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Mel Gibson DUI Document

10/6/2009 2:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's a copy of the order signed by Judge Lawrence Mira, expunging Mel Gibson's DUI from his record.

Mel Gibson DUI Document


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A. Minnitman    

For all those who pretend that they're ONLY upset about Mel Gibson's drunk driving and then getting his record expunged, listen up:

Gibson, like most first-time drunken-driving offenders, was eligible to have his criminal convictions expunged thanks to his successful completion of probation, including a rehabilitation program and maintaining a clear driving record.

So now that we've established that he received no real breaks that are not afforded to us regular work a day Joe's, what's the problem? Just be honest, it's not the DUI,.or the fact that he got his driving record cleaned up. It was then as it is now, ALL about the antisemetic remark. End of story. Good-bye.

1846 days ago


Mel Gibson does have a bi-polar disorder, a mental illness. I picked that up when I saw his GMA interview after his DUI. My son has a mental disability, it is not bi-polar, but my son was diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder where it seemed that he was “Dr. Jekyl-Mr. Hyde” and later he got delivered from this illness, yes true deliverance. I believe people’s reaction to Mel that they are so angry with him because Mel seems to come across like he has no remorse or convictions to his consequences and this illness will cause people to act hostile against you; he knows the words to say, “I’m sorry” but it doesn’t come from the heart and this is what people react to and why they get angry with him because he says the “words” but he is not sincere in his heart. I don’t think the DUI in 2006 was the real issue, I think it just brought to light Mel’s vulgarity and what he has been saying for a long time prior to that. I truly feel the man truly does not comprehend a lot of his issues; he seems to be like a child, immature to how he makes people feel and the damage his conduct effects other people. He is kind of pathetic because sometimes it seems he does not comprehend reality which acting/directing is probably where he is able to focus his attention on something, but he needs to suffer the consequences of his wrongdoing and not have a “clean-up crew” behind him. That is why I am deeply disturbed by this role he is working on now, The Beaver, I really feel that this role is going to be very damaging to him because of his mental illness, and I don’t think that Jodie Foster or anyone with this movie is concerned about that: all Mel Gibson is to them is someone to use to make fun of using his psychological condition to bring humor an abusive situation. Mel Gibson has been used by Hollywood to make money for THEM who care nothing about the man at all (of course that is how it is for all the celebrities) but I think Mel is a different case because of his mental illness; if it were my son that a Hollywood agent would put into a movie that would be exploiting a disabled child; I feel the filmmakers have done that to this man exploited him. In a way I feel so sorry for him because there is no one who genuinely loves him, everyone is out to use him; but Mel has to get to the place to where his heart will truly want deliverance and until he loses everything, his money his power, and everyone around him and his career and his life hits rock bottom then he will find love and a “new brain”.

1845 days ago


He's still an a-hole in My book.

1845 days ago

Katharine Parker    

Everybody got their scorecards? Mel Gibson is an antisemite (check), a drunk (check) and a cheater (check). I guess it's just that stupid religious think of Mel's to think that if he can get a higher power (a court) to side with him he's home free (well, home with his ho, his booze and his anti-semitism). Loser all the way...

1845 days ago


Not that he needs my forgiveness for anything, but...Drunk driving is illegal, he's had his day in court. And I can forgive him for the druken outburst, it could happen to anyone.
It's harder to forgive him for the "skanky golddigger" whom he
allegedly impregnated while still married to his wife of 30 years.

1845 days ago


Only proves once again that there's two kinds of justice, one for celebrities, politicians and the wealthy and the other is for all of us regular people. I hope someone will take Judge Lawrence Mira off the bench and return him to reality - he needs a dose of it!

1845 days ago


It might be removed from his record but that doesn't mean that it will be removed from the media's archives and from the memory of the public.

1845 days ago


Wow, an annulled marriage and an expunged seems that Mel has a reality problem and needs to start facing up to his "mistakes". Why learn and let experiences build character like the rest of the world - when you can pay to make everything go away.

1845 days ago

Linda Mott    


1845 days ago


All that report is a fake!

Mel Gibson said it too on TV that he never said any antisemitic rants but he was never listened too.

Instead he had to apologise for something he never did, and to endure all the hatress from people, also from TMZ, who knew that it was a fake! Of course TMZ has no interest in having that information known to the public, and no interest in having this case investigated.

It could cost them a lot in matter of credibility but also financialy!

They ruined the reputation of Mel Gibson to fake a scoop!

And yes its true as said above, that some peole in Hollywood have been after Mel gibson's ass since he was making the movie The Passion of the Christ, while he was making it, and before even have seen it!
Has this been done to any other director in hollywood it will have constitute a scandal!
Had that guy been jew oh mine! it will have been a state case. Had it been a movie that polansky was directing,
It will have degenerate into a civil war! and the people who stole a copy of the script will have been jailed!

One can therefor question how come Mel Gibson was the object of such scrutiny! and why at such an early stage of his movie, and who had interest in this.

Not to create conspiracy theories, but this case stinks too badly to just let it lay as if nothing!

Yes of course roman polansky get suport from Hollywood big money and influential poeple, not because he is a good movie director but because he is jew and thats all there is to it.

Denying it will be denying the elephant in the room. or shall I say the jewish elephant in the room that everybody refuse to see!

Had the child he raped been black, I wonder if Woopie Godlberg will have been so fond of calling it "not a rape-rape"…

- Whatever that mean.. sounds like something nazist will say during the war, "I didnt raped that girl, ya know, she is jew anyway, so it isnt a rape-rape"… Got my point Woopie!? -

And if it had been Mel Gibson doing such a thing..where will have been hollywood's elite???? but watching Obama on TV… and bashing Mel all the way to the electric chair!

1844 days ago


Just wanted to let Harvey know that my family is an avid fan and support you in all you do...thanks for getting the stories that no one will cover!!

1831 days ago


Hey Turntable.......... Put down that beer, you've had enough! Not driving are you? Just take a deep breath.....there ya go..

1826 days ago
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