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Kate Cries

I Can't Pay My Bills!

10/5/2009 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Gosselins continued their messy break-up in the media today -- with Kate fighting back the waterworks while claiming she can't afford to pay her bills.

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Kate came out swinging on "Today" this morning, slamming Jon for clearing $230,000 out of the couple's joint bank account: "You've left your children and their mother unable to pay for the roof over their head. It's unacceptable."

As for Jon's claim the children don't want to do the show anymore, Kate says there was "wailing and sobbing" when she broke the news to 'em that filming has halted.

As TMZ previously reported, Kate's lawyers are going to court today to demand the return of the cash and a contempt citation against Jon. Stay tuned ...


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Mrs. H    

Stop the insanity and the pity party already. My Grandma worked in a factory and raised a family of five. They had no heat upstairs. They had a sofa and a couple of chairs. My Grandma washed and ironed all clothes using a wringer washer. Macaroni and hamburger was for dinner. The only entertainment was a tv years later, no trips, vacations. Clothes were hand-me-downs. There was much love in the family, not materialism. Jon & Kate both had professional careers. Something is wrong with a woman that wants to squirt out 6 kids like a litter and then whine about her tough life. She belittled Jon so much he rebelled. Who would want her as a nurse when she makes a sick little boy sleep on a floor so he won't vomit on the pristine bed? I'd never want her to be my nurse. Maybe she can get a job at a convenience store and Jon can go back to IT. Whatever it takes. Wake up wench, it's not all about you. Try to grow up and get out of your narcissitic lifestyle you think you deserve. Your manicures, spa treatments, trips etc. are off the backs of your children. I wouldn't be surprised if your kids end up hating you when they're older.

1805 days ago


money grubbing B! she wants everything. i bet when all is said and done, it was not 230K. she wants sympathy. she has other bank accounts that are not joint and you best believe she has a nice little nest egg set aside for herself. she wants to control everything jon gets or does. He mentioned before their breakup that he did not want to continue doing the show, but it was kate who felt 'the show must go on' despite problems in the marriage. she continued to travel alone and jon stayed home with kids after quitting his job. all her little book tours and speaking engagements in which she passes a collection plate to receive 'love offerings' is all about getting as much as she can. she aint going on the view, and other talk shows for free! she sell pictures of the kids for crying out loud. i cant stand watching her fake ass anymore. i stopped watching the show cuz i got tired of her treating jon like he was one of the kids. he cant remove money from joint acct during divorce but probably got tired of her giving him an allowance and just took it. trust me, she's got money! she's a controlling, nice-nasty, fake. I'd rather watch the Duggars who represent what a Christian family should be about: parents who take responsible for their children's upbringing together and teach them morals. Do you see their kids beating up on each other?

1804 days ago


I am not a fan of these media whores; however I think Kate is doing her best to make Jon look worst than he already does. Come on with all the money she made for her book deal do you really believe that she has no money to pay bills? Seems like she's keeping a whole lot of money for herself. Don't believe Kate is a victim for one second!

1804 days ago


If they don't wise up the lawyers will get most of the money.
Sit down, talk things out and get it over. They're both too young and too dumb to realize how they're hurting the kids. I hope the best for them.

1804 days ago


Welcome to the real world kate.Guess it wasn't worth the money was it.I need to feed my kids give me a break we all need money to feed our kids didn't know it cost 200,000 for food.Get a life and grow up save your tears for the kids that are eating out trash cans and sleeping in tents.Pay it forward and help a hungry child not yourself you look like a fool.Money does not buy happiness.

1804 days ago


Kate on the Today show was so unbelievable she claims she could not pay her bills boo hoo she is so full of herself where is her money for her book writings ? Kate needs a reality check on real life . Her tears are so fake she is just upset because all her freebies come to a halt and all her free vacations .The media needs to stop putting her on tv enough already ..

1803 days ago


oh, boo hoo hoo. Most people live paycheck to paycheck and don't have 200 grand in the bank. Maybe you should get a real job like everybody else.

1803 days ago


Jon stated in one interview that Kate had all the bank accounts and a SAFE in their bedroom and that the door was locked so that he could not get in. This would be Kate hiding money from Jon, and the safe must contain quite a bit of cash that Kate has received selling pictures of her kids to her sheeple. THe IRS should have a field day with this shrew. She has kept finances from Jon, but Jon's every move is monitored. Who is monitoring the amount of cash she spends on clothes, dining out, all those trips to Ann Taylor and Target. Not to mention, how much are limo rides, air fare, and payment for her boyfriend ( I mean body guard) to accompany her. I believe that all of these Kate backers have obviously not watched many of their shows, or they would see that they are both culpable in this, and especially Kate. They must not be aware that it was Kate that gave up on the marriage, and when Jon lived is separate life, as she stated he could, she blew the whistle (most likely at TLC's prompting) on him dating etc. All of this was orchestrated to make him look like he was cheating and had abandoned his family. If the world would pay attention they can see that Jon was always there for his kids and lived in the garage serving as a "baby sitter" for Kate to travel etc. I also find it interesting that Kate emails Jon yesterday telling him he is " allowed" to spend time with his kids this weekend. Truth be known, Kate needed a sitter this weekend so she can jet off somewhere or be away from the kids ONCE AGAIN . Please people, stop holding Jon to a higher standard than you do Kate, wake up and realize he at the very least is there for his kids when he is needed. Kate on the other hand was at home and waited TWO WEEKS to have her daughters injured foot seen to and then had the nanny take the child to the dr. What mother does that !!?? Nancy Grace told Jon that Kate was home with the kids while he was off partying with his 22 yr. olds. Nancy Grace needs to get a clue, KATE IS NEVER HOME WITH HER KIDS !!!
Kate wants Alimony ! ROFL Kate makes more than Jon, how can she get alimony. Give me a break here. Let's talk about Kate crying ! Notice in her video taped interviews that she gets a little smirk on her face before the tears start. Once again I believe her lawyers and TLC have coached her as to how to phrase things and exactly when to force those tears. Anyone that has ever been through a divorce or legal proceedings knows that the lawyers coach their clients, for the sympathy "vote". Kate is phony and I beleve TLC should permanently pull the plug on this woman. What has she done that is so noble that warrants this fame.
She has no talents, her uterus was used like an ATM machine. The View, Today Show, Nancy Grace, LKL, should all be ashamed for giving this woman air time. Why is it TLC has very little to say and only make short one sentence statements on rare occasion. Why is it that the Duggars, Little People, Table for 12, and several other "reality" show families dont have this drama. Perhaps it is a maturity on their part that Jon and Kate do not possess. Perhaps Jon and Kate were too young to be parents and too young to deal with the notorierty that came with putting their dysfunctional relationship out there for the world to witness. Perhaps TLC should not have promoted this dysfuntion. If you look at some of the tapes of their earlier shows, they made a point of airing footage that was not very "loving family like". There is one show where you see the camera man pan to the kitchen (in the older house) and Jon and Kate are standing there screaming at each other. I believe TLC gave a short glimpse every now and then of what was going on behind the scenes in order to boost ratings. In any event this post has been way too long but TLC needs to fade these two and their children OUT. CUT, that's a wrap !!

1801 days ago


boo hoo hoo maybe the money hungry bitch should stop going to the spa and buying designer clothes
real-wishes dot com
where your wishes become reality

1801 days ago


**********************Applauding Babs #319 ******************

Well said, brilliantly written :)

1801 days ago


Jon maybe an idiot,but l find him a truthful idiot. Kate on the otherhand is an idiot too,she really believes people believe her when she so obviously lies. Just see her when she's talking to the camera after the show sitting on the couch, we see her lying about what was just on the show! There for all to see.

Her first fiance said she dumped him when she drained him of his money, then took off with another dude with a sportscar.

1801 days ago


I use to feel sorry for John but I realize now Kate had to be tough with him because he a moran. Really the guy is as dumb as a box of rocks. What Kate show in him is beyond me. His new girlfriend needs to run not walk away from that loser. John is not only a moran, liar but it looks like his a thief too.

1800 days ago


Kate is a lie if Jon did take the money she should be able to prove it surely the bank knows who took the money she has money hiding from Jon what makes her any better get a life Kate she is never home with the kids always gone doing something she is only a good mother when they are filming those poor kids

1798 days ago


she cant pay her bills but she can buy a dimond ring she is soooooooooooooooo fake....

1798 days ago


Kate cant pay her bills but she can pay for nannies to watch her kids so she be on tv.KATE STAY HOME AND BE A MOTHER TO YOUR CHILDREN

1797 days ago
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