Drag Queens Strike Back -- Knock Out Attackers

10/7/2009 11:00 AM PDT

Drag Queens Strike Back -- Knock Out Attackers

Two drunken morons in the U.K picked a fight with the wrong cross-dressers -- 'cause two mini-skirt wearing, purse-carrying drag queens fought back ... and cold-cocked their attackers with some serious street justice!

Turns out the cross-dressers also happened to be cage fighters dressed up for a fun night out in Swansea, Wales when they were attacked by the two thugs ... bad move for the attackers.

The "girls" pulverized the bad guys (around 1:22 in the clip), cleaned themselves off, and went on with their night. When the attackers managed to regain consciousness, they were arrested by local police.

The footage, which was captured by local security cameras, was used against the attackers in court on Monday -- where they were found guilty of "using intimidating behavior" and sentenced to four months of "community order."

What a drag...