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David Letterman: I Hurt My Wife 'Horribly'

10/6/2009 1:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Speaking in a far more serious tone than he did last week -- David Letterman admitted on tonight's show how his wife Regina "has been horribly hurt by my behavior."

David continued by saying, "If you hurt a person, and it's your responsibility, you try to fix it ... so let me tell you folks, I have my work cut out for me."

Before addressing the situation with his wife, David was a bit more jovial -- apologizing to his staff members for subjecting them to all the drama caused by his situation ... then cracking a joke about hooking up with his announcer, Alan Kalter.

David also wanted to make it clear that his sexual exploits with staff members were a "thing of the past."


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He's such a hypocrite- he makes me sick. I never liked him or his show. But hey dave, SEE what happens when you spit up into the air? Maybe a little humbling of your OWN will keep you from treating others so nasty. Probably not though, because you are a HYPOCRITE. Now your wife can just be in it for the money, you cheating bastard.

1850 days ago


Entertainers are paid to entertain. Did we ever watch Dave because he was a good boyfriend or husband? Do we watch or listen to other comedians just becausee they are faithful? We have no idea what others do behind closed doors. Dave was not even married when it happened.

1850 days ago


I used to like him but he has become a parody of all that he makes fun of. He always hacks away at all of the Republian politicians that cheat on their families but never mentions Edwards who has a kid out of an affair he had with a ugly witch. The Democrats and Dave always come out smelling like a rose because elitists can but when others do they are immoral a-holes. He is the man in the mirror and he stinks just like the rest. His wife should divorce him and rack him through the million dollar coals. Take the kid too. I hope team Pelosi taxes the crap out of him too because I could sure appreciate a wealth distribution in my bank account.

1850 days ago

Jimmy Gimbels    

Hey Regina - dump the jerk...take the kid, the real estate and half of his assets. You've been played the fool. No wonder he would not marry you for TEN YEARS, Davey was screwing every intern in sight.

1850 days ago


I have total respect for a person who takes FULL responsibility for their actions, doesn't beat around the bush, tells it like it is and works hard to make amends.

1850 days ago


what a D Bag this guy is.

1850 days ago

Jimmy Phillips    

"David also wanted to make it clear that his sexual exploits with staff members were a "thing of the past."

That's not true, I saw Craig Ferguson kissing his a$$ just last night ;)

1850 days ago


This is what happens to a person that lacks moral character!

1850 days ago


I haven't walked in his shoes or his wife's but he appears to be making amends. I figure it should be between them but the blackmailer brought it out into the open. I guess if you screw around you should be willing to suffer the consequences, whatever they may be. Top 10 reasons you should not sleep with your employees;

1850 days ago


Please everyone get this straight: He WASN'T MARRIED @ the time.
Debate the morality of his actions all you want, but understand a simple fact -- he was single. Doesn't make it better or right, just stating the facts that every other Dave-hater is getting wrong - HAPPENED BEFORE HE WAS MARRIED.

1850 days ago
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