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Jon and Kate -- Overextended

10/5/2009 4:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We're told Jon & Kate Gosselin aren't living hand to mouth, but the $200,000 account that Jon raided was the only real source of living income.

Kate Gosselin, Jon Gosselin

There's a report out that the couple is saddled with a $720,000 mortgage on their $1.12 million house. There was talk that TLC bought the house for them outright but we've learned that is not true. TLC paid them a salary and that's it.

We're told Jon and Kate have established a trust fund for their kids and it's well into the 6 figures, but they have significant debt. They still haven't been able to sell their first house and they owe a mortgage on it.

The reality is ..."Jon & Kate Plus 8" is good for the 8 but Jon and Kate are kinda strapped.


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These two people are just ridiculous. Can someone please take them OFF TV?? They are not the first two people in history to have 8 children...what is the BIG DEAL??

1843 days ago

Over It Already    

Is anyone else over the drama of this dysfunctional couple? The sad part of the story is there are eight children who have to relive this for the rest of their lives, and neither Jon Or Kate seem to be keeping that in mind at the moment (Jon isn't anyway). Take this show off of the air TLC and do everyone a favor including these parents. Let them deal with life and the harshness it entails like everyone else - they at least have a little more bank to handle things, but it's the kids I'm worried about now. The lawyers are the big winners in this situation. How sad.

1843 days ago

Not Relevant    

Some of you people know WAY to much about these stupid ass idots and there ugly kids. I suggest you all take a step back and worry more about yourselves.

1843 days ago


Frankly I am sick to death of the whole Jon and Kate saga. Looks to me like this is a way for more publicity. This is about to get worse than the whole Michael Jackson crap. Sure wish they would get some new articles on someone else. I am bored with all this junk.

1843 days ago


But they MUST be living hand to mouth! Kate said so this morning on the Today Show and on the View. Surely Kate wouldn't lie about something like that!

1843 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Dear Gosselin Children,

I am so sorry your Dad chose drugs and whores and greed over choosing you and your happiness. I am sorry you are stuck with a selfish, immature Daddy who only thinks about himself. I feel really bad that he has to be shaming and embarrassing you all like this. I hate to see any children hurting and hate it even more when it could be prevented by a father who is being so reckless and careless. Your daddy is ill, he needs medication and a therapist, he is not who you once knew. Your Daddy has these mood swings, these many personalities, some think drugs others think maybe he has some mental illness called bipolar disorder where your daddy goes on huge shopping sprees, makes bad choices because of what they call a lack of impulse control, acts out in inappropriate ways with icky ladies, lies to you and your mommy and to the public. He steals, cheats and yet will always have these huge ideas, they call that grandiose thinking. If he does not seek help, he can spin out of control and hurt you kids even more or himself or others around him. His episodes of rage you see toward your Mom, that too is a huge symptom. When an ill person is effected with this mental illness, they don't think about others, they only can think about themselves and end up shaming, humiliating anyone who loves and cares for them. Little Gosselin Children, you're Daddy is not your Daddy right now, his mind is being controlled by a substance or chemical imbalance. Good luck little darlings. He's a weeble wobble crying out for help!

1843 days ago

Lady Z    

I would LOVE to see both of these people working at McDonalds. I always thought these two dummies would be broke in two years. You cannot give trailer trash piles of money, they just go bonkers with it like lottery winner do.

1843 days ago


Kate is BROKE? Read this... "She says that with the increasingly nasty turn her divorce from Jon, 32, has taken, she's planning on wearing a new ring that has no association with Jon – an idea her kids support.

"We discussed a ring I might buy," she said. "It has eight little diamonds and a mother of pearl."

REALLY KATE?? Stop your bitching and pay attention to your kids.

1843 days ago


Both Jon and Kate need a reality check. They are both out of control and are too much about the money. If I have to hear Kate say "it's all about the kids" one more time! I wish TLC would put the show on hiatus until they get their divorce final. Those poor kids. I'm sure they know what's going on. So sad. . .

1843 days ago


It seems like doing a show on TLC requires removing your brain cells, so here's what you need to do Kate: 1. Go after John to get the money back. 2. Until you get the money back, move back into your old house, lease the mansion out..that should easily make the payment on it so you don't loose it until you can sell it.
3. Go back to work in your chosen field prior to the madness that is your world now. Medical jobs are can probably start work by Monday if you apply today..and you can almost pick the job you want.
4. Put the kids in daycare..they will survive. They will also survive on peanut butter and jelly for a week or two until you get a paycheck in the bank..they aren't going to starve. If in doubt, sell some of your designer clothing at the nearest consignment shop.
5. Ignore everything and anything John says and/or does..he wants you to get upset..don't satisfy that need. He's playing you and you are falling for it.
6. The public isn't going to help you now, you gotta help yourself. Reclaim your self esteem, by following steps 1-5.
Good luck!

1843 days ago


LOL, 107! That sounds EXACTLY like the lies that Krazy Kate might be telling the eight right about now!

1843 days ago


#9 - Maria:

That is hilarious! You are quite the comedian!

1843 days ago


60. I notice the time the guys that are all "go Jon" and "women are bi*ches" are posting messages on TMZ at 2PM in the afternoon. Obviously, you guys don't have jobs. You are probably single or divorced and living in your mother's basement. You guy are real winners. LOL!!!!

Posted at 3:48PM on Oct 5th 2009 by walls

Read more:

Yeah and i notice the time that women are posting is.. well all day because they're at home doing nothing,depending on men to take care of them. hahaha

1843 days ago


Oh joy! Another ridiculous post from Jon lover sandbox. LOL.

1843 days ago


Dear Mommy:

We just watched all the old "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" episodes. Gosh, we were cute, weren't we? Anyway, thanks for the lessons in how a woman should treat a man. We always thought Daddy did a good job with meals and helping with laundry and bathing us and changing our diapers and driving us places and playing with us. Thanks so much for showing us the truth.... that the real way to treat a man is to publicly castrate him on national TV. We can't wait to get married so we can verbally abuse, humiliate and degrade our husbands.

Love, Maddie, Cara, Leah, Hannah and Alexis

1843 days ago
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