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David Letterman: I Hurt My Wife 'Horribly'

10/6/2009 1:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Speaking in a far more serious tone than he did last week -- David Letterman admitted on tonight's show how his wife Regina "has been horribly hurt by my behavior."

David continued by saying, "If you hurt a person, and it's your responsibility, you try to fix it ... so let me tell you folks, I have my work cut out for me."

Before addressing the situation with his wife, David was a bit more jovial -- apologizing to his staff members for subjecting them to all the drama caused by his situation ... then cracking a joke about hooking up with his announcer, Alan Kalter.

David also wanted to make it clear that his sexual exploits with staff members were a "thing of the past."


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Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

look at David Letterman.
Did you look? There is nothing remotely sexy about this rich old man who has always been old. so what he likes sex with women.He doesnotgofor the Playboy looking girls.Regina worked for him. Meryl something, was a writer and stuff who worked for him way back when he started his show. There is no deep secret here. He is not a politican,hypocrite,or anything. All of this was before Regina ,who looks very average or less than average,was his wife.He may have fooled around on her when they were living together ,but it was before marriage. Honey,anything before marriage is before.The wifey has were her,he wouldnot have to apologize.David needs tostoptalking about it onhisshow.Make jokesabout himself and others.Endofan on-story.

1806 days ago


Horribly hurt! That's putting it mildly! How about devastated to the core, and can't see any light in the emotional 'dark tunnel' you've put her in Dave! . . . and in the public's eye! ~ If your wife decides to keep you, I hope you can keep it in your pants from now on. Again, I said 'IF'.

1806 days ago

stolto morta    

Why the hell did he get married then if he was screwing around on the side...... He waited forever to marry his wife.... I thought he was gonna be a lifer like Oprah. What a stupid thing to do. He should have known better.

1806 days ago


Dirty old egocentric man, not funny at all and what's more: unreliable. When he got married he made his wife a promise. Obviously he could not keep that important promise. How about other promises?
Letterman, you are trash and ought to be treated that way.

1806 days ago


I'll never understand cheaters. If you want to sleep around then stay's not rocket science. I guess some people have morals and character and some don't. I can't stand Dave, so I hope this "scandal" ends his career.

1806 days ago


We really need moral values at all levels, especially when your well known, address a large audience base. Hopefully you have learned a great lesson here, what you say and what you do goes out to millions, you effect their lives. The Sarah palin jokes, stuff about her family and others you casually make fun of, call it just a joke is not in good taste and hurts people. You hurt your wife with your affairs, you hrt others as well with your bad taste. Please Dave think before you act and talk, show some restraint, remember words are powerful, they can hurt.

1806 days ago


Everything's a big joke w/ this M'F'er, isn't it? CBS needs to get rid of this old, pathetic, hypocrite asap. But with Les Moonves (CEO & Pres. of CBS)doing *essentially* the same thing (hooking up with one of his employees on the job) with Julie Chen, it looks like Dave's going to continue to joke and skate about the whole issue unless and until his ratings take a dive, and/or advertisers desert him.

1806 days ago


shut up dave and go back in your hole.

1806 days ago


If he was really sorry, he would have told and apologized to his wife before someone extorted him into it. He's just sorry he got caught.

1806 days ago


The Palins must be laughing their butts off, I think it's safe to say Dave won't be making hurtful jokes about 18yr old girls anymore.

1806 days ago


Ick, why would anyone want to screw him.

1806 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Leave the guy alone ... Scheeesh ... haven't you ever had sex with interns and had some creep try to extort 2 million from you? ... sure we all have

1806 days ago


Move on. Got caught. Now sorry-sure. Major A-hole. Dont watch anymore anywho. Hope he goes away. Ho Hum.

1806 days ago


I can't stand this man. He was trying to make Sarah Palin's life miserable while he was romping in the sack with women behind Regina's back. And Dave, do you really think women were sleeping with you because you're hot? HAHAHAHA!

1806 days ago


To David Letterman
David I hope your wife burns your ass in court, no one and I mean no one has the right to hurt someone like that, and if you needed to play around you should have divorced your wife. How selfish of you and all the other people who cheat ( Male & Female )
I only know that you have to answer to GOD when the time comes and well I am sure you won't be seeing me in Heaven ! If you want to play around at least have the decencey to be singel first !

1806 days ago
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