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Nicole Richie P.O.'d

Hires P.I.

10/6/2009 5:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like Nicole Richie may be lawyering up after her car crash yesterday -- and the lawyer is none other than Mark Geragos.

We got this shot of Tamar Arminak -- a lawyer in Geragos' firm -- and master P.I. Scott Ross entering Nicole Richie's property about an hour ago. Ross works for Geragos and the two of them have handled a bunch of celeb cases, including most recently People vs. Chris Brown.

We're told Richie is angry at the photog and may sue him -- she thinks he intentionally rear-ended her to create some drama.

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No Avatar


TMZ.... take better photos... what kind of car are these rich lawyers / PI driving?

1840 days ago


Rear-end her on purpose?

Wasn't the paps car an almost new Mercedes?

Idiot was probably chasing her, but didn't plan to rear-end her. Not with a Mercedes. Maybe she slammed the brakes on purpose to teach him a lesson, scare him off or needed a does of attention?

If paps drive cars like that, I'm in the wrong business.

1840 days ago


I don't think the guy has ever won a high profile case - but I'm not aware of all the cases he has handled

1840 days ago


wow sweetie! Who do YOU think you are? Someone who's DONE something lately?? Or, someone who can't get another acting job & needs to sue an "easy target" to generate some cash for your Vicodin habit?? Narcissistic celebrities!!

1840 days ago


NOW IT ALL MAKES SENSE!! Sorry but I just caught on! She refused to go tho the ER & wanted to see her private physician instead?? Hmmmm........wonder why? lol! I would think that could go against her in court & look REALLY OBVIOUS in any attempt at a civil suit. If you were a juror, would this FOOL you guys?? What a crock!

1840 days ago


#14, what's your agenda? Why are you so defensive of her?

Some people comment because they don't like bogus lawsuits and
celebrities forever complaining about photographers. She herself is not relevant.

1840 days ago

who dat    

I'm sure she gets "rear ended" in her starfish all the time.

1840 days ago


20+ comments already & you're saying this girl is not relevant? HELLO?

Not only is this newsworthy - and may even set precedent on a legal scale of what paps may or may not do - but here's a girl who went from wild-child drug addict "chunky" sidekick to a socialite & daughter of ex-famous father to a clean, sober, healthy, wonderfully fashionable, family woman & mother. She has completely transformed her image.

THIS is the type of role model that is GOOD for society at large. Usually we jump on the "see I told you so's" like Britney, Lindsay, Jessica Simpson, Rebecca Gayheart & other celebs who start falling apart - when someone turns her life around the way Nicole has, I believe we should support her. If more Hollywood starlets could successfully follow her path, I think it would make a good impression on our own children. Good luck Nicole, and congrats to you Joel & Harlow on your newest family member. Whatever the end result of this will be is in God's (or whatever higher power you believe's) hands - not Geragos's.

1840 days ago

who dat    

Tamar kinda looks like Anna Kournikova.

1840 days ago


Who would really want to "rear end" that skanks flabby ass ?

I could not get that drunk :-)

1840 days ago


20+ comments seem to say paparazzi is not going to ram into this nobody on purpose.

Is she gonna put on one of those whiplash collars like on the Brady Bunch


1840 days ago


It's all a scam! She complained of pain on the scene but refused treatment so that she could see her own personal doctor?! Maybe because they would have told her she was fine at the hospital! But I'm sure her "private Dr." will find many things wrong with her that she can use in court! Seriously, doesn't she have anything better to do?

1840 days ago


Why suddenly no Jon and Kate news? Is Jon right that he didn't take the money so case closed?

1840 days ago


omg I thought that woman in the car was a heavy Nicole! Don't it look like her!?

1840 days ago

Palm Springs    

Sorry, but traffic laws in California state that if you rear-end someone you are AT FAULT. Period. No matter what the situation.
I don't think even a pap is dumb enough to do that and possibly become uninsurable. Especially for a nobody like Nicole Richie.
Just another Bozo trying to shift the blame to someone else. Her lawyers know that she has no case but they want to get as many billable hours as they can before they tell her. America, what a country !

1840 days ago
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