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The Gosselin Birthday Party Showdown

10/7/2009 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Jon & Kate battle never ends -- and a war is brewing over tomorrow's birthday festivities for twins Mady and Cara.

Jon Gosselin: Click to watch
We just got a pissed Papa Gosselin in NYC, where he actually whipped out his BlackBerry and read a new e-mail from Kate aloud -- one saying she refuses to see him and wants to limit his time with the kids on Thursday to only two hours.

Jon says the duo had originally planned to have a party together, but according to the e-mail, Kate now believes "Due to recent events, it'll be too stressful."

Jon called her demands "ridiculous," adding "I can stay as long as I want ... and I will."


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I think this is hilarious. Kate thinks she's in control and Jon keeps coming back and say nope, you're not. HAHAHA Kate is a b*tch and she deserves all the torment Jon can dish out. And he's been dishing out a lot lately. Keep it up Jon!!!

1786 days ago


I say give all the kids to Aunt Jody and her husband and banish these to adult children to a timeout on a deserted island somewhere WITHOUT Press and let them hash it out till they can behave themselves and stop acting like brats.

1786 days ago


This entire situation is pathetic and sad. I'm not a fan of Kate but Jon appears to be a total slimeball these days.
Reading emails received from his children's mother to paparazzi is not okay. There is a reason why family court records are private -it's to protect the minors. As tomorrow is a school day it doesn't sound like any big party was planned, just spending time with the kids. And in the majority of these situations the time is split every other year with one parent getting a few hours and the other the remainder of the day. It gets alternated year to year. TMZ really should stop trying to twist nothing into a story.

1786 days ago


Jon has as much right to set rules as much as Kate is trying to do?

Kate's career = sell kids childhood
Kate asks that everyone believe Jon took all the money from account
Kate is gone doing the media circuit, crying for sympathy and while she's out she needs another Gouchie bag.

Get those kids of the air right now!!!

1786 days ago


The twins’ birthday parties were never celebrated with the same extravagance as their siblings were. Why is that? Of course, that question was rhetorical.

1786 days ago


TMZ and AOL should be prosecuted for their systematic assault on the collective IQ of the US. Please stop. Please all of you - just stop. Don't you have lives or something? OJ, Speidi, Anna Nicole, MJ, Jon and Kate. Aren't there any real things that catch your attention? Does it ever end? Pray for us all - we're doomed. But I bet TMZ and AOL will love that cause they'll have something horrible to talk about. Nothing like a global train wreck to sell ad space. Oh wait... I just realized that we really don't deserve anything better as a society - never mind.

1786 days ago


Wow, Jon finally found his balls. Kate can't deal with people who tell her no, she's a complete control freak. Abusive personalities cut people off from their families and friends to drag them down, this is what Kate has done not only with Jon but with the kids also. She said they broke down and cried when she told them they're not filming but thought nothing of cutting aunt Jodi and their cousins out of their life and of cutting Jon's mom, her parents all other family out. GO JON GO JON GO JON

1786 days ago

Jane F    

Kids feel stress, no matter how hard you try. If it is her time with the kids and she is allowing him to visit during her time, then he should show some respect and back off. Hanging past the two hours will just stress everyone and for what, so Jon can pretend he grew a set of balls? He is a goof and that is being kind. No wonder she has been protrayed as a bitch for so many years, she is just exhausted from carrying all the weight and being the adult in the marriage. Tired people are cranky people. Give her a break and as for Jon, I am sure there is some teen party he would rather be at anyways.

1786 days ago

mommy to two    


1786 days ago


From all of the episodes that I've seen, it's painfully obvious. Kate is an abuser. She even admits to being a control freak. There is nothing healthy going on in a family with a control freak around. Not once had I seen Jon say any unkind thing to anyone. He just took the verbal and emotional beatings regularly from her. If her mouth were a fist, Jon would be bloody and bruised all over. Can't wait 'till these kids grow up and understand what abuse is. Would love to hear that conversation with their mommy. Something like, "Mom, why did you treat daddy like dog crap? He's always been so kind and loving to all us kids." Kate, get help. For the sake of everyone that crosses your path.

1786 days ago


to Freethe8: The same can be said about Jon...

Jon has no balls and should just turn himself into a prissy girl like Perez!

1786 days ago


I can't believe some of you posters on here. Many of you blame Kate for his poor behavior lately. Granted, Katie is no prize etiher, but Jon is an adult, and he is solely responsible for his own actions. No one made him do anything. There probably will be too much stress at their home with all of them there. Maybe one of them should step out and let each parent have his/her time with the children.

1786 days ago


really reading an email to the paps. get a f*&%'n grip Jon. it is so sad to watch all this go down. do you think your kids don't know whats going on. i am sure that cara & mady do. and they way others look at your kids feeling sorry for them to have to go through what you are doing to them. if you stop the show you better get one damn good job to pay all the child support and alimony. just leave Kate alone and move on it would be BEST that way. Team Kate!! (who's going to start those shirts?? LOL)

1786 days ago


I doubt this has anything to do with her being selfish and not wanting him around any longer than 2 hours. It is about reducing the time that they are around each other for the sake of the children at the guests that will be there. Kate has always shown common courtesy when it comes to the kids, but it seems that Jon doesn't really give a crap. If they were in the same place together I can picture Kate just being cold and bitchy and staying away from him, and Jon spewing his garbage to everyone who will listen. The kids no not need that on their birthday, and I think that is what Kate is trying to prevent.

1786 days ago


can someone please just off this guy?

1786 days ago
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