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The Gosselin Birthday Party Showdown

10/7/2009 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Jon & Kate battle never ends -- and a war is brewing over tomorrow's birthday festivities for twins Mady and Cara.

Jon Gosselin: Click to watch
We just got a pissed Papa Gosselin in NYC, where he actually whipped out his BlackBerry and read a new e-mail from Kate aloud -- one saying she refuses to see him and wants to limit his time with the kids on Thursday to only two hours.

Jon says the duo had originally planned to have a party together, but according to the e-mail, Kate now believes "Due to recent events, it'll be too stressful."

Jon called her demands "ridiculous," adding "I can stay as long as I want ... and I will."


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its 2 hours each....Jon 4-6 kate 6-8
they are little kids they go to bed early

1843 days ago


Katie didn't demand she asked. He is a jerk if he stays longer than the two hours.

1843 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Umm Jon, you CHOSE to stir this mess up to the level it is, and now wonder why your kids may be stressed having you there. They are upset you took away their camera crew friends and are punishing them. They only know to blame themselves, unlike you, your children are not self absorbed, they take things you CHOOSE to do to them to heart as if they did some thing bad. You are the one causing them so much hurt lately and then putting it as a log on the internet forever and on cameras. You are so selfish and even on their special day you cannot put them first ("I'll stay as long as I want"), you don't care about them, you care what they can give to you financially and emotionally. If you cared for them you would regroup, back off, and stop this attention seeking crap, going on TV, trash talking Kate (even those on the Insider panel tried to open your stubborn eyes to the destruction AND show you what is going on with your kids) but you want to punish their mom and get back at her so bad, that is the only taste in your mouth right now. All at the expense of your children and I think you are pathetic for what you are doing, you do not deserve those 8. I wish that it would have been you today who killed over, not that Judge's wife. I think you out of those kid's life would be better then the in and out you are pulling on your kids right now playing the media whore you are. You crave it, have to have validation, have to have the public view everything and debate it outloud, you cannot just do this respectfully, you have to do it in ways that you get major attention. Those kids do not deserve the crap you are placing in their lives right now. Go away Jon, just go away, you are spiraling out of control and all you want is to get back at Kate for humiliating you over the years, so now you are no better in what you are doing to her. You are evil and mean and if this is drug induced, or mental instability, you are HURTING your children. Don't ruin their birthday too, suck it up, if Kate feels it would be better you had only a short visit on their special day, then respect it for them, even if you don't agree with her or the idea right now, do some thing FOR THEM! NOT TO THEM! Not classy reading to the paparazzi emails now too, showing bank statements, show this to the judge, to the court, that is where it matters. You just want to fight to be right and have no tact or boundaries on anything you say or do. You need boundaries! I hate you! Drop dead!

1843 days ago


Why would he take this on camera? well thenb why would Kate go on the Today show to lie about being pennyless?

Dear Jon,
Please let Kate continue to make money. Why won't you let her sell her kids childhood? Trust me it is worth it at least for Kate's career.

Kate said you took 232,000.00 out of the account and so of course we just blindly believe her.

The only one of those two trying to make her kids into her career is Kate. Don't give me this crap that she needs it for supporting them - trust me it isn't necessary.

1843 days ago


NG needs to stay out of the marital and familial business of others and, especially, when she doesn't know the real details of these people's lives. If she truly cared for her own children, she would have surrendered her negative career and remained home with them instead of hiring nannies and housekeepers to do her dirty work while she spends hours getting her make-up and hair done for the camera while attempting to glorify herself on television for having come through an unexpected and difficult pregnancy and childbirth with her late-in-life children. NG has become become one of the most hateful people on television who speaks terribly to certain guests and her panel just like narcissistic Kate did/does her husband. Interesting how the ball-busting women come together in situations like this one.

1843 days ago


Come on now people...would you really want to have to paste on a smile all evening for this douche! The evening will be stressful..with those two in the same room....If the reports are true, this douche pilfered 230,000 from a joint bank account..Tell the truth, would you be able to hold it together for hours...Kate, tell the douche he has to pay for the party and he is not permitted to bring any other children (his girlfriend) to the party! Yuck...douche is going to hang himself going straight to the media with his divorce issues!!!!!

1843 days ago


Am I the only one who thinks this guy is trying to effectuate Brad Pitt? Look at his clothes, the way he talks, and his cig. This dude thinks he is a movie star. He watched some twelve-year-old Brad Pitt interviews and went from there...

This is hilarious. Those kids are doomed.

1843 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

What a jerk. I can see why Kate wants lawyers to deal with this nutjob. I don't blame her for ignoring his texts, calls, etc. He's an abusive @ss now, he is everything he despised in Kate and is no better, he thinks he is, but he is not. Now he is being the abuser.

1843 days ago


It's all about you Jon, as always. "I can stay as long as I want, and I will." I I I I I Time to think of your kids, remember them? Go and visit for two hours and be nice for a change Jon. It's the twins party, not yours. Stop being so selfish. Me, Me, Me, Me. I do what I want to do. Blah Blah Blah. Grow up Jon.

1843 days ago

Jason W    

She may be mad but she needs to keep her big mouth shut. Let her girls have a birthday party. Its not about John or Kate its about the kids tomorrow.

1843 days ago


Separately? WTH!? there not 10, they should be able to celebrate it at the same time.

1843 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    


1843 days ago


Now THAT's a good mother? Taking the easy way out "FOR THE CHILDREN" Sure to make a wonderful birthday for the girls...Suck it up Kate this divorce is what YOU wanted - now live with it

1843 days ago


Good for her!
Jon is a TOOL!

1843 days ago


poor guy. he should be able to see his kids more than 2 hours. thats pretty ridiculous. i think he is right in saying he will stay longer because it was previously ok'd by the court or w/e as a joint custody day. screw kate and her rantings. she said him being there would cause the kids stress. i am pretty sure the kids would be more stressed not seeing their dad for more than 2 hours at their birthday party.

1843 days ago
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