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Nicole Richie P.O.'d

Hires P.I.

10/6/2009 5:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like Nicole Richie may be lawyering up after her car crash yesterday -- and the lawyer is none other than Mark Geragos.

We got this shot of Tamar Arminak -- a lawyer in Geragos' firm -- and master P.I. Scott Ross entering Nicole Richie's property about an hour ago. Ross works for Geragos and the two of them have handled a bunch of celeb cases, including most recently People vs. Chris Brown.

We're told Richie is angry at the photog and may sue him -- she thinks he intentionally rear-ended her to create some drama.

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Good. I hope she sues the sh*t out of them! They deserve it. Whether he intentionally hit her or not. Enough is enough. She could have been injured very bad. This stuff is just out of control. She is the mother to two small children.

1843 days ago


#20 - Nicole Richie is not a "starlet." A starlet is an up and coming actress. Nicole is the child of a well known singer and therefore "thinks" she is something; while she has done nothing with her life. Did she even finish high school? And acting? Geesh, give me a break. She's another no talent wannabe. I guess she is famous for partying and making an ass of herself. Oh, and popping out two kids recently, like that takes brains.

1843 days ago


She is stupid. Its ok for her to drive high and drunk on the highway with the possibility of killing someone, but when someone rear ends her, she feels entitled to sue? She probably floored the brakes intentionally so he could hit her.

1843 days ago


I'm no fan of lawsuits or Nicole Richie, but the woman has kids now and I think safety is a real issue. Whether she is famous or not, she deserves to be able to leave the house with being hassled constantly. Especially if those hounding her are creating a dangerous situation. It has to stop.

1843 days ago


People,people stop tripping! Man, the paps are trying to get paid just like I would be if that was my line of work. I personally don't want to hurt anyone or damaged anyone property but sometimes stuff happens. She may not be the pretties girl in the world or the most noteworthy but still.......... i'm curious about what happens in her life some what. If I wasn't I wouldn't bother to read anything about her. Can't wait to see what her son looks like.

1843 days ago

Kevin Husch    

The people who don't want paps around just got its' martyr and its' cause in the same time. Stupid PAPS don't drive with a license and try to kill a star to get a shot. Someone is going to get shot in this and it ain't going to be a star. If they (the stars) arm themselves for self-defense, a pap will end up in the morgue. Sounds like a Law and Order episode (tum tummmm). Did they do that once?

1843 days ago


She is such a pig. She is projecting her need for (public) attention on to this poor guy who made a driving accident (like 99% of everyone else). She is going to have a hard time proving that a mistake made by an unliscisned driver was malicious and intentional. This is just a publicity stunt on her behalf. I hope he counter-sues her for libel.

1843 days ago

tmz is the pits    

Are you all idiots? The Brazilian pap has already been proven to be an illegal alien. He wasn't driving on a suspended license, he didn't have one to begin with. You're all ready to attack Nicole without acknowledging the fact that the site that hired him (x17) has a history of hiring illegals and convicted felons. Think about how you would react if it wasn't a celebrity or a pap, just an average person rear ended by an illegal without a license or insurance.

1843 days ago

who dat    

The guy was following her around and the spoiled bitch that she is, she brake checked him and he rear ended her.

btw- she is famous for being nobody.

1843 days ago

tmz is the pits    

The positive thing in all this is that the illegal pap is getting deported. One less maricón..I mean Brazilian...same thing though. Hope he gets his old job back in the favela. LMAO

1843 days ago


1. She spent several hours at Cedars Sinai hospital.

2. Most likely, she was rear-ended on purpose because the paps thought she had her new baby in the car and tried to get a picture of him. That would be worth beaucoup bucks to the paps.

3.The driver who rear-ends is presumed to be at fault in California.

4. Yes, she does have a case.

1843 days ago

whats up Doctors    

If you have a good lawyer, Why work for for a paycheck, Just sue anyone you can.And they get away with it. Nicole if ya need money just ask Daddy, or did he cut ya off, What a Dog eat Dog the world has become.

1843 days ago


Be careful about alleging intentional torts ... they aren't covered by auto insurance ... if there was any insurance.

1842 days ago
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