you because, well because she's so young that she still likes that kind of thing. She can show you all her neat belly rings & she'll take lots of pics of you in the playhouse to post on her 'Myspace' to show off her "new family". Maybe she'll bake you some cookies if she's not too busy shopping. After all, your Daddy's got that new 'milkshake' named after him & the money will be "rolling in" again! If your lucky, Haley can use some of it & take you all to the Dollar Store to pick out a new toy! WOW, doesn't that sound like fun. Mommy will be busy getting more plastic surgery(cause afterall, Daddy says I'm just an old bag now & he's looking for a younger model), & paying for my tanning bed, & my personal trainer, & my stylist, & etc., etc.

But you all are such good kids I know that all your experience in acting will guarantee that you'll be stars one day & can earn your own money to support yourself. That is, after TLC has used you up, typecast, & OVEREXPOSED YOU to the point that nobody wants to ever look at your 'darling' little faces again. It's really not looking like there will be anything left once Mommy & Daddy drag you all through an emotional, traumatizing high-dollar divorce. SORRY! But you all know we're doing it BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!xxxoooxxxoooxxxooo.....................................

See where it's headed............all the other money is 'Not Available' (because the parents have been such childish a..holes) & they'll now have to dip into what they've set aside for the kids!! Saw THAT coming! This is getting almost way too painful to watch. It's like a horrifying auto accident you drive by & just have to look-see! WHEN IS TLC GONNA GROW A PAIR & PULL THE PLUG ON THE TRAIN-WRECK?????????

1842 days ago


Where is responsibility with some of you posters? Kate belittled Jon, so it gives him every right to steal $230,000? Stupid.

1842 days ago

Sue Wong    

It always comes full circle. What if there was no show. Imagine people thought they were better than Octomom.

1842 days ago


This is just plain ridicules and embarrassing. No wonder other countries make fun of us because of clowns like Jon and Kate.

1842 days ago
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