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Kate's Lawyer: Jon & His Lawyer are Frauds

10/5/2009 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a letter Kate Gosselin's lawyer fired off to the lawyer for Jon -- and, to put it mildly, it's war.

Jon And Kate Gossellin Read the doc

Legal pit bull Marty Singer wrote the letter this past Friday. TMZ obtained a copy. In it, Singer expresses outrage that Jon secretly raided Jon and Kate's money market account "of hundreds of thousands of dollars," leaving only about $1,000. Singer says the withdrawal is not only "outrageous," it directly violates the Arbitration Award in the divorce which requires both parties to agree before any money is withdrawn.

Singer -- who says the withdrawal of funds is fraudulent and contemptible -- claims both Jon and his lawyer, Mark Heller, are hypocrites, after they went on Larry King's show and claimed family values (not money) was the important thing.

Singer says Heller has done this before, citing a New York Supreme Court decision which says Heller directed one of his clients in a divorce to "withdraw everything that's in the bank" so the money could be used to pay his fee.

And then there's this ... Singer blasts Heller, noting that the New York Supreme Court "addressed charges that you violated 'thirty-eight counts alleging multiple violations of the disciplinary rules,' and charges that you 'had engaged in a pattern of misconduct involving misrepresentations, deceit, abusive treatment of clients, fee gouging, neglect and willful failure to return unearned retainers to his clients' in matters which involved your 'mishandling of the matters of twelve separate clients.'" The letter goes on to claim Heller admitted to engaging in "professional misconduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation."

As we first reported, Kate's lawyers are going to court tomorrow, demanding that the monies be returned to the account and asking for a contempt citation.

We called Heller but he was not available for comment.


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I can't believe he's this stupid. He's angry and he's not thinking. I was beginning to believe this whole divorce stuff was a gimmick. You know, there really must be a lot we don't know about how their off-camera relationship is/was. I'm waiting for some crew members to write a book or get interviewed.

1810 days ago


I will be so glad when we no longer have to hear about them, face facts there 15 minutes of fame is going to fade without there beloved show and not being able to use there kids as cash cows anymore.

I feel so sorry for the kids having such immature parents and these two morons do not seem to realize that what they are doing now is always going to be out there on the internet so as there kids get older they can find what went on between the two of them.

These two both have it in there idiot heads they are some high class celebrities and they are not. They have a freaking reality show because they were lucky and had sextuplets who they now take advantage of. First it was the Jon and Kate plus 8 show with the kids and now that the show has been yanked there is all this hype with the divorce because they can not seem to deal with there problems in privacy, they have to air there dirty laundry all in the media. Once the divorce is over and the hype is gone you will barely hear about the two..Not even ACTUAL celebrities air there divorce like these two do.

1810 days ago


I am willing to bet that Jon is prob using drugs!

1810 days ago


Who cares? Someone please get these immature, no class, using your kids to make money, lower than a snake, and sorry excuse as parents off of the TV, Internet, and anything else where we have to hear their trash aired. Everyone should start to boycott anything and everything that has to do with the two so called people. HMMM...who wants to start that website?

1810 days ago


TMZ, can you at least think of those 8 kids, two of whom will have their bday this week, and stop posting on their evil parents?

The more the parents play this out in the public eye (and yes...both are guilty of that)... the higher the lawyer bills become... and the more the twins and others have to endure. Don't think that Mady and Cara don't read these sites and such. They'll be 9...and aren't dummies.

The only outcome will be both parents will have less of the kids' money left.

Stop exploiting the kids. Stop posting about either parent. It could get you some great PR for being the first major media/gossip outlet to refuse to publicize any more of the J&K crap!

1810 days ago


Yes and Jon has an apartment in NYC and blows the money on young girls and partying, but Kate buys some high heels and bikinis, your point is a bit mute don't you think? Jon didn't mind trying to pimp his kids to sell a clothing line did he or trying to use the show to pimp a designer label (sales probably went down when he became involved). Get real people, Jon is a sleaze in every way and his biggest problem is he doesn't want to be tied down to taking care of his kids, that's what HaileyHO gives him, no responsibility. Growing up and being a man certainly doesn't mean stealing from your family. I hope his sorry ass ends up in jail and Kate's lawyers take him to the cleaners big time. What judge is going to give this lame brain anything! Hang in there Kate, he will be put in his place but good soon and hopefully he is restricted to supervised visitation with the kids as he is clearly mentally unstable or just plain stupid, one or the other.

1810 days ago


I would be interested in what his crook lawyer has to say about the "court of public opinion" now!

1810 days ago


Just one more thing for ol Katie to belittle ol Johnny with in public.

1810 days ago

Deb Look    

Why don't you rip into David Letterman for his cheating with all those Ladies and leave the Gosselins alone and let them work out their lives in private we don't need to know every conversation a couple getting divorce has it's never nice.

1810 days ago


ol Johnny doesn't need Kate to belittle him in public he is doing a great job of that all on his own.

1810 days ago


Terre, you said:

"No. 94 if you have outstanding checks like mortgage, gas, electricity, etc., etc. and those account to more than $1,000.00 you get overdraft."

Terre, you are correct. Kate would have received overdraft notices, if mortage, gas, etc. is more than $1,000. Those payment would throw the account into the negative. Example: - $201,000.

Kate's account is in the positive, because $1,000 is a positive number. (-$1,000) would be a positive balance.

So, the question is, how did Kate receive overdraft notices on the same day Jon supposedly took $200,000 from the bank?

1810 days ago


Wow, a bit different situation than Letterman don't you think! He is being a man and taking responsibility for his actions plus he was being blackmailed! Nor do you see him on any show that will have him blabbing the entire scenario! Jon the publicity whore and his lawyer are taking it to the "court of public opinion", we didn't ask to hear all the crap he spewed on Larry King! He needs to fade into obscurity and shut his stupid mouth.

1810 days ago


And who the idiots defending this loser??? Got anything to say now?

1810 days ago


She probably went to pay something and couldn't or maybe the bank notified her just out of concern that such a large withdrawal had taken place.

1810 days ago


I know that a lot of people on here hate Jon and I am sure a lot of them proclaim to be a Christian.

For all Jon haters, regardless if you are a Christian or not. I ask you to do something for me. Call your bank and ask them these questions:

1. What is an overdraft notice?

2. Why do people get overdraft notices?

3. How soon after the bank put an overdraft notice in the mail, is a person suppose to receive it?

4. Can an overdraft notice be faxed or emailed to a person?

5. Will a person receive an overdraft notice, if they have a positive blance?

Please out the kindness of your, come back on here and share with me what the bank has told you and be honest. For after all, you all want Jon to be honest. Remember, Jon's lie would be no greater than your lie, because in God's eyesight, a lie is a lie. There is not such thing as a small lie, white lie, etc.

I know that I may be talking to the wind.

1810 days ago
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