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Missing Dog Alert -- Another Malti-Poo Goes MIA

10/5/2009 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's a full-blown multiple missing Malti-Poo epidemic -- with yet another Hollywood starlet on a desperate search for her precious pooch.


Former "Baywatch" star Brooke Burns -- who was once engaged to Bruce Willis -- has posted signs around the Los Angeles area offering a reward for her missing dog Max. The "very friendly" Malti-Poo has been missing since Saturday.

As TMZ heartbrokenly reported, Jessica Simpson had to call off a massive search for her beloved Malti-Poo, Daisy ... after a coyote snatched the dog right before her very eyes.

Hopefully, Brooke will have better luck...


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I feel AWFUL!!!! This is a BAD time for Malti-poos!!!! I have a four year old white Malti-poo, Maddy, and she is the SWEETEST little, happy (non-yappy) dog EVER!!!! I used to own big dogs and she is my first small one. I know Jessica Simpson's dog is lost and cannot imagine her sorrow. I only hope this darling doggie is found alive and well. Good Luck!!!!

1822 days ago


Finding your pooch is very easy, my dear. Just find the tracks of the coyote, follow it, and after a day or two, when it takes a crap and leave, just go over, gently pick it up, and take it home. There! You have your dog again. You're welcome.

1822 days ago


She should ask Jessica Simpson for advice on finding her dog, you know since Jessica Simpson is sooooooooo smart. LMAO

1822 days ago


Don't these idiots know how to properly care for their pets? If they were using the proper precautions their dogs would still be with them. Instead they're probably dead thanks to the carelessness of their owners.

1822 days ago


The reward money is less than the purchase price of the pooch. Doesn't this woman have any "Baywatch" money left?

1822 days ago


I am relieved that you are not making a mockery of this missing dog, as you did with little Daisy. Perhaps if you are compassionate and pro-active about helping to find missing pets, the celebrities will like you better and be more friendly with you.

1822 days ago

dont know    

Gosh, only a $250 reward? She can't want the dog back too badly. Cheap skate..

1822 days ago


hollywood starlet??? really tmz? and who is this starlet that probably no one has heard of! wow this site is boring now!

1822 days ago


Poor puppy! if my puppy was gone i would be a wreck!!! my fave part of the day is taking her for a walk while im sipping on some chrome soda!!

1822 days ago


Went missing BETWEEN 4 and 9:30 pm?
either it's missing or not
$250 seems pretty low, especially in LA

1822 days ago

stalkers are scum    

Did they find Max yet?

1822 days ago


Hopefully someone will find her little dog. We all know that these stars can't hold on to each other, but to loose your dog....Now that's bad...

1821 days ago


I cannot believe some of you people....Is there not any compassion left in this world? Think if it was your dog...And someone said some of the things you all are saying....How would you feel...Just because these people work on TV or in the movies does not mean they are not human....They still feel like you and me....Why should someone pay us thousands of dollars to tell them where their dog is? We should just do it without any reward....The reward would be returning a helpless pooch back to their owners....And reguardless of what you think....These people do love their animals...I can't believe some of the things that were said here.....Especially poster number 2....That was just vicious and mean....Heartless....How could you say something like that? Do you have no heart????....What are you going to do when you meet your maker??? And you have to account for the things you said....What then????....You had better think about that....Because we never know when that day will come....People should have more compassion for others....If we did then maybe this world would not be in the shape it is in now....

1821 days ago

dont know    

Learn to spell, are an idiot.

1820 days ago

dont know    

gpat, go on Dr. one wants to hear your babble are a real moron.

1820 days ago

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