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K-Fed's Trashy Pad -- Bad for Brit's Kids?

10/7/2009 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained dozens of photos of the disgusting, filthy rental home Kevin Federline is accused of destroying -- but the real question ... how the hell could he raise his two little boys in a bona fide dump with dismantled smoke detectors and exposed electrical wiring?


The photos show the Tarzana, CA home wasn't only dirty, but extremely dangerous -- with cigarettes and glass bottles tossed all over the yard, and broken pieces of tiles and pottery right near the play area.

So the question ...


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what is he going to do when child support stops rolling in? He is going to be flat broke and im sure his girlfriend will go rolling as well when the child support stops rolling in. He used Britney and now his idiot self is being used and he is too stupid to see the same game being played on him that he played on Britney.

Ya know at first everyone thought he hired a nanny because he is to lazy to take care of the kids but come to find out Britney hired the nanny because she does not completely trust Kevin with the children and think's he can not care for them properly, she also hired the bodyguard for the kids. But lets face it he is too lazy to take care of the kids, Brit got the nanny for her to help out and be sure the kids were being taken care of properly and now kevin just completely pawns them off on her

Britney actually has the boys more then Kevin does at the moment and rumors are swirling once she is done with her tour her thing(forget what it is called) may be lifted and when that is done she is seeking sole custody of her boys which means no more child support for mr.goldigger .I wonder how his kids with Shar are, have not seen them in ages but then again they do not roll in big bucks to daddy so daddy could care less about them.

He REALLY needs to stop taking his shirt off, it is nasty and he has boobs for god sakes and his stupid bull of oh it is daddy weight, 95% of the time you see the kids they are with the nanny or Britney. When in Kevs care the nanny is basically the parent and when they are with Brit they are always with her, funny how she actually works yet has her kids practically full time to where she even takes them to work with her but the only time you see them with Kevin is when he is looking for a photo opportunity

What is funny is Britneys lawyer is sitting back writing down everything Kevin is doing wrong and this house is just another thing for him to add. I am sure he is writing down how the nanny always had the kids,how he spends the child support on himself and son on. Child Support is called that for a reason, it is to support your kids not for you to go party, buy your girlfriend stuff and so on and it is actually illegal to do it and if caught they will stop the child support, they did it with my dads ex. They found out she was spending the child support money on herself and not my brother so child support stopped.

1851 days ago


I like the fire extinguisher next to the Weber grill.

1851 days ago


TMZ if I remember right you stalked Britney and twisted everything you could to get the kids from her and give them to Kevin. He was seen out drinking all the time and there was video of his bodyguard going so fast that he almost crashed through a gate with the boys in the truck not buckled in but you conveniently didn't cover any of that.

Kaplan admitted he got all of his dirt on Brit from TMZ.

Pat yourself on the back TMZ.

1851 days ago


oh get real, he's not a good housekeeper and that should be his next investment rent a maid.but those kids were in know real harm.those pictures prove nothing.

1851 days ago


You can take the person out of the trailer park etc etc

Safe for the kids? It needs to get a lot worse than dirty for it to be declared unsafe for kids.

1851 days ago


Oh, brother. The kids would be fine there... just pick up the cigs.

1851 days ago


20. oh get real, he's not a good housekeeper and that should be his next investment rent a maid.but those kids were in know real harm.those pictures prove nothing.

Posted at 11:29AM on Oct 7th 2009 by sheritababy


No smoke detectors and exposed wires? You are a F#CKTARD

1851 days ago



1851 days ago


ummm what's the problem? Looks like anybody elses unkept cribb

1851 days ago


What a slob - but at least it looks like he's making an effort to smoke outside. Let's face it any man who sponges off women for a living is a loser. She picked him though - I'm sure he didn't "wine and dine" her to start with.

1851 days ago


ummm, no it dont looke like everyone elses unkept crib! i am a smoker and my house and yard is NOT littered with ciggy butts! he could have hired a housekeeper for what britney pays him, sad thing is he has a gf, victoria must be one lazy ho that just lays around on her back!

and there are NO birdsnests in my lights, good god, that man is a pig and britney should have called the social services on him and made him clean up the pig sty, i would not let my kids live in such a filthy place!, but then again just cause you got some money by screwing someone rich doesnt buy you CLASS!!!!!

1851 days ago


The broken tiles are things the landlord is responsible for. Unless they purposely pulled off the tiles, which doesn't make sense. He had issues disposing of his cigs but it's not that bad. did the landlord send these pics to tmz? i'm sure they collected a security deposit big enough to cover their costs to clean up the place. It's not anything that social services could be called in for. slow news day?

1851 days ago


Another dirtbag sleazy moocher that needs to get off his lazy azz and go to work and support himself.

1851 days ago


My idiot neighbor is a K-Fed wannabe (last night at 1am he was out in the parking area loudly talking on his phone going on about how he has connections that can get him a major Rap deal) and he and his wife rent the house next door which they have managed to trash in just 5 months! I guess he's working hard to be K-Fed afterall. Right down to leaving their 4 year old home alone when they run out to the store for ten minutes.

Has Rap 'Music' had it's 15 minutes yet? It does nothing for society and obviously those who participate it do nothing for society either.

1851 days ago

juli seutter    

What a big fat pig! I hope someone turns his fat ass in. Not a place to raise kids.

1851 days ago
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