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Jenkins' Father to View His Son's Suicide Note

10/7/2009 1:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Jenkins' father is eager to see the letter his son wrote three days before he was was found hanged in a motel room -- so he's making a trek to Buena Park, California to check it out.

Dan Jenkins tells TMZ he's been in contact with the Buena Park Police Department since finding out Ryan wrote a letter on his computer titled "Last Will and Testament" -- which cops called a "suicide note" -- and has set up an appointment with the BPPD to see it sometime next week.

As we first reported ... in the letter, police say Ryan never admits to murdering his wife Jasmine Fiore -- but he does apologize to his family for all the pain he caused them.

The BPPD tells us nothing found on the hard drive changes their view that Jenkins is responsible for Fiore's murder.


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Sheesh ... maybe it's time for some of you to lay off Questioner.
SadSad Angeleyes and others, I question who YOU are, since you seem to be a little too emotionally invested in this case, as well. If you don't like what Questioner posts, then move on ... don't read it.
Everybody is entitled to their opinions, and Questioner is expressing hers/his.
I feel sorry for Ryan's dad. It can't be easy to go through this process. Ryan's dad did nothing wrong. He worked hard all his life. But unfortunately, parents who are too invested in work sometimes overlook their children's character issues (or lack thereof), and they spoil them too much. I think Ryan was way too spoiled all his life, and had a sense of entitled that he hadn't earned ... doesn't make him a murderer though!

1841 days ago


something about this story is not right.
Canadian police had this laptop for over a month.

Why is Dan Jenkins eager to see a note that only BPPD uncovered (you mean RCMP didn't find it in that month's time?), and why does he have to go in person to CA to see it?

1841 days ago

My Opinion    

(#15) angeleyes...Didn't she do more than kiss an old boyfriend...she agreed to get back with Ryan (beginning of August) and pledge her fidelity...and then a couple of days before she was murdered....she then met her ex husband (Cardosi at the prison gates and spend the afternoon and an overnight stay in San Diego with him at a hotel)according to her biological mother L. Lepore if that is really her posting on TMZ (Ryan knew about this and was OK with it)....I doubt that true...then why would he make a scene (yell and scream at Jasmine and ask who she was talking to at 12:30 a.m. and her making up some retarded excuse that she was talking to her mother...who phones their mother at 12:30 a.m.)....this at the Ivy Hotel after the Poker Tournment in San Diego according to friends and associates that were at the tournment.

I'm not stating Ryan is not guilty...this is a horrific crime...but think before you write something....who's really delusional....everyone has a right to their thoughts and opinions....

1841 days ago

Sad sad    

Marni Okay, then who spoiled him? mmm parents I do believe. So yes there is some responsibility there whether you like it or not. Purposely raise a monster? no. Chit happens. That's for not catching it early on. There was a trail from his childhood. So cry me a river how innocent they all are. Questioner can still go f Ryan's rotting corpse.

1841 days ago


19. So, is TMZ good enough to actually get the letter? That wouldtruly be a challenge, and frankly, I'm not sure ya'll can do it. Posted at 5:16PM on Oct 7th 2009 by curious ________________________________________________



1841 days ago


#26 my opinion - I don't think Ryan and Jasmine EVER pledged fidelity to each other - from his history he was a player who was a sex addict and wanted an open relationship according to his ex fiance (which is why she broke off with him after following him from LAS VEGAS TO CALGARY) So your assumption that they would reunite after their supposed annulment and suddenly become a couple who were true to each other doesn't quite ring true to me -
I'm not aware of any proof that she had sex with her ex husband when she and her mother went and picked him up from prison - Do you have proof? I had an ex boyfriend come and stay at my house when he was passing through town and we didn't sleep together - we had our relationship in the past and were still friends but it didn't mean we were lovers any longer - So don't jump to conclusions about that either without proof -
As for the phone call - well my guess but no proof would be she was talking to Robert Hausman - in my opinion Jasmine wanted out of the relationship with Ryan - and he being a controlling kind of guy wasn't about to let that happen so they got into a fight -
frankly if he had strangled her in a fit of passion and anger likely we could all understand and perhaps excuse this happening - Likely at 2:30 in the a.m. booze and perhaps even drugs were involved as well as the jealousy and anger etc. - This case would be long forgotten except for the mutilation of the body to hide the crime - Sure we would all have sympathy and empathy for the families and wonder why it happened and of course there would be many opinions tossed about -
I agree everyone has a right to their opinions on the matter but slandering the police who actually have the facts and claiming everyone except Ryan is at fault in this is not reality based. If you are trying to be truly objective you have to stick to the facts and write them down in a list -
Lots of the conversation here is opinion and conjecture without the truth being know - but that does not make it fact -

The truth is - Ryan and Jasmine met and married in a fever - they did not mesh as a couple - they did not meet each others needs and it ended in a horrible tragedy with two young lives lost - Their families will suffer this loss for the rest of their lives and for that I feel sadness for them -

1841 days ago


I tend to agree with you, angeleyes about Ryan and Jasmine not meshing as a couple. I have friends who have had volatile relationships because they were so competitive, and the battles were never ending. It's exhausting for everyone involved with them. Ryan's dad was so right when he told Ryan to dump the woman at least 50 times! (I call that " good parenting") You could put Ryan with a more passive woman (maybe Paulina?) and no trouble ensues. But Jasmine clearly had a mind (ahemmmm ...agenda) of her own, and it clashed with his volatile/spoiled/self-centered/narcissistic and potentially violent personality.
Nevertheless, I still object to the idea that his father should be blamed, though he probably wasn't the most emotionally involved parent. I know some good and hardworking parents, unfortunately in denial about their kids, but basically good folks. But they really can't control what their kids do by the time they reach their thirties ... Common on, give his parents a break. Lots of wealthy people overspoil their kids, who may become obnoxious to most people, but don't go on to murder their partner.

1841 days ago


Sad sad, I am a little curious, since you usually accuse Questioner of not presenting the "facts" .... what are the "facts" about Ryan's delinquent childhood and juvenile record? Since he was a minor, wouldn't these juvenile records be sealed? Is it just internet gossip that you've heard? and if so, what have you heard about Ryan's naughty adolescence? I'm curious, because I have only heard that it's the usual "boys will be boys" juvenile troublemaking. Later in his adult years, he abused his partner, and that's not cool at all; but, I haven't heard any facts regarding his juvenile record of conflicts with the law.

1840 days ago


We don't know the arrangement of the business deal/marriage. They may have had an open arrangement however when one messed around, the other did not like it. JF left RJ as told to Marta Montoya after she caught RJ with another woman in the living room.

The fact of the matter is both messed around on each other, neither was a saint, however, we have 1 who was murdered. I think business associates and other lovers should also be considered.

1840 days ago


Marni I agree that the parents are in enough pain already and likely asking themselves how they could have averted this tragedy - I do know from business associates that Dan Jenkins is a fine architect and a busy one also - I'm guessing he hopes to find a personal note of some sort on Ryan's computer and likely he would not have been given the information by the RCMP due to Canada's VERY strict privacy act - Ryan having moved out of the family home at 19 was an adult and his information was private.
I also think that any parent would stick up for their child in a time of trouble so although I do feel critical that they did not immediately take him to the police and thereby save his life I do realize that Ryan may have persuaded them not to -

1840 days ago

My Opinion    

#36.....I do think Ryan finally pledged his fidelity (love) in the email to Jasmine....then they apparently got back together at the beginning of August (after he was done I Love Money 3)....and were seen at the Palms Hotel in Vegas (beginning of August with her expenive set of wedding bands....upgraded from the ones in the "Little White Chappel" pictures that were just gold bands)....I have not heard anything about Ryans infidelity from that point on ....kissing/meeting an ex that just got out of prison ....or spending the day with her....and reports also stating they stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego...(Jasmine and Cardosi that evening)

Also no reports of Ryan ex girlfriend (or one of his sexual clients for money) while with his wife at a Poker Tournment in San Diego....

What I am saying is they got back together...(Ryan claimed that he wanted only her in his email to her)this email was posted and is on her wickipedia profile....and she got back together with him and pulled off her immature stunts and drama to provoke jealousy and rage....or to get what she needed at the time.

I guess you have to be true to yourself before you can be true to anyone else (not everyone plays with peoples minds, lives and finances)....Jasmine seemed to lie to everyone including her mother and her friends (boyfriends, sexual partners, etc) didnot even know her....she was a superficial person and self absorbed..feeding off of people to get what she needed in life....I guess she saw one last good time with Ryan (Poker Tournment) and knowing the fact that he won "I love Money 3" now was the time to file the ANNULMENT $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ as he was getting a payout of $250,000

1840 days ago


Wow, people on here amaze me. Regardless of if he did this or didn't, the fact of the matter is SHE is DEAD and HE is DEAD so end of story. There's no point in bashing him when you do not know him. Imagine if it was your own son, daughter, mother, or father and they were the 'suspect' of a situation like this. Regardless of them doing it or not, you wouldn't want to see people talking negatively about them like this and I'm almost CERTAIN you'd proclaim their innocence like his dad is doing. I'm not excusing him by no means for doing what he possibly did, just saying people should show some RESPECT for EVERYONE involved..... Like that will actually happen b/c everyone is too busy criticizing everyone else these days. Who cares though because either way it goes, they're both dead and there's nothing else that will come of the situation now so why bother?

1840 days ago


53. To My Opinion,#51- The annullment paperwork was begun on June 2nd.Two months before the poker game.It had nothing to do with any of this stuff,The poker game was a charity event,each individual was sponsored independently,way in advance.

Posted at 7:13PM on Oct 9th 2009 by lisa lepore
Ms. Lepore - in all your original statements, you said that you were not aware of any problems between Jasmine and Ryan, especially abuse. Why have you changed your answers now?

1839 days ago


As far as the RCMP are concerned, the only crime Ryan committed was crossing the border illegally and since he is dead, their responsibility ends there. They provided the BVPPD with a copy of the hard drive to help them in their investigation; the actual laptop would have been returned to the family/relatives as it is not evidence in any crime in Canada. The BVPPD didn't 'find' anything that the RCMP were obligated to report. Not only are there different jurisdictions involved, but different countries, so the chain of command is going to be different.

I am assuming, and this is purely an assumption, that if the BVPPD came up with anything different on the hard drive than what the RCMP found, the family would pursue it further. Again, I am assuming that the RCMP would have kept a copy of the drive.

1839 days ago


It's highly doubtful that the the BPPD would alter anything knowing that the RCMP had the laptop first. Are we supposed to believe that 2 different police jurisdictions spanning 2 countries are in on some type of conspiracy ?? I don't get it.

On the other hand, it'd be interesting to know what the Jenkins family knows and aren't telling. The drive from Vancouver to Hope is long enough for a lot of things to be said.

1838 days ago
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