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K-Fed's Trashy Pad -- Bad for Brit's Kids?

10/7/2009 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained dozens of photos of the disgusting, filthy rental home Kevin Federline is accused of destroying -- but the real question ... how the hell could he raise his two little boys in a bona fide dump with dismantled smoke detectors and exposed electrical wiring?


The photos show the Tarzana, CA home wasn't only dirty, but extremely dangerous -- with cigarettes and glass bottles tossed all over the yard, and broken pieces of tiles and pottery right near the play area.

So the question ...


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ocomon, it wasnt that bad, just looks like a typical bachelor pad. anybody's house could look like that. BUT, he's getting what-$50k a month in child support? he could def afford a housekeeper and gardener if he's not going to do chores himself.

1842 days ago


Yea the 50,000 cig butts everywhere *are* disgusting but the rest of the pictures seem like issues with the house iteself--not anything he did on purpose. It does not look that bad. He's just a slob *lol* I've seen rental homes left in much worse condition. Case in point: Our first home was a rental property before we bought it (we purchased it "as is") and there were times when I was ready to puke over the disgusting, stinking mess the meth addict renters left behind. Moldy wet clothes left behind in the basement & garage, moldy dog poop piles in the basement (the renter SLEPT down there and she had two kids that lived there!), dog & cat pee soaked into the carpeting everywhere, 1" thick grease coating everything in the kitchen, rotten food in the fridge, cigarrete burns in the rugs, the toilet was BLACK, etc. Seriously, I think they're taking this a little too far. Now if he owes rent, yes, he needs to pay up and maybe a little extra for some cleaning but as someone else said before, I'm sure he paid a hefty deposit.

1842 days ago


For starters, he's been on the road with Britney and the kids for the last several months, which is reflective in these "filthy" pictures. The place looks run down, but I would hardly call it filthy. I think this is just another reason to try and poke at K-Fed, a decent guy who just doesn't fit in the celeb world.

1842 days ago


Come on, TMZ. Most of the items list are cosmetic and does not prove to be unfit for children. The cigerett buds can be picked over night, no problem. I guess because they are Britney's kids they should be living like KINGS.

1842 days ago


First off, some of this "damage" looks like stuff the homeowners should have been fixing along the way, i.e. missing tiles etc from their cheap Mc-Mansion/track home!

That said, HE'S A PIG! Who would rent a house to him? Honestly, he's K-Fed...what did they expect? I would burn my house to the ground before I rented it to K-Fed!

And the worst thing of all...he apparently overturned the hose reel(?)

Seriously, I hope the homeowners get their money but...take care of your rental property folks. My rich aunt gave me the best advice in the world years ago..."Take care of your rental property for 20 years and it'll take care of you after that"!

1842 days ago


Here is another low life this guy needed Brit to have Kids from him so he could get his hands on her money , and he DID. This Kev never Loved Brit but he knew she loved him and that is when he hatched his plan
Make Brit JEALOUSY send her over the EDGE

1842 days ago

for now    

Apparently all the losers on here think that they know more
than all the attorneys,doctors and other professionals
who have decided that Kevin is a better parent than Britney.

1842 days ago


I'm sitting here reading all of these comments and most of them make me ask, "Did anyone who posts on here go to school through the second grade?" Everyone has the right to freedom of speech. I, for one, wish people would use spellcheck at the very least. ROFLMAO. RRRRR-Tards!

1842 days ago


In my opinion, thats not too terribly bad. WHY are there pictures of birdnests and broken tiles?? That is normal wear and tear. The cigarette butts should have been picked up by him, yes. But until they release pictures of actual dirty floors/carpets and walls, I would say they are overreacting.

1842 days ago


79. I'm sitting here reading all of these comments and most of them make me ask, "Did anyone who posts on here go to school through the second grade?" Everyone has the right to freedom of speech. I, for one, wish people would use spellcheck at the very least. ROFLMAO. RRRRR-Tards!

Read more:

Thanks for the critique. To bad not everyone can be as perfect as you seem to think you are.

1842 days ago


he makes 30,000 a month of Brit why is he in a dump?

1842 days ago


Where are the before pics?

1842 days ago


I guess Brittany's 'wife support' is running down.

1842 days ago

not unique    

ummmm since he's been on tour with her and not even there, isn't it the owner's responsibility to make sure the tiles haven't blown off and all that? quite frankly, it's probably them that tossed butts all over and dismantled everything so they could sue him.

1842 days ago


Hmmm..makes me wonder who planted this story. He's a decent guy whose children always seem happy with him. If cigarette butts are your problem, you know the old Mrs. Federline smokes like a chimney. Not impressed with this story.

1841 days ago
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