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Kate Cries

I Can't Pay My Bills!

10/5/2009 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Gosselins continued their messy break-up in the media today -- with Kate fighting back the waterworks while claiming she can't afford to pay her bills.

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Kate came out swinging on "Today" this morning, slamming Jon for clearing $230,000 out of the couple's joint bank account: "You've left your children and their mother unable to pay for the roof over their head. It's unacceptable."

As for Jon's claim the children don't want to do the show anymore, Kate says there was "wailing and sobbing" when she broke the news to 'em that filming has halted.

As TMZ previously reported, Kate's lawyers are going to court today to demand the return of the cash and a contempt citation against Jon. Stay tuned ...


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What no money for your spa or tanning this week? Wow poor you must suck to be limited on funds. I don't believe a word that comes out of this shrews mouth. She just wants people to up and send more money!! They make $75,000 an episode, where did it all go? Not to the kids I'm sure.

1790 days ago


Didn't she use to be a registered nurse and wasn't he some computer programmer or something. I believe if they got back there real jobs they would be just fine... Might not get to go on all those vacation, or buy all those nice cars and have that huge house, but oh well life goes on.. everyone else does it Kate, get a job and stop your crying..

1790 days ago

Freaked Out    

ENOUGH already you two...BOYCOTT their show. I'm SICK of them !! You only care about yourselves$$$$ and not thhe kids.

1790 days ago

annie d    

I wish I had 230,000 to pay for the roof over my head and food for my kids. This chick is living in Oz. I have 15 children and my husband and I provide very well for all of us and we don't need 230,000 to do it. Kates problem is she is so accustomed to the opulent lifestyle she has been living she doesn't remember how to downsize.
Kate- start by selling the mansion and get yourself a smaller but servicable home for you and the kids. Pick yourself up a copy of Amy Dacyczyns book " Tightwad Gazette," to learn how to live frugally and drop the nannies/babysitters/ security/flashy cars/designer duds and other frivolities and start to live like a normal person.
If your so uptight check out free or low cost yoga/biofeedback classes to calm you down.
For Goodness Sake get the kids off the TV once and for all and if your that hell bent on having your own show and making your own money to take care of you and the kids then more power to you.. Go for it. Let Jon do his thing but keep him out of YOUR life. Only deal with him when both of you have a children problem. Otherwise let him go his own way and make his own money.
A word of advice. Stop airing the dirty laundry on National TV. Your not earning any brownie points by doing so no matter what TLC and others are telling you.

1790 days ago



1790 days ago


Geeezzzz people... seriously... most of you liked the show and watched the show. The drama started and people decided they were going to boycott the show. You must have liked something about them because for a few years they were number one in ratings. I am for Kate, all she is trying to do is make a living to feed and better their life. If it was me and all I needed to do was have a film crew follow me around a few hours a day... YES... I would be thankful. Jon is childish, he has pulled every string possible this week to make Kate suffer only problem is... his children are suffering more.

1790 days ago


Where's child protective services when you need them?! If she can't take care of her kids then CPS needs to step in and see what is going on. They both appear unstable to me.

1790 days ago


You guys are idiots, this is her REAL job. She is in a tv show and gets paid for it, that makes it a job. She writes books and gets paid for it, that is a job, she gives speeches and gets paid for it and that also makes it a job. Just because it is not YOUR job, doesn't mean it isn't a job.

They would not be able to support those kids on Jon's IT salary and even if Kate went back to work as a nurse, do you realize how much daycare would have cost them??? They could not have afforded it. So instead of living off our tax dollars, they went and found a way to support their family.

Jon is foolish to close it all down how is he going to afford that condo in NY and the house in PA, and pay child support and still afford any sort of life. Sponsors won't pay him for anything if they have no show to promote it on.

1790 days ago


Kate, I totally feel for you and all the haters need to shut up. Have you gone through a divorce? If you have and you were at the mercy of a lying, immature dog like Jon, then you understand completely where she is coming from. I don't blame her one bit for going on the air and telling everyone what is really going on. She has every right to and I hope Jon gets what's coming to him. Too many men think they can do what they want when it comes to the family bank account and he's no different.

Both may be at fault for the demise of the marriage, but he's a douchebag who is doing everything in his power to hurt his wife and children. He's a BIG WHINY BABY and I hate him with every fiber of my being. I think if I ever ran into him in public, I slap the stupid out of him. I'd be there a while, but I'd give it my best.

1790 days ago


DRAMA all for ratings. All this after the shows ratings go down down down. TLC will do anything to keep the money coming in. This needs to stop now. Children do not need to be apart of their parents bad judgment and greed.
Just give Kate her own show without the children. Problem solved and TLC can come out on top. Right now TLC is looking like THE LOSERS CHANNEL.

1790 days ago


Jon said on LK that they made $22,500 per show. People do you listen to anything? That is not the $75,000 that some posters have stted on here. Jon cancels the show, good for him but remember he can never put his kids on anything he does. If I was Kate, I would quit my jobs for the time being, go home, change the locks and take full custody of the kids. Send Jon boy a real lesson in life, here's the food bill, water, electric, medical, school supplies and lunches, clothes and anything else they need. Let's see who would go crazy first. Go KATE, hope your lawyer has Jon for lunch, he needs serios help and I would demand a drug test, hair sample first. I can tell Jodi is already trolling on other boards, maybe she can send some money for to Jon to pay all the bills for the sake of the KIDS!!!

1790 days ago


Jon just can't stop himself from being a creep.

If anyone thinks that his reckless behavior just started this past year or two, I have some swamp land I'd like you to buy.

1790 days ago


Hey Kate...get a real job and quit pimping out your kids...

1790 days ago


I've had just about enough of these 2. I think they are both losers if you ask me. I feel sorry for the kids because they have 2 parents who are acting more immature than them. I say the kids should be sent to live with the grandparents for some time until these 2 nutters sort themselves out.

1790 days ago

told ya so - TEAM LENO    

I feel really bad for the children.

My Dad walked out on my Mom, and took the money with him.
I was 13, and she was a stay at home Mom. There wasn't any money for bills or food.

Before school, I would go around the house trying to find loose change, even in the bottom of my moms purse. It was really bad.

During lunch, I would go outside under the walkway, cuz I could smell the food, and my stomach would growl, it was really embarrassing when it would start growling in class. I would start coughing so the other kids sitting near me, wouldn't hear it.

I wouldn't wish any of that on anyone, especially eight little kids.

Jon, you may think you are hurting Kate, but you are actually hurting your kids, and they are old enough to remember it.

It's really sad to see you Jon, hating Kate so much, that you are acting this way. You need to let your hate go, and concentrate on the well-being of your children.

1790 days ago
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