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Tom Arnold

My Ex-Wife is a Swine!

10/6/2009 1:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Arnold is in serious danger of a Swine Flu fallout -- not because he caught the sickness ... because last night he described it as "the flu they named after my ex-wife."

Tom Arnold: Click to watch
FYI, Tom has three ex-wives -- Roseanne Barr, Julie Champnella and Shelby Roos. You decide which one he's talkin' about.


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Poor Roseanne didn't make the onnoxious, talentless Tom Arnold sign a pre-nup. In return for giving him HALF of her considerable fortune, he has insulted her at every opportunity. HE is the pig, the swine, the hog, the boar, you name it!

1811 days ago

whats up Doctors    

Posted at 6:22PM on Oct 6th 2009 by KRAZY KOOKY KLOWN


1811 days ago

whats up Doctors    

23. I hate to say it but you are sadly mistaken,or have totally lost your marbles. I watched the episode yesterday and they are not talking about you, Almost starting to feel sorry for you,and hope you get some kind of outside help. Are you a shut in,or just blocked off the rest of the world. Please get some help

Posted at 5:03PM on Oct 6th 2009 by true fiction

Who do you think sent in the message that was read on the air???

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= T E A M - K O O K Y =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

///////////////////////////////////////////////// B O I N G !!! ///////////////////////////////////////////////// B O I N G !!! /////////////////////////////////////////////////

B O I N G !!! B O I N G !!!

Posted at 7:40PM on Oct 6th 2009 by KRAZY KOOKY KLOWN

they were talking about a TV show ya Moron,Seek help,you are the biggest idiot who has disrupted this site, Can't wait till they delete you crazy azz permently, You keep them busy deleting

1811 days ago

Susan B.    

World's biggest jack off--his ex-wives probably consider themselves lucky they are rid of his homely, no-talent ass...

1811 days ago

Boss Hawg    

Hey Tom,
Why don't you try guy's, you would probably have better luck...looser!

1810 days ago


i loved the early episodes of roseanne and some of the ones tom did with her were good but boy did he drive me crazy. he was so hyper. but maybe he couldnt help it. just wish roseanne would have stuck with her old looks and her old show format. i always watch until they start showing the "dark hair" episodes. i wonder which one was more like the real roseanne?

1810 days ago

Perez Hilton's Bumhole    

Tom is a courageous soul. He went on Huckabee and admitted he was raped as a boy by a homo predator. No wonder he's made bad choices in life. STFU and GTFO #5

1810 days ago

Sad sad    

I love Tom but he needs to stop that. He had use to have pleasure with her HAHAHa!

1810 days ago

Tom Arnold    

Man, you guys are passionate! You're right, I am a lard ass and that was a dumb joke but we're comedians. We kid because we love. She's had a few clever zingers on her blog. BUT: 1. I LOVED working at McDonalds. 2. That recipe is pretty good but no Cooter Stew. 3. She helped me immensely but, inspite of what you've read, I didn't accept any money from her (no alimony..look it up, it's public record..clearly, that was her's and her kids..although there are days I WISH I had an extra 50 mill:) Sadly, you'll have to find another reason to hate on me and since we've never met, I choose to believe you're all awesome people. BUT doing the right thing doesn't excuse my tackless behavior, still, inspite of some of your requests, I've decided to keep living:( 4. I host a "Free Comedy For Unemployed Folks" (insert your own joke here:) every Wed night at L.A. Laugh Factory 8-10 with the best comics you'll see ANYWHERE, donating their time. It's a fun, little break from the madness. So, sincerely, stop by for a few chuckles and some peace of mind and tell me what you really think. Plus, all my ex's have an open invitation to attend or PERFORM. How funny would that be? If I dish it out I gotta be able to take it, right? AND, ironically, we're also having a free flu shot night (no joke). I will keep you posted. Love, Tom Arnold

1810 days ago

Mrs. Pine    

If it weren't for that so-called pig, all of America would be saying "Tom who?" He should thank his lucky stars he married Roseanne, otherwise his no-talent ass would be living in a trailer park in Iowa.

Roseanne's a head case herself, however, she is/was a tremendous talent and her show is one of the all-time great classic comedies, DESPITE the presence of Tom Arnold on several shows (basically playing himself, a self-centered jerk).

To the poster above who commented on Tom being "hyper" on the show, that is what cocaine does to you. I remember watching him fidget, rock back & forth and generally act jittery on that show thinking, "Can't they see this guy's on coke/meth?" It was so obvious even then!

1810 days ago


Tom, who rode on the coat tails of their famous wife, screwed around with the assistant and took half of her money in the divorce settlement? That would be you. Tom was a cocaine addicted gittery no-talent loser before Roseanne and now he has the nerve to call names?

1810 days ago


sUE IS 100% CORRECT.......without ROSEANNE BARR there'd BE no Tom.......damn her anyway!
I wish she could make him go away........and STAY away.

1810 days ago


He´s very kind and respectful.

ROSANNE BARR has diserved to be discribed in a lot of ... more sharp words.
She should be thankful.

1298 days ago


poseanne just mad, because she domt know how to tret a good man. go tom iam poung of you getting away from that big pig

1292 days ago


poseanne just mad, because she domt know how to tret a good man. go tom iam poung of you getting away from that big pig

1292 days ago
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